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  1. Jdtriton

    Dev Diary #284 Players Visit in Prague

    sounds like you all had a blast. Maybe someday, you never know lol
  2. Jdtriton

    Dev Diary #263 Swift sprint

    I've been trying to sprint for years and finally it's going to happen.🎉
  3. Jdtriton

    New Drive Thru Restaurant

    Add a new build to my base.
  4. Jdtriton

    Broccoli Tree House Building Aids

    That looks Awesome. Might have to get it to this soon.
  5. Jdtriton

    Editor tutorials

    @Mello1223 the things that you can do with the editor just blows my mind. I always enjoy watch you and the other players on Discord create. You Sir are on another level to be sure.
  6. Jdtriton

    Old Style Sawmill

    Custom built Sawmill, based on the sawmills in Skyrim.
  7. Jdtriton

    Dev Diary #247 Did you know that...

    I am stating to like the exploration aspect of it quite a lot and I'm still finding little surprises all the time😁
  8. Jdtriton

    3685 hours later....

    Man, that looks so freaking awesome. Might have to give it a look.
  9. Jdtriton

    Igloo Design

    Here is an Igloo design I came up with for the Artic Region of Ylands. I Would love to hear what you all think of the design.
  10. I can't not link my Ylands profile to my bi account. I have a Creators Club membership and cannot view my creations created in the editor and only shows my old creations and not my newer ones. This is the error I am getting when I try to link my active account.
  11. Decided to update the front of my base Before After
  12. Jdtriton

    My Vendor Market Place

    Just finished building and furnishing the new vendor market.
  13. Jdtriton

    Pixel Art

    Been a long time since I've been on here, man Spyler.X you still rock with those creations.🏆
  14. Jdtriton

    Built a New Base

    Created a new base and this is the progress so far
  15. Jdtriton

    Building planters

    Here's a little tip: The planter boxes are really small for the most part so instead I've created these from clay bricks and dirt. Really easy to make all you need is some clay bricks, dirt, a rake to flat it out some and a shovel to clean up the excess dirt. Just add seeds and Bam! Add a little Pizzazz to your landscapes