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Found 41 results

  1. Hello, I've noticed that when you drag an item to the hotbar replacing another one, the replaced item sometimes get bugged in the inventory, making it impossible to select it again until reloggin. You're going to see it clearly in the image attached. Thanks for the hard work!
  2. Hi all, So I love the updates, they are great fun, but sadly I must post the bugs as usual and bring down the mood If anyone else has something that I've missed, feel free to contribute to this thread. - Ship compositions All ship / boat compositions that I had saved, and all those from the workshop (I've tried deleting them and re-downloading etc), are bugged beyond belief, they appear to be over layering hundreds of ships on top of each other. This causes them to create immense system lag while hovering over them in the editor, and if you attempt to spawn one, the system overloads and freezes up completely (requiring a reboot). You can see the attached picture for an example, or simply try download any ship compositions from the workshop and spawn the composition in the editor to see it first hand. - Ships / Boats in multiplayer (dedicated server) As soon as you step foot on a ship in multiplayer, the screen starts doing a weird shaking thing that does not stop until you relog, and even still then persists if you go back to your ship, I spawned these ships using the cube, so it is possible this is related. I first noticed this while using an anchor on a ship, however, since then it has happened just by landing on a ship. Further, it seems that there is an issue with the interaction between the new waves system and the ship floating, as the ships with these issues, are not moving with the waves. After this bug happens, moving around and trying to walk or swim all bugs out. I can record a video of it if needed, it happened while I was streaming so it can be observed there as well. Most recently, I fell under the map when this bug occurred, and became unable to log back in until I rebooted the server, as it was becoming stuck on "raising oceans 33%". Also, whenever using an anchor, it says "failed", though this bug seems trivial in comparison. Also worth noting, is that as soon as you spawn a ship with the cube, it tends to fall down, land in the water and start floating - this however is not the case since the update, the ship spawns static and does not start floating, this seems highly related to the issue. I've just tested rafts - getting on a raft is just fine, operating a raft works fine (though the waves are a bit odd!), as soon as you get off the raft, the screen shaking starts. This issue persists through a relog, it requires a new character to fix it (/killme). - Energy switches in multiplayer (dedicated server) This is still bugged, though I heard talk of updating the energy system, so perhaps this isn't going to be a bug in the future anyway, but as it stands, if a guest tries to operate an energy switch, on the guest's screen, nothing happens, on the host's screen however, you can see the actions happening from the switching. - Logged out deaths in multiplayer (dedicated server) Are players still able to starve / freeze while offline? If so, they can die inside a locked house while logged off, then have no way to get back inside (as their key is inside). Simple solutions could be to have players disappear while offline (taken out of the game world), or simply stop the effects of hunger etc applying to them while offline. On a positive note, the dedicated server seems pretty stable, good job devs!
  3. I've played Ylands in Multiplayer on a dedicated server for 2 weeks now and this is what I've found so far (that I can remember). Server spec: Intel Core i5 (7th gen) 16 GB DDR4 Ram SSD Drive 100/100 mbit connection Client #1 Spec: Intel Core i7 (5th gen) 16 GB DDR 3 Ram SSD Drive Geforce 960 100/10 mbit connection Client #2: Intel Core i5 (7th gen) 16 GB DDR 4 Ram SSD Drive Geforce 1050 100/10 mbit connection Client #3: Intel Core i7 (4th gen) 24 GB DDR 3 Ram SSD Drive Geforce 1060 100/100 mbit connection Bugs: 1. Version in launcher says 0.4.3423 but news says the latest version should be 0.4.35021 rolled back to 0.4.34289 ? 2. Breaking a tool causes the server to crash (sometimes) 3. Built two large ships, climbing the ladder on the 2nd ship made me enter the first ship. (sometimes, a server restart solves this issue) 4. Placing items on a ship, last item disappears. Eg. If placing 4 cubes on a ship, the last cube would just disappear. (client restart solves this issue) 5. Sometimes the server launcher get stuck at starting. (soleved by exiting all instances of Ylands.exe in the task manager 6. A client restart is sometimes needed when dying on a ship to make all player items visible. Edit: 7. Launching the server monitor via Windows Remote Desktop and then exiting Remote Desktop and reconnecting to the server via Remote Desktop causes the server monitor to be displayed in maximized state.
  4. I noticed lots of artifacts(rendering glitches) when duplicating pieces or moving them around too much. As seen in this video. I manage to fix them by simply deleting the glitching blocks, and duplicating none-glitched blocks. Couple footnotes. The artifacts persist when hitting play in the editor. Haven't tested loading the map up in single player. Aside from it seeming having something to do with duplication, I can't seem to narrow the direct cause down.
  5. Finnaly had some time today to play this great game again Came across a few minor glitches that i decided to report to make this great game even better If this have been reported before then i am sorry for that, but i dont have time to read all the topics posted allready as i am sure you will understand First glitch happened when i put food inn 1 of my 2 ovens on my boat, lit them both up and flew to a island close by to pick up more stuff. When i got back 1 of my ovens had totaly glitched out as you can see from the images cant be interacted with No idea why this happened, but now im stuck with a "torch oven" that never stop burning Forever burning Another thing i noticed while saling is that my ylandium torches seem to light up the entire seafloor, i have no idea if this is intended or not but here is a screenshot to show you what i mean. The animal glitches i am sure you are working on but just to be sure il report what i found anyway Killed a sleeping puma mid day and i heard the sword hit him and he fell over but i was unable to gut him and the ZZZzzzZZz signs never disappered. Mutated Leopard sleeping mid day (never found a cave on this island eigther) Seemed weird. When i am gutting animals or doing other things that require me to hold down the mouse key, the progressbar seem to glitch out sometimes but the animation still keeps on going. Map glitch blue squareish thing you see at the bottom of the island: These next 3 images is kinda the same thing but i just wanted to point it out because it seems kinda weird. I was flying too this polar island from my boat and decided to fly high to get a good birdseye view of it. Then i got the freezing sign which is fair enough since i flew towards it tought that was the reason: When i went down (same exact spot) i did not freeze: When i stood on the highest point in this island i did not freeze eigther?!? Another random thing i noticed is that a polar bear takes 3 hits to kill with my mastercrafted ylandium sword which is fair enough, but is it really inteded? Since i 1 hit everything else, brown bear, pumas, rabbits any animals i find in caves etc. Everything basicly, expect for the ostrich for some weird reason takes 2 hits to kill Maybe a ostrich is more thick skinned that a brown bear and demon leopards? Seems unbalanced to me atleast, but i dont really care as long as the parrot gets more HP! Sorry for the lengthy post but i just wanted to let you guys\girls know about these "finds", keep up the good work!
  6. Before i start, understand i've done the following: After uninstalling Ylands, i wiped out the directory it left behind in the game directory, i wiped out the bohemian interactive directory left in the subdirectory off APPDATA/LocalLow. All my video drivers are up to date, i ran CCLEANER to remove any possible left over junk in the TEMP directories. I even created a new game save and attached it to the server I'm renting from Bohemia Interactive. My system is as clean as it can get and i reinstalled Windows 10 days previous to make sure it was 100% clean. Issues: Things are lost when dropped. Things are lost from digging. Things are lost when mounting them on walls (torches for instance). Can't use "hold down" rotate for things like doors to get the angle needed to make them fit perfectly. The single button push rotate works but it's useless on certain angles because it's limited. Crossbow just stops firing and refuses to reload. And i made it "new". Sometimes i can't pick up or drop bait or flowers. When i log back in, the crossbow is reloaded with 1 shot and the stuff (that was lost before on the ground) is sometimes visible. If i'm on a ship, when i come back in the game, i'm in the water "under" the ship. I shouldn't have these problems and i shouldn't have to keep going out and back into the games to solve certain issues and it won't solve the crossbow/blunderbuss issues my other players are having with them having shots they can't load into the blunderbuss that came with it in the chest when found after shooting a few rounds. I've gamed for over 40 years and i deal with computer repairs daily. I'm not a coder but i can't believe the issues are on my (and my other player's) ends. PS - It's been two game attempts and we have yet to find a single piece of copper ore or any kind of vein. We both though that was highly unusual. Also, AI people would die and leave nothing when dead....is that normal? output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. Hi, What are you doing? I can understand that you need more time to get rid of bugs and luck of content, but selling the game as it is now it's unfair, don't you think? It's not a big deal for me, I really like Ylands and I'm here almost from the start, but imagine new players, who buy "officially 1.1 version" and... there is no birds anymore, there is no sharks or fish of any kind, water is not working anymore, trading with npcs is broken again and fighting strange creatures also doesn't seem right. Not only that - whole world seems to be smaller than ever and from 5-7 islands we've got, one is "starting island" - empty, always the same and really not needed. I'm talking about solo, adventure mode of the game, of course. Why not to state clearly that solo mode game is in alfa, if you are going to do something with it at all? New people will try or see this on YT and abandon the game for good. Why you do this? You are adding new content again and again, but mostly only, let's face it, skins. Last time you added some very nice new recipes, few animals and plants, but content isn't so important if game itself doesn't work... I understand that you are listen to multiplayer community mostly, it's ok, but it would be good for all of us if you could fix most important issues first? I hope that at least you will say that you are working at water, birds, fish and bigger worlds... and that you haven't abandoned modding and "model making for all" ideas? I'm sorry, but I'm just sad. It's very frustrating when I see that in fact people gave up and only people from multiplayer community still patiently playing bricks and wish for water. I'd love to write for once something great about Ylands, but you seem to be not interested in returning content or fix engine flaws. All The Best, ComR
  8. Hello, I must say it's a bit annoying to click "equip" or drag berries to slots or to my avatar hands and then close inventory and click again to eat. It would be much easier if we just could click right button to eat something or place sleeping bag on the ground. Of course, it should work this wa only if there is no open chest and right click is needed then for moving items. And... it would be really nice if we could carry small urns, clay pots, small boxes and above all: small bags - it's realistic and it would not ruin the game if we could move such objects, even if we could place few things in it, three slots it's not a big deal and after all, we have to make them, use resources, so, it would be nice to have small wicked basket for mushrooms, bag for vegetables or just general purpose clay pots or... different size backpacks or even big suitcase, with 9 slots, but we could carry it with both hands... Just for fun. BTW. There is a bug... You can find few objects, like clay urns, you can carry these, so I was happy that at last we can make clay pots that can be moved around without destroying anything every time we want to move such things. That's... REALLY annoying... And I hope I can make at last general purpose containers! Unfortunately it's just a bug... Additionally it's a magical magical urn. Turns out, if I open any container and I have at least one item in the urn and at least one the same item in the container, by right clicking I can copy that thing indefinitely! I was able to make hundreds copies of bullets, grain, planks, nails, armour and so on... It was fun, but it ruined whole game after all. To check this bug - find urn in explored world (I don't remember where was it. It was in some king of ruin if I remember well), pick up the urn (yes, you can do it). Place anything in it, for example plank. Build any container (wicker basked always works) and place one plank in it. Then open the basket, then click the urn, right click on the plank... and magic happens! If you drag plank, everything works as usual, but if you right click... You can copy anything. Good Night! ComR
  9. Hi, ..., but if you come close, magic plants are already harvested or just growing. Bye... ComR
  10. Indian Chief


    Hi,some trees don't show up now, I got transported after visiting another Yland back to the spawn after getting off a raft, another time I was trying to collect from trees and it wouldn't allow me too,some stations won't take wood/won't light. I gotta say over all this latest update has to be one of the worst, and can I suggest that more testing needs to be done before releasing updates in the future. I've tried so many serves it's not funny. All the p1 servers I get 3 fps at best so they're out.... I really miss the option of having the explore servers. I can no longer play this game. Hopefully your next update will be better.
  11. BrandedSniper49

    bugs and sugeschens

    glitches. I have noticed that sometimes when I try to pick something up it seas failed and the ocean can actually drain from digging. some things can not paint. the charging station will not work unless it is the only thing connected to the power source even with switches and enough power. suggestions plz add rivers lava the inability for water to go thru structures and specificity doors and pez add subs and plains .plz make it so cars and plants work on ships BRANDEDSNIPER49s little brother Mr.Me
  12. Hello guys, I have been playing for a good bunch of hours already and first, I wanted to point out the game in general terms, from my point of view, is heading to the right direction for now, congrats to the devs!, so about this post, I just want to put over the table a couple of problems that I would like to see improved/solved in the future. 1. This is probably a bug, if you eat for example corn, and before you have finished eating it you change to another object, for example the map, that item gets eaten instead of the food and disappears. 2. The AI is reacting better in some cases but still lacks a lot in the way it works and I am sure this is probably a known issue, there is another post in the forum about this maybe?, I just don't have the time to look for it sadly so I will resume with this: 2a. Wolves can be easily killed if you keep swimming close to the shore area and lure them to water, they remain there (kinda underwater, which seems weird to me) and you can punch them to death one after the other. This is probably happening with all aggressive creatures, however I haven't tested it. They gotta begin acting more realistic and even use their advantage in numbers to attack the players, after all, wolves hunt in packs. 2b. When you shoot an arrow to a wolf, if you fail or not they will react 2 ways, one is attacking you (if their path finding can spot you near them) and another is moving aside and temporary hiding, which is good BUT, when they move aside if you wait enough (30 seconds to 1 minute so so) they will come back close to the same spot you shot them ( it will repeat as many times as you shoot without killing the wolf), which makes it easy to hunt them and seems totally absurd instinct for an animal that is being shot and cannot counter that. 3. Sharks seems to be in the same situation as wolves getting stuck on the shore when pursuing a player, unable to run away or attack they easily die. Ylands is a quiet game I know, but a little challenge would make it more realistic and more interesting!, keep that in mind. Best regards.
  13. [Exploit/Bug/Protective Barrier/Terrain/item/Glitch] Since there isn't much voice about this issue, ( A few similar posts ) today i did a server spawn area clean up, after the CPU idle % was around 35%, from ~5% initially, expecting the worst and i was not surprised. I currently host a Server for the Public if they so choose to use, i have put [Beta] tags on the server title, so people know what to expect. I personally play on the server, knowing full well things can break, however i do not live on the spawn island, so i don't have these issues. Note: All these places in theses pictures are under a Protective Barrier, people have added their own flare to other peoples areas. This exploit would need to addressed ASAP or Dedi Servers ( especially public ones ) will not survive and die out. eventually. ( These areas have now been cleaned up by me in the editor, which took 1-2hrs to complete , thankfully its a small server after the cleanup, CPU returned to around ~8% idle ! ) Below is an example of people not knowing about the issue at hand, unlucky for the owner left a stairway to the roof. These are players who are not at spawn but not far from it either. Another house taken advantaged of A shed house of the first picture.. And lastly a WIP underground base.. now ruined..
  14. None of these deterred from gameplay but I feel responsible to contribute as game is Early Access (and I think that is a fancy way of saying Beta?) - Further explanation in Youtube Description
  15. Hi, I'm very happy to see vendors, and I have found many bugs, I hope it will help you: First problem is random compositions in explore mode, I hoped you will repair it, and I can see you made some changes, but it still do not work proprly: 1) Compositions now tries to flatten the ground, but it doesn't work for simple camps, teepees and things like "fireplaces". It worked very well after first Steam release, but then I guess island generating changed and most of the findings are partially underground, built on steep hills and so - completely broken and I suppose - they there generated underground too, so they fell into the earth and dissappear. Why I think that? Sometimes I can find random part of simple compositions I know - for example graveyard, bandits' camp, simple explorer's camp and so one - problem is, in many cases I can find only part of the camp - and there is no rest of it. Digging is not helping at all - there is nothing - I think it have fallen underground. But, new flatten idea for Vendors' houses works... almost. Sometimes vendors' houses spawn under a mountain and sometimes part of mountain is levitating over traders' houses (I'm attaching screenshot). 2) Fishermen are usually spawned by the sea... but, if there is a mountain - fisherman is buried underground and he's constantly jumping. I digged him out and then I've found even more strange glitch: 3) Vendors are spawned even few times... Sometimes there is one vendor, sometimes it's two of them, sometimes it's three vendors. It's the same person, they have the same items (before and after trade with me). They are actinge speraratelly, they arerotated in different directions, but when I'm talking to any of them - they all are talking the same thing and they are faced towads me. It's nt a problem with all vendors - problem I mentioned I saw with fisherman (always two of them) and woman selling... I dn't remember - but new one, stand by the sea with blue-white anwils. I have no idea why - but sometimes there is one and sometimes there is three of them in different places, but still in the booth. 4) I guess it's something happenning everytime - I had no problems trading at all, even if traders were glitching, but in one case I managed to break trade. Trade was close, I needed one more pebble to add and I realised that traders sometimes want to buy flowers or herbs, so, I opened my herb bag and added herbs they wanted to the trade list. I hit "trade" and error showed up: "FAILED", but everything seeemed to be ok, so I added few more thing (I thought trader wants more), and then "FAILED" showed again and... I lost all my items I had for sale and... trader also lost everything I wanted to buy from him... I can only guess, but I guess, if you have anything in herb basgs, soil boxes or jars - you should move thse to your main inventry before trade. If you try to sel anything from your "bags" - trading will break. 5) I understand why you want traders to be invincible, but it makes whole game wrong. It's not sandbox anymore. I understand that traders are not full AI entities for now, but making anything "invincible" makes game worthless. I know we are playing alpha stage game, but, please, make traders possible to kill. Any player will not gain anything by killing and robbing traders, but it will fit idea of the game. It would be great if for now you will make them mortal and leaving all their stuff after being dead - after all everyone can kill us and steal our stuff, right?! Instead of making trades invincible - as most of stupid games used to do - Let them die. Player can die - so, make it realistic. The simpliest way to make it nice and working is - if you kill any trader - you can take everything from him, but... you have to wait for new vendor to appear - if... he will reappear at all. I think Ylands idea is to make realistic game. It would be much better if you loose vendor forever if you kill him, than making him invincible. Invincible NPC's is something we could see long time ago - it was stupid and unrealistic. Please, make this game different. If you kill vendor, you can have eerything he have/she has, but pity - no trading for you anymore. Please, think about it. ComR
  16. Hi everyone! I need help! Potential spoilers ahead - this is all happening on [OFFICIAL] Explore PA 15. Story first: Been going around for days, trying to find a submarine sphere to fit the key I found in a cave structure. It took me days because my map was resetting every time I left the server... Finally located the downed submarine by pure accident in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It had no locked sphere in it or around it. There was a bamboo chest on top with some sailor stuff. I found coins and a goblet inside. I excavated all around that wreck and there was nothing else to be found. I thought "oh well, there's always the floating structure on the starter yland, maybe the submarine sphere is there". I go back to my yland to prepare. I get back to starter yland and climb to the top of the floating structure. I then build a small cannon to shoot the Tesla Coils down. I shoot 1 cannonball, and realize the cannon is bugged and I cannot reload it. I destroy the cannon and get the material back - but the cannon is still physically there. I make a cannon, shoot the Tesla, destroy the cannon and repeat the process 10 times. The Tesla does not go down, despite registering hits from a dead-close cannon 10 times. I am out of cannonballs so I put on my rubber suit and step into the Tesla. I am miraculously unharmed. There is nothing on the roof with the Tesla Coils and I take the ladder down. I am in an empty room with two Ylandium generators. There is absolutely nothing there. Now the questions (I am more than willing to log in with one or more of you guys and gals, and figure this out): 1) Is there more than 1 submarine wreck on the server? Could it happen? Since the one I found had no sphere. 2) Are cannons bugged for everyone or just me? Could you log unto PA 15 and let me know if it's just the server? Are Tesla Coils supposed to go down to cannonballs? If so, how many shots? 3) Since crafting Guardian Armor, animals can't seem to hit me at all, I can't drown underwater and generally can't take damage. Is a rubber suit (shirt, pants, flippers, breathing mask) known to be invulnerable to Tesla Coils? Is it just me being invulnerable on the server by some kind of bug? 4) I read a lot of reports of finding locked chests inside the floating structure. Has anyone ever encountered a floating structure that had no treasure in it? This was really frustrating, felt like days of work are for absolutely nothing. I don't know if it's bugged or I just fell on the wrong side of the Random Hammer. Can anyone help figuring this out? Thanks!
  17. Hello there, Sleeping doesn't work anymore - what's more - it broken whole game: 1) If you go to sleep time stops - animals do not respawn, eggs do not respawn, fruits do not respawn, plants do not grow - nothing works anymore. 2) Funny thing is - you can sleep forever and you do not need to eat at all. So, last time I slept for almost 14 days and I needed only one roasted banana. Please, rething your idea of mixing multiplayer with sigleplayer games, because it simple will not work for both. Now maybe multiplayer gamer are happy to see - but singleplayer cannot sleeep - because that makes no sens at all anymore. Simply - add to multiplayed voting system - if people agree - just skip the time and don't bother looking for bed or sleepeng bags, because in some cases it will be impossible to do - for example if you are exploring artic biom and you forgot your sleeping bag - in multiplayer let people sleep on the ground - we all can lay on the ground already, so, what's the problems? Especially if noone will actually see that!? If you want, let people 60 second (or set alarm) - "in 3 minutes we will skip the time (sleep) - so, go to beds... The difference would be - if you slept on the ground you loose some health (but not die - because you slept in cold/wet environment and if you slept well in your bed - you should receive something - for example extra health or stamina... Sleeping in singleplayer was very good, nicely done, thought settting sleeping time would be nice to - if you let us choose the time. For now game is broken and sleeping is useless at all. All The Best, ComR
  18. Hi, Well, I cannot play Ylands normal way, so I'm testing different possibilities and different "if"... And today I realised one more thing. Game in my case in 99% crashes when I'm crafting furniture on ship, or ship is close to me. I realised that game do not crash if I do not look around just after loading my savegame. Because last time Ylands started to crash constantly after I tried to place new bed on my ship I decided to try rather very silly idea. I must say - I was lucky, because gamehaven't autosave everything and my bed and two small "wooden tables - containers" were not there also. I decided to try what will happen if I hit "place stove" and immediatelly turn around and jump off the ship? So, I placed the stove and jumped off the ship as fast as I could and swim as far as I could not looking back. Game hasn't crash... But for any case, I run so far, so I couldnt see my ship anymore and few "hours" later I slowly returned. Stove was on place and game hasn't crash! So, I decided to build blacksmith... but I was there... Game crashed "as usual". So, I realoaded my world and tried the same trick - I placed blacksmith station and immediatelly jumped into the water... Game hasn't crash once again! Then I did the same trick with furnance - game hasn't crash yet again... So, in my case, after certaing progres, after 30-50 hours of play my game crashes when I'm placing objects on my ship. And bricks do not crash the Game, but all furnitures/stations/mashines/beds - do. Any idea what can it be? With Regards, ComR
  19. Hi, Few new bugs I've recently found: 1) Animals stop responding, when close to their food. Animals stop to respond and walking animation is still "moving", but animal do not respond anymore. The only exceptions are horses (if you feed these) and wild animals if... you are the food. 2) Wild animals if left in water (If you were chased and leaved them in shallow waters) are doing nothing anymore - but still can chase you if you are close and sleep at nights, but they are no longer wandering around and not looking for food. The same thing with harmless animals, except crabs - if any animal land in water it will not move anymore. Birds are flying in place, bunnies, boars and goats are staying and sleeping in the same place too. 3) Animals still spawn in trees/stones or underground completely (I gess they fell down into the Earth then) or in half...? and then they are stuck in the slopes. 4) Why devs are not reading this forum? I understand they have more imprtant things to do, but it's a bit dissapointed, when I'm playing mostly to write my report and then no one even read it... I think there is someone who reads posts? Yeah, I know there is much to read, but I spent many hours finding bugs and reporting these and noone even responded.. And even if Ann responded - I was never informed if bug is officially known or not? I'm sad, because I'm doing my best to help! Folks... Please, upvote posts you find useful - this is the only way devs will see these. There was many important posts and important suggestions we would like to hear what Devs think about, but... there was only few people "upvoting", so noone reacted... Happy Pirating and Have a Nice Cassava Cake! Bartosz
  20. Hi, I couldn't stand crashing Ylands and I was reading about my problem whole nights. I think I've found why Ylands crashes. I hope this will help you make a hot-fix or at least find way around the crash for people with the same problem as mine. Well, starting point is the crash itself. I have old Radeon HD 6870 1GB. I had horrible FPS and random crashes, but after around 20-50 hours of gameplay (depends on explored map and progress... probably ship... it seems) Ylands suddenly crashes (freeze then turn to black and in the bckground Win7 (64bit) gives me this error: "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered". This is random, maybe once a 3-4 hours, but after 2-3 crashes game crashes all the time after loading. However, I coudn't understand why it happens only from time to time and in 50% or freezes game "awakes" after even 5-30 seconds later... And then I found out two things. First, that Windows tries to reset display driver if memory is low to save it... (after a while Ylands uses around 4.7GB from my 8GB of RAM - so, it should be ok??) and second one was this: https://docs.microsoft.com/pl-pl/windows-hardware/drivers/display/timeout-detection-and-recovery Well, it seems that Windows sometimes treat Ylands as frozen app and let it wait, but more often decides to "reset" display driver.., just for fun of it. Microsoft even describe how to "hot fix" registry to stop their great idea: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2665946/-display-driver-stopped-responding-and-has-recovered-error-in-windows Well, now I can die without regret. Again, fighting sharks. Best Regards, Bartosz P.S. Here you are, LOGs below. I have all drivers updated, system clean, nothing in the background, all run as admin, hardware checked for damages... Everything else works properly. BTW... Do I need bigger swap file in Win7 if I have 8GB RAM and only 1GB VRAM? Currently my swap file is 8GB on SSD... output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  21. Hi, I have found a few new bugs: 1) Big stuck in the wall problem. You cannot move through horizontal space 5 bricks high, but It is possible to jump into it or use ladders to do it. So, you can move there, but you cannot move out or jump out of the trap! You cannot duck, so, the only way is to demolish bricks above your head and/or bricks below you - only then you are able to jump out. I realized that bug in one of the abandon hunting house (that one with horns in frons and two ladders). There is space exactly 5 bricks high and I already, was stucked there for 4-5 times. I was lucky and had a good axe with me, however you CANNOT AIM at bricks directly above you or directly below you, so you have to destroy everything close to you and wish for luck! Please, try to add an exception allowing you to move out from any brick (stone/tree?), just for any case. Maybe option to crawl/bend your knees (maybe also to move quiet?) whould be useful? 2) Some trees after being sawed off are still unreachable. These are there, but you cannot hit them, even if you stand just beside it on "in it". Digging out lost part of the tree changes nothing. This happens mostly when one tryy have two roots: palms and birches. It seems that all depends on rotation of the fallen tree? 3) Some plants, esp. dried ones are still invisible to player - it's there, but I cannot reach it even standing on it. 4) After chopping trees on mass, very often parts are hungin in in the air - because tree being there before was removed. I can jump or build temporal ramp to get it, but there is bigger problem: 5) There are still situations when during digging out any resources parts of soil/triangular shapes are hinging in the air. Sometimes you can reach these with picks sometimes with spades, but mostly you cannot do anything, because you cannot aim pick, spade or shovel so high. I tried axes, swords or hands too - nothing helps. Very annoying. BTW. see next point, please. 6) Most of the tools have ranges of "aiming", however these are awkwards sometimes: You cannot aim with your spear! Spears are and should be long and could reach angry animals above you or below you (that happens very often because I'm always trying to climb a tree, my sheds od any higround. Spear is useless as other weapons in these cases - the only way is projectile weapons. Please, correct it. Additionally larger area of targetting would help with reaching and destroying objects "levitating" in the air as sticks, wood pieces, soil and so on... You cannot aim with weapons, axes, picks or spades directly obove your head and below your head. This is maybe realistic, but if you are stuck in bricks or trying to reach levitating objects - you're screwed. I'm always trying to reach bricks and objects I'm trapped in in first person view. 7) I'm not sure if it was ment to work this way (this is certainly realistic), but one day I fell of the cliff on my small boat. I died, but the boat flipped upside down. I couldn't control it, of course (which is realistic too), however it was biiiig loss for me at the time. It there any way, including cheats, to flip my boat right way again? 8) What happened to drying racks?? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it would be very useful to dry fish, meat and fruits, additionally it would be good way to make hay of grass. If you removed drying racks from the game, please - make it back. It would be very nice to make it possible to have better food without fire. And... some more diversity. How could I make hay!? I have tons of grass and I'd like to make roofs for my sheds... :(( All the best, Bartosz Radziszewski
  22. Hi, Well, I was happy and thougth that Ylands is not crashing anymore, but I was wrong. After few dozens of hours playing Ylands again started to crash constantly roughly 30 seconds after downloading the game. This time it's Arctic biom, I have two ships, there was no reason to crash... However, funny fact. All savegames/worlds which are constantly crashing are roughly 33MB big... So, I have no saved world bigger than 33MB... All The Best, ComR
  23. Hi, Well, we had problem with slots before during "drag and drop" - now we do not even have to do drag and drop! Picking up items or opening containers is messing with slots very well even without our help. Just walk around and pick some items, open inventory and... Surprise! Try to move something here and there, drag and drop and after a while you will find more and more "broken" slots. The only difference is: items are not showed at the bottom of the window, but one and a half to the right... Also... sometimes drag and drop "miss" and you have two identical items, both in the same slot, but not combined as one... Second strange thing is... Lanterns are not working from time to time. I have 20-30 lanterns right now, and some of these are "off" and after a while on again or "half-on"... or... bright red...??? So, I must say - It was better before... BTW. It was in my game before, I thought it was made for a reason, but it seem unlikely... I like to collect mushrooms, so I have few containers full of different kinds... And I have found a glitch or bug - the buggy/glitchy mushrooms are only cave mushrooms. For some reason, the same types cannot be combined together, thought they are clearly the same type (not similar in look, but exactly the same). I thought at the beginning that I can collect only one big mushroom in one slot, but then I realised that some mushrooms can be combined together and others not - thought they are of the same type, for example glowing mushrooms. So, In one slot I have one, in second one three, in third 2 identical mushrooms, but they cannot be combined. Maybe the same cave mushrooms, but from different bioms are tagged somehow and cannot be combined? Have a nice day, Bartosz
  24. Hi, After many hours of play (70 or so), I have mines here and there and most of these contain materials levitating in the air - I canno't collect it, I cannot destroy it, however I can hit it with an axe or hammer. Today I was enlighted: It always happens when my inventory is full. It looks like this: I'm mining salpeter, for example, because Ylands to not fill slots to round 100 (in theory it does, but if your slot is 98 full and digged out ore chunk is more than 2, Ylands is trying to fill a new slot), so I usually have slots with ores like this: 99, 98, 99, 97, 96, 100, 100 and like so. But... if all slots are full our hero is not taking more ore (if it's more than 4 in this example), but red error appeares: "FAILED" and whole ore chunk after that is ureachable, cannot be "seen" (yes, you can see it, but there is no description anymore) or destroyed. Also any new digged out ores will be not added to the pile - fortunatelly. Another, not very important, but a bit annoying bug is breasking stones/flints/chunks and all other thing when your slots are full. For example, If I have 50 chuncks of stone and I don't needed, I open the window and click "break" with left CTRL. Then all chunks are turned into a gravel. In theory it should work nicely - I have soil container and I should have free slot from destroying stone, right? Well, no... The first, empty now slot, is filled with only one gravel (not soil container) and whole rest lands on the floor... So, I have to pick every gravel separatelly, clicking 49 times... Which is a bit annoying. And yet we have another problem with Herb Bags, Containers and Seed Boxes. When I broke plans or fruits or chuncks, stones and so on, I'd think that grass will be consolidated into 100's and packed into my Herb Bags, seeds into my seed box and... well, gravel into my soil container. But, it doesn't work. It's not a big problem, but when I'm working in my... fields... :)) This is really time consuming process... But, I understand containers are new thing and you have much more, more important things to do. BTW! Please, add mushroom basket container (we've got around 20 different types of mushrooms)! And maybe Food Basket - "Forager Basket/Bag" for people starting the game and living off the woods. Usually we need so many different stuff that I can carry around only one type of food, but when I start the game I have tons of different berries, fruits, mushrooms, corn and also oysters, starfish - you name it. And... maybe tool belt? Even small one, so we could make few different ones for different purpose - exploring, mining, foresting, hunting, building... Every time I wat to do something else, I have to leave all my materials, weapons and tools and take new set of tools and materials... Weapons, materials, containers, food and equipement it enought to carry around, especially if you are exploring and you need many empty slots... Happy Ylanding! Bartosz
  25. UrTypicalJedi15

    KNOWN ISSUE Inventory Glitch

    I was collecting quite a lot of resources so I decided to empty some out to collect others I needed. When I collected the items they went in my inventory, but instead of being placed in an empty slot, the items glitched into the bottom of the inventory. This would be fine, if I could still access them. I can't drag them around or use them at all. On top of all of that they still take up an inventory slot and I can't place another item in those slots to try and unstick the glitched items. I have tried many different ways to try and fix this and the only thing that works is killing myself and grabbing my items again and even then it happens again regardless of how empty my inventory appears to be. This might have to do with how fast I collect items, maybe I collect too many too fast and the collection gets screwed somehow but that's just a theory. If this could be fixed in the next patch or in a soon future patch that would really help. Thank you guys, I love the rest of the game and keep up the good work! I linked a photo, there are two items stuck at the bottom, a rope and unfortunately a saw, and I cannot access them.