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  1. Thanks for that. Now we can move ahead. I appreciate the direct response. Adam, here's the file you asked for. Yeah, i know, i named it after a RUSH album THE TEMPLE OF SYRINX.rar
  2. Perhaps it's your wording then. "As far as I understand Jeff " seems as if you are speaking directly to me. As far as the files go, i don't know enough about this game as to where to "find" the mentioned files if it's not the logs...i don't code the game nor do i have knowledge of where the save game file resides so, until someone helps me locate it....i can't provide it.
  3. Okay, i've dropped in the log files. As for location of the ship, it's parked on the corner of the central island no more than a few feet from the NE corner and i put the barrier down and activated it there to try what everyone said. The barrier must cover the ship because the hammer gave me the option to remove the block. output_log.txtoutput_log_clean.txt Hi there....I don't use Discord so it's not even remotely possible you and i have talked there. I'm afraid you have me mixed up with someone else.
  4. BTW i tried putting the barrier online, with the ship disassembled, and.....doesn't work...Oh, it gives the option to deconstruct but, after a few swings, the guy just shakes his head. I really hope you fix it because it's making me want to table the game. Generally, when i table a game, i don't pick it back up for 3-6 months (just a realistic habit to give games time to evolve) With the ship disassembled, even with the barrier online, and the hammer doesn't work.....that's a "bug". Basically, with 1 piece of bamboo being measured as part of the "whole" ship's make....it's a bad idea. You were talking about hitting it with cannon balls....shouldn't it just destroy what it hits (the one area). I mean the option to "repair" the foundation of the ship....yeah, i understand "that" as a whole but the stuff you add on.....makes no sense and makes the game annoying for the person playing it. Technically, i can remove other things (like the helm) but the block won't come off.....? That's a bug when the demolition hammer will work on one object but another object, less than an inch away, it doesn't work on......a bug. But, this is something that should be fixed "asap" and really not "in the near future".
  5. But, several versions ago, i could remove individual pieces. The whole ships shouldn't be 1 big piece (when editing) . This causes way way WAY too much frustration. Wait, what is "unwelding"? I don't recognize that term. I know what disassembling is. I read about "welding" and it always mentions maps through Google. You have to understand, i just reloaded this game. I had it back when the game played differently. I am really hoping, also, to "repair" and inhabit underwater bases and have more encounters. I have never used the barrier because i think it was broken (when the game started) last time i played.
  6. I was working on my ship and went to break, of all things, a "bamboo" block.....after 50+ hits, with an axe and hammer i gave up. Demolition hammer....makes my guy shake his head at me. The one thing that should do this, is completely useless. Why was this issue not fixed.....on day TWO? I mean, this issue should not "exist", at all, even accidentally. Bambo, maybe 3 - 7 hits and it should be destroyed. I love this game but these are problems that should have been LONG ago solved. For the most part, this game is great....but this....a nightmare. And i was in the build mode where the ship was only to be built or removing parts on.
  7. I'm running Windows 10, 32GB RAM, Dell 7020 Optiplex. I've removed, rebooted, and reinstalled the game, i have the latest drivers for my card. It's a completely clean install. Don't know why it crashes, i've added both log files. I don't know Unity lingo so i can't translate the crash. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. Jeff Vaughn

    Petition to re-add first person view

    Count me in. I didn't buy this game to have my favorite mode of view removed. Basically there's no reason for me to play it without that mode. For all 3rd person addicts: How would you feel if somebody came in and spray-painted your "front" car window black? See how fun it would be to drive your car from a roof-mounted camera.