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  1. Okay, so i guess we're waiting on 1.5 then...
  2. So what's the news? Have you found the issues?
  3. Ylands is great but it feels so "late" when you're doing most things. You arrive "after" a great battle. You find boats and pirate chest washed up on shore. You find great statues. But what about abandoned, underwater structures.....being able to close it and pump air out and make it serviceable. And wandering Pirate ships, can the system (as it is) handle the strain of it all?
  4. Do these actually serve a useful purpose like holding your clothes? There's nothing about it on the general wiki so....why is it there? Honestly, this game needs (with all the clothes) a working rack but i can't see (if it is interactive) how it works.
  5. There is no scenario file. I looked where you told me to and the subdirectory doesn't even exist. The 28610 director is there with local and remote but no Scenario directory. I don't even know what it would be there for. I dropped in a screenshot of my directory to show you. And, if it's supposed to be there, it's gotta be the game because i even wiped and reinstalled a fresh copy. I even thought that there could be "old" data so i went over all my drives and checked for old traces and there was nothing. My new install of Ylands is maybe 4-5 days old.
  6. The server is called "The Yland", it's an explorer game. I've got a month rental and we keep running into issues. It's a save from a game i started, nothing pre-made. Thanks for getting involved Adam. My hopes are, with you getting involved and it will finally get dealt with.
  7. Before i start, understand i've done the following: After uninstalling Ylands, i wiped out the directory it left behind in the game directory, i wiped out the bohemian interactive directory left in the subdirectory off APPDATA/LocalLow. All my video drivers are up to date, i ran CCLEANER to remove any possible left over junk in the TEMP directories. I even created a new game save and attached it to the server I'm renting from Bohemia Interactive. My system is as clean as it can get and i reinstalled Windows 10 days previous to make sure it was 100% clean. Issues: Things are lost when dropped. Things are lost from digging. Things are lost when mounting them on walls (torches for instance). Can't use "hold down" rotate for things like doors to get the angle needed to make them fit perfectly. The single button push rotate works but it's useless on certain angles because it's limited. Crossbow just stops firing and refuses to reload. And i made it "new". Sometimes i can't pick up or drop bait or flowers. When i log back in, the crossbow is reloaded with 1 shot and the stuff (that was lost before on the ground) is sometimes visible. If i'm on a ship, when i come back in the game, i'm in the water "under" the ship. I shouldn't have these problems and i shouldn't have to keep going out and back into the games to solve certain issues and it won't solve the crossbow/blunderbuss issues my other players are having with them having shots they can't load into the blunderbuss that came with it in the chest when found after shooting a few rounds. I've gamed for over 40 years and i deal with computer repairs daily. I'm not a coder but i can't believe the issues are on my (and my other player's) ends. PS - It's been two game attempts and we have yet to find a single piece of copper ore or any kind of vein. We both though that was highly unusual. Also, AI people would die and leave nothing when dead....is that normal? output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. Jeff Vaughn

    Rented server won't see Sharesave to add...why?

    Thanks i just went and created another. Lesson learned i suppose
  9. Are sharesaves incompatible to be added to a server for hosting....If so...can i convert it to work on the rented server?
  10. On the left side of the boat, the mast will not place next to the other mast. In fact it "forces" the placer to move to the left and won't allow to place against the other mast. On the other side, it works perfectly. The whole ship, on both sides, is made exactly alike. I can label this as a "game" issue. Three will fit on the right perfectly while, on the left, they won't come close and go "red". The left side was snapped after it moved but, trust me, it won't place on the left side next to the back mast.
  11. I've got a pay server and things are disappearing, sometimes a little most of the time a lot. There is one island where EVERYTHING i drop is disappearing or if i kill an animal, the stuff vanishes. Sure, i can relogin and fix it but....after 80+ logins, it's beyond rediculous. I have the latest version, it was a new game, and on a rented server from you guys. Please PLEASE fix this bug, it's screwing up my game. There are other people involved having the same issue. We all have updated (everything really)drivers so there's no possible way we're causing it. We are falling through the map as well but that happens way less often. We are so far along that "start another server" is a completely unacceptable option. Also, my animals go missing when i transport them (about 60 seconds into the transport). I remember all these bugs from over "3" years ago, i just find it hard to believe they're not repaired by now.
  12. Jeff Vaughn

    DEV ANSWER Inventory Items Disappearing Issue

    Three years later, the bug still exists. Case in point. A paid server where i fell through and took a screen shot while falling.
  13. I'll just say this how it needs to be said: The sea without some peril, really isn't worth exploring. Just running out of air isn't enough risk for the reward. Now, first person, we had it and now we don't and we need it back. I'm also aware there is a command for first person.....again, it should just be a button implementation. If in NO other way, first person should be brought back for sailing because that 3rd person view, behind any sizeable boat (with floors) just is terrible the way it is. I'm really patient about the server i rent that let's me fall into nothingness, loses my stuff i plant and dig and i contact the (whoever they are) to fix it. Still, this is just something i needed to mention. I know that logging back in fixes this stuff...but i shouldn't have to do that. I'm not trying to (in ANY way) bring the coders down but this stuff just needs to come back and there needs to be more in the oceans and more perilous animals and neutral animals. These are just suggestions. Animal boat transport would really be helpful as well. I've tried transporting my animals. Halfway to another island that just "beam out" of the boat pens i made.
  14. Thanks for that. Now we can move ahead. I appreciate the direct response. Adam, here's the file you asked for. Yeah, i know, i named it after a RUSH album THE TEMPLE OF SYRINX.rar
  15. Perhaps it's your wording then. "As far as I understand Jeff " seems as if you are speaking directly to me. As far as the files go, i don't know enough about this game as to where to "find" the mentioned files if it's not the logs...i don't code the game nor do i have knowledge of where the save game file resides so, until someone helps me locate it....i can't provide it.