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  1. andr0id88

    Propeller pack exploration mode

    Ahhh so close yet so far!!! Hahaha, back to the drawing board i guess Now i know were too look for the ingredience atleast after this experience
  2. andr0id88

    Propeller pack exploration mode

    Time to go check out the scurvy seas!
  3. Finnaly had some time today to play this great game again Came across a few minor glitches that i decided to report to make this great game even better If this have been reported before then i am sorry for that, but i dont have time to read all the topics posted allready as i am sure you will understand First glitch happened when i put food inn 1 of my 2 ovens on my boat, lit them both up and flew to a island close by to pick up more stuff. When i got back 1 of my ovens had totaly glitched out as you can see from the images cant be interacted with No idea why this happened, but now im stuck with a "torch oven" that never stop burning Forever burning Another thing i noticed while saling is that my ylandium torches seem to light up the entire seafloor, i have no idea if this is intended or not but here is a screenshot to show you what i mean. The animal glitches i am sure you are working on but just to be sure il report what i found anyway Killed a sleeping puma mid day and i heard the sword hit him and he fell over but i was unable to gut him and the ZZZzzzZZz signs never disappered. Mutated Leopard sleeping mid day (never found a cave on this island eigther) Seemed weird. When i am gutting animals or doing other things that require me to hold down the mouse key, the progressbar seem to glitch out sometimes but the animation still keeps on going. Map glitch blue squareish thing you see at the bottom of the island: These next 3 images is kinda the same thing but i just wanted to point it out because it seems kinda weird. I was flying too this polar island from my boat and decided to fly high to get a good birdseye view of it. Then i got the freezing sign which is fair enough since i flew towards it tought that was the reason: When i went down (same exact spot) i did not freeze: When i stood on the highest point in this island i did not freeze eigther?!? Another random thing i noticed is that a polar bear takes 3 hits to kill with my mastercrafted ylandium sword which is fair enough, but is it really inteded? Since i 1 hit everything else, brown bear, pumas, rabbits any animals i find in caves etc. Everything basicly, expect for the ostrich for some weird reason takes 2 hits to kill Maybe a ostrich is more thick skinned that a brown bear and demon leopards? Seems unbalanced to me atleast, but i dont really care as long as the parrot gets more HP! Sorry for the lengthy post but i just wanted to let you guys\girls know about these "finds", keep up the good work!
  4. andr0id88

    Sneak Peek #30

    In the future i hope you guys will consider making players able to choose a bed as a spawnpoint, bed on the ship for example Never played multiplayer yet, but then the bed would actually serve a purpose there too atleast But i am sure you allready considered this option, and it would probably be alot of work too implement on such short notice Really looking forward to this update, keep up the good work!
  5. andr0id88

    Tundra Concept

    Love this idea, would also be cool to see reindeer and maybe even a lynx like we have here in Norway And ofc arctic parrots, lots of those flying around here in real life. Not that i would make that up just too see it in the game, i promise. Caves could have yetis that would be kinda cool aswell
  6. andr0id88

    Treasure map

    Awsome Tyvm for the info
  7. andr0id88

    Treasure map

    Totaly agree If this game dont have sunken ships with treasure, that would also be cool thing to implement We all know the scurvy sea is a treacherous place, yaaaarrr *Insert parrot emoji here*
  8. andr0id88

    Translation of Ylands

    If you are interested in having it translated into Norwegian i would be happy to help after i am done with my exams in a week or 2
  9. andr0id88

    Treasure map

    I have no idea if this idea\suggestion have been posted before, if it have i am sorry for the double post. I got an idea when i saw these skeletons in the caves laying around: "Would it not be cool to find some kind of treasure map next to these guys"? Just a really simple map with X marks the spot on the island you find it, were you have to dig to find a chest of goodies, gold, silver, and ofc potatoes
  10. andr0id88

    Exploration for gold in Hang Son Doong

    Yeah i was thinking about just smashing my way too the top with the pickaxe, but the problem with that, is that it is allready worn out almost. And ofc i forgot my repairkits on my ship + my shovel And i dont really have a way of making a new one down here in the deep. Lesson learned atleast, prepare for anything A suggestion: Maybe make a new tool like a bone pickaxe that you can make from a bone pice and a stone? Or something similar from the items you can find in caves. So that people can actually dig themselfs out in these cases. Or a TP pot Found a sollution in the end tough Used a mix between wallhack bug and digging myself out Not really what i would want to do, but desperate times call for desperate meassures i guess
  11. andr0id88

    Exploration for gold in Hang Son Doong

    I used to put glowing mushrooms down to show were i was supposed to get out But stopped this after i encountered alot of smaller ones, big mistake obviously The problem with this cave im in at the moment is that it contains huuuuge rooms with multiple exits all over the place so it is really confusing. Marked every place i sweeped trough but still havent found a way out. I suspect it is a super tiny hole in the roof somewere, aka im gonna starve down there As for the textures i think sulpfur and gold looks really similar, and even sand and dirt in caves given the "right" light. But that is just my opinion The fog in the cave you should be happy you never encountered. It sucks... Not like i can just go too sleep eigther with x ammount of enemies around The goodies i get from digging i was unaware off actually Thx for the info! I would suggest maybe think about the idea off a teleport pot using ylandium dust or even gold or some other rare material to make it easier to get out of caves like this one... It still renders this save kinda useless but atleast someone else dont have to go trough the same thing in the future
  12. I will try to make this a short post even tough i feel i need to explain the attachments i have posted with it abit so it might not, you have been warned First off ty for fixing the boat sleep bug! It was really good stuff and made me able to go on a journey with the savegame i played the most on. I struggled ALONG time to find copper and gold in this save. Only copper i found was in some barrels on a island nothing in the ground anywere. Gold i only found 2 bars of, in some random skeleton loot in a small cave. Today I decided to do something about that and went out looking for a big cave. Little did i know i found the biggest cave in the world, Hang son Doong After sailing past 3-4 islands i finnaly found found a new island i did not explore yet, and it was on this island i found a massive cave. Im talking a cave with rooms the size of Donald Trumps ego, multiple rooms this size! With tunnels going up and down and all around. First i was super excited because i went deep deep into this cave and tought i struck gold. I did not It was sand, then dirt, then sulpur. But after quite some time i look up and i see something that looks like sulpur but i go and check it.. IT WAS GOLD!! Super happy at this point... The problem started after i mined this huge ammount of gold (300-400 gold ores) and wanted to get out from the cave. I had zero idea off were i came from. I started looking for the exit all over the place, then all of a sudden there was FOG, i could litteraly see nothing and i got even more lost. Also worth mentioning many of the animals down there was stuck inside walls and on rocks etc. I got a picture of 4 that was stuck in 1 spot but you will have to take my word for it since they went too sleep before i decided to start to screenshot my little adventure down here. This kinda sucks since i finnaly got a playable savegame again and now im back to ground zero it feels like (i will NEVER find my way out of this mess im 99.9% sure) Currently spendt 2 day cycles trying to find the exit and at this point i kinda have given up So yeah some suggestions for cave exploration: Make caves more easy to exit. (teleport potion or some device for teleport home? ) Maybe look into the max size of caves? I have yet to find what i would call medium sized caves, only this one and a bunch of small ones. Look into the AI off these animals, i just stayed flying close enough to hit them and they did not aggro, seems not intented) + the stuck in the wall\rock issue. Fog in a cave seems kinda overkill atleast when you make caves this big (Im gonna starve to death down here! ) Look into the textures off the diffrent materials. Maybe make smaller gold veins but more of them? Seems weird to not find gold on 10+ islands then suddently strike 300-400 ores in 1 cluster. Also worth mentioning i got a random gunpowder keg from the gold cluster seems not intented also. Posted pictures of what i talked about + my save so you can see for yourself how massive this cave is and that im not really over exaggerating this whole ordeal Keep up the good work devs! (and sorry for the long post) Ylands.zip
  13. andr0id88

    Thoughts on sailing,while sailing

    More ship suggestions: Make it possible to craft a propeller for small boats or rafts Endgame stuff like the propeller backpack. Make it possible to use a rope and a hook to hook on rafts or small boats to the large ship for easy access on and off islands. Remake the shark to make it attack small boats or rafts? Would make exploring alot more terrifying and interesting Make a hull for the large ship like a small house for sleeping and storage. I want a parrot that shouts ship ohoy on my pirate ship to make it easier too spot land + feel awsome!
  14. andr0id88

    Instantly killed TWICE!

    Hahaha yeah!! Thx for the reply!! That explains ALOT! Think il just leave my stuff there then
  15. andr0id88

    RESOLVED Crash/corrupted game save

    Same thing happened to me.. Made a large ship and put down a sleeping pad and tried to go to sleep on it. Got stuck inside the boat it looked like, could not move or nothing. I did Ctrl alt del and forced the game to shutdown. Next time i tried to use this save it got stuck at rising sea levels 22%. Dident change any settings btw