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  1. Considering that sitting players are disconnected, yeah... nah
  2. Energritz_

    Dev Diary #105

    RIP Private server owners, really disappointed with this approach, even though i have been away from the scene in sometime, i did also hope that with time and development things would get better but alas. As to with the issue at hand, coyns, there are other developers out there that have a solution, only allow such things via official servers, if there not official then turn off the option simple. The option should never have been available to unofficial servers anyway since not everyone will keep their server alive after a month or so. The outdated reason is just an excuse, since forever the dedicated servers have been sub par and lacking support, they were never really developed to a real usable level, this seems like a really cant be stuffed attitude and another way to make money. Also please note, not everyone has access to money to buy their own "official" servers from a server hosting company, not to mention regional pricing, which then also cuts off more community players, for example in my region, a basic game server ( from nitrado btw ) with similar game functionality would cost me around $35 per month, also i would be connecting from overseas as they have no regional servers here. Not everyone lives in US/EU... this mindset needs to stop..
  3. Hello all, So as the title suggests, last i was here was about that time frame. This popped up in my steam lists and recommendations and forgotten about this developing game, last i remember i left due to frustrations, but everything deserves some chance of redemption of sorts. So how has development been these past 18 months or so? Are servers still not garbage collecting? Are player spawns cause server crashes? or was i right about nothing being progressed? Just some of things as a previous server admin that i remember being frustrated with.
  4. Energritz_

    Server frustrations

    Because previously i've made a post about something similar about project status and such and got abuse from other forum users, and recently people have seen these and have made threats outside of the forum, probably to hide and stay safe, because the things they have said would be quite questionable. Sorry to say ane, i would like to express my opinions but they are not welcome here, because i see different views to what they have.
  5. Energritz_

    Server frustrations

    At this rate i have a lot of doubts for this project, i won't say anymore because there are white knights here that will down vote me, for constructive criticism and taking it negatively, because my logic is too real for them. Another reason i don't bother posting here anymore, because i don't feel welcome. Due to this and broken dev promises it's very likely by September the only 24/7 Public Oceania server will cease to exist.
  6. Energritz_

    doctor cheater

    Person has been banned on our server
  7. So... for those of us that run servers how are we supposed to effectively manage our worlds now? unless you made a custom world... which i don't do because last time PB's weren't available for normal play when maps were made this way... this is not a great way to run a public server for peace of mind. I don't use editor often but i use it to "clean" ( remove corpses and trash items, bugged trees and other plethora of things.. ) to try and keep the server performance the best it can be, because there is no mechanism still to effectively do this yet.. If this is no longer possible then whats the point of player run servers as they would be identical performance to official ones... other than private whitelisted servers and some with custom options for Pve/Pvp etc ... I sincerely hope this gets changed so that at least admins that run servers can continue to do this until a system is in place where its not required and then this wouldn't be much of a problem.
  8. Energritz_

    Age of players

    35 but i feel more like 25 mental wise
  9. Energritz_

    KNOWN ISSUE Blueprints "in-use" bug

    No they have a different name, they have told me that's not them. EDIT: i went to said persons base, tested the machines myself and can confirm even as admin on the server, that i get the same issue.
  10. Hello team, Reporting this on behalf of one of our players on our server. Issue: Player in Question was testing out blueprints feature when they placed the Project Table, a message "someone else is using that" appears in red text, at the time only that player was on the server, they also created said table. The 1st time they used the table with blueprint it worked fine, however on second attempt, this message appears. They also tried a different blueprint for a second time and also had the same issue. They go on to say that, they logged into different servers and it worked. Info: Player describes the steps, when they try to interact with the table the message "someone else is using that" even though they were alone on the server, this appears when they try to put item(s) into the table. Attempted Resolutions: Server rebooted, issue persists. Image from the player
  11. Energritz_

    Making a new exploration map-type.

    I would chose the second, having no barrier is a deal breaker for me, unless this particular server is the trusted one with password/whitelist, that has screened out the griefers from the stock one, then i would consider it.
  12. Energritz_

    RESOLVED Server gone with latest update

    It means that the 0.9 Software for the Dedi Server was released into the wild unintentionally, since there's no client update for 0.9 or no notice of an update from the devs. which also means those that updated to the newer software cannot connect to the server since the version's mismatch. Edit: Confirming that 0.9 for DS software, just dloaded now and tested, missing Headless, still runs without it " Ylands Version: trunk prod uds '0.9.0_3' " Log: https://pastebin.com/jKV4h0wG
  13. Energritz_

    Multiple issues etc on NA15...

    too much favoritism in Single player, this is why MP is a joke right now
  14. Check out the last few dev dairies on the forum, a quite a few responses to some of these have been made by the Devs
  15. Energritz_

    Playing the game fairly

    hows the server hopping going? still on official ones?