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  1. BigBoss87

    Dev Diary #108

    Welcome TG you "magnificent beeing " That was so funny
  2. BigBoss87

    Dev Diary #107

    Congratulations for the final release! Very proud of your hard and passionate work! Please dont forget about accessibility options like high contrast / or night mode for menus. It needs work! Please! ❤️
  3. BigBoss87

    Dev Diary #90

    Welcome @Adam Snellgrove I wish you have a lot of fun!
  4. BigBoss87

    Dev Diary #85

    Thank you Ane for beeing so kind and helpfull. Wish you luck!
  5. BigBoss87

    0.13: Fine Friendships (20/06/2019)

    Thanks for teh update. I wish you add dark theme in the game. That invetory/crafting brightness hurts
  6. BigBoss87

    Dev Diary #81

    Thanks for the Dev Diary! Are you considering to add text-to-speach / speach to text chat options?
  7. BigBoss87

    Dev Diary #64

    I'm still curious about the GUI changes. I think this look doesn't match. Thanks for the update.
  8. BigBoss87

    Dev Diary #52

    Cool stuff guys I hope you will re-introduce first-person view. Thanks
  9. BigBoss87

    Sneak Peek #60

    I particularly didn't like the idea of removing the the first person view... I'm curious about the performance in FX processors, my game always has many frame drops. Thanks.
  10. BigBoss87

    Dev Diary #46

    Looking forward to the GUI changes
  11. BigBoss87

    Dev Diary #44

    Thanks for the Dev Diary Have a great Gamescom guys.
  12. BigBoss87


    I'm with you
  13. BigBoss87

    New world map release

    Don't worry. After 0.10 will come 1.0
  14. BigBoss87

    Copying of profile picture

  15. BigBoss87

    Copying of profile picture

    I give the opinion that I want and I like, when I want and I intend. I'll explain something to you, people can read. Look at the two nicks. I don't see a need to create a topic because of a copied avatar. It's ridiculous. I don't have to agree with anyone just because they contributed. This kind of subject should be discussed privately with @Ane and she would solve this without the need to draw attention. You 3 look like kids kicking each other and it's a little embarrassing. You two haven't had a better attitude than the other user. I remeber to read something like enough is enough somewhere...