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Found 4 results

  1. I noticed that many tamed (and newly created wild horses) (6 horses in total ) just standing within a few metres in the entrance of a natural cave. The could not walk out, they were actively moving (not frozen). One of the horses was from someone who said he lost his horse as is does't come when he calls it. So it was stuck and wouldn't be teleported to him either. This was on a multiplayer server
  2. Hi everyone! I need help! Potential spoilers ahead - this is all happening on [OFFICIAL] Explore PA 15. Story first: Been going around for days, trying to find a submarine sphere to fit the key I found in a cave structure. It took me days because my map was resetting every time I left the server... Finally located the downed submarine by pure accident in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It had no locked sphere in it or around it. There was a bamboo chest on top with some sailor stuff. I found coins and a goblet inside. I excavated all around that wreck and there was nothing else to be found. I thought "oh well, there's always the floating structure on the starter yland, maybe the submarine sphere is there". I go back to my yland to prepare. I get back to starter yland and climb to the top of the floating structure. I then build a small cannon to shoot the Tesla Coils down. I shoot 1 cannonball, and realize the cannon is bugged and I cannot reload it. I destroy the cannon and get the material back - but the cannon is still physically there. I make a cannon, shoot the Tesla, destroy the cannon and repeat the process 10 times. The Tesla does not go down, despite registering hits from a dead-close cannon 10 times. I am out of cannonballs so I put on my rubber suit and step into the Tesla. I am miraculously unharmed. There is nothing on the roof with the Tesla Coils and I take the ladder down. I am in an empty room with two Ylandium generators. There is absolutely nothing there. Now the questions (I am more than willing to log in with one or more of you guys and gals, and figure this out): 1) Is there more than 1 submarine wreck on the server? Could it happen? Since the one I found had no sphere. 2) Are cannons bugged for everyone or just me? Could you log unto PA 15 and let me know if it's just the server? Are Tesla Coils supposed to go down to cannonballs? If so, how many shots? 3) Since crafting Guardian Armor, animals can't seem to hit me at all, I can't drown underwater and generally can't take damage. Is a rubber suit (shirt, pants, flippers, breathing mask) known to be invulnerable to Tesla Coils? Is it just me being invulnerable on the server by some kind of bug? 4) I read a lot of reports of finding locked chests inside the floating structure. Has anyone ever encountered a floating structure that had no treasure in it? This was really frustrating, felt like days of work are for absolutely nothing. I don't know if it's bugged or I just fell on the wrong side of the Random Hammer. Can anyone help figuring this out? Thanks!
  3. I will try to make this a short post even tough i feel i need to explain the attachments i have posted with it abit so it might not, you have been warned First off ty for fixing the boat sleep bug! It was really good stuff and made me able to go on a journey with the savegame i played the most on. I struggled ALONG time to find copper and gold in this save. Only copper i found was in some barrels on a island nothing in the ground anywere. Gold i only found 2 bars of, in some random skeleton loot in a small cave. Today I decided to do something about that and went out looking for a big cave. Little did i know i found the biggest cave in the world, Hang son Doong After sailing past 3-4 islands i finnaly found found a new island i did not explore yet, and it was on this island i found a massive cave. Im talking a cave with rooms the size of Donald Trumps ego, multiple rooms this size! With tunnels going up and down and all around. First i was super excited because i went deep deep into this cave and tought i struck gold. I did not It was sand, then dirt, then sulpur. But after quite some time i look up and i see something that looks like sulpur but i go and check it.. IT WAS GOLD!! Super happy at this point... The problem started after i mined this huge ammount of gold (300-400 gold ores) and wanted to get out from the cave. I had zero idea off were i came from. I started looking for the exit all over the place, then all of a sudden there was FOG, i could litteraly see nothing and i got even more lost. Also worth mentioning many of the animals down there was stuck inside walls and on rocks etc. I got a picture of 4 that was stuck in 1 spot but you will have to take my word for it since they went too sleep before i decided to start to screenshot my little adventure down here. This kinda sucks since i finnaly got a playable savegame again and now im back to ground zero it feels like (i will NEVER find my way out of this mess im 99.9% sure) Currently spendt 2 day cycles trying to find the exit and at this point i kinda have given up So yeah some suggestions for cave exploration: Make caves more easy to exit. (teleport potion or some device for teleport home? ) Maybe look into the max size of caves? I have yet to find what i would call medium sized caves, only this one and a bunch of small ones. Look into the AI off these animals, i just stayed flying close enough to hit them and they did not aggro, seems not intented) + the stuck in the wall\rock issue. Fog in a cave seems kinda overkill atleast when you make caves this big (Im gonna starve to death down here! ) Look into the textures off the diffrent materials. Maybe make smaller gold veins but more of them? Seems weird to not find gold on 10+ islands then suddently strike 300-400 ores in 1 cluster. Also worth mentioning i got a random gunpowder keg from the gold cluster seems not intented also. Posted pictures of what i talked about + my save so you can see for yourself how massive this cave is and that im not really over exaggerating this whole ordeal Keep up the good work devs! (and sorry for the long post) Ylands.zip