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  1. Jdtriton

    Pixel Art

    I just love you creativity, the amount of skill and patients needed to do that. I hope you decide to put these in the workshop, I would love to have one for on of my worlds.
  2. So I was trying to think of a way to create a clothesline object tonight so I could place it in one of my builds as a decoration so this is what I came up with for now. Freestyle placement is not that easy for sure.
  3. Jdtriton

    2018 6T6 RS Convertable

    Looks very awesome. Bet that would be fun to drive around the Island.
  4. Jdtriton

    Trust no one!

    Yea, that's a shame Kimbuck, that is one of the reason's that i rarely play mp anymore nowadays, because people a don't have respect for others online at all. Maybe karma will get them and the y will get mauled by a mutant bear while in a cave and loose everything they have, that would be great to watch that.
  5. Left my home Island on my ship and started to head west then this happened.. does the same thing if I shut the game down and restart that particular world. Not sure what happened. output_log.zip output_log_clean.zip
  6. Jdtriton

    A Trio of NPC's

    The funny thing with this situation is I found them by pure chance in a flyover of one of my islands. Every NPC I have come across there were only one of them, this might have been a glitch. I always play in SP mode, because my computer is old and would lag way to much for MP mode. Early development, you expect these things
  7. Funny side story, this happen tonight: The Great Flood of my village and the rest of the world And apparently fire now works under water
  8. I decide to try a new Roof technique someone showed my on here a while ago, sorry but can't remember who off hand,(thanks anyways whomever) and I think that reminds me of like what a slate roof might look like. What do you all think?
  9. I've been playing around with the water feature in the editor and created little well for my village I am working on and yesterday started to get a lot of lag and this is what I discovered tonight. If I go into the play scenario feature , the water is not showing up, but the character acts like they are swimming. Some how the little bit of water I put in the ground under the well grew all on it's own. output_log.zip output_log_clean.zip
  10. Village Update. Tonight I did a lot of work designing and building the Butcher and Candle Maker shop. Still a work in progress though.
  11. Jdtriton

    Natural Resource Site

    Very well done. I get kind of a Elder Scrolls feel for this area. The only thing missing is a big treasure chest and a coffin for the dragon lord
  12. Jdtriton

    Intermittent lag spikes

    Same thing happens to me a lot, especially with rain and lightning. Death by Lag .. Happens to us all
  13. Jdtriton

    Intermittent lag spikes

    Considering that my computer is almost 6 years old, I always clear my memory and make sure all my browser windows are closed and I even exit steam if it is run before I began to load up Ylands(it will launch steam again) . I still get lag some times but not as much as I use to. Of course, I run the game at the lowest settings though. The game has gotten better, but it's still early in the development.
  14. Decided maybe I should begin a little work on the outside around the village for a change. I started a Cobble stone path and even played around with the water funtion and built myself a little well for the village. Getting water the way I want is really quite a challenge for now.
  15. Some more progress on the stable.