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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I must say it's a bit annoying to click "equip" or drag berries to slots or to my avatar hands and then close inventory and click again to eat. It would be much easier if we just could click right button to eat something or place sleeping bag on the ground. Of course, it should work this wa only if there is no open chest and right click is needed then for moving items. And... it would be really nice if we could carry small urns, clay pots, small boxes and above all: small bags - it's realistic and it would not ruin the game if we could move such objects, even if we could place few things in it, three slots it's not a big deal and after all, we have to make them, use resources, so, it would be nice to have small wicked basket for mushrooms, bag for vegetables or just general purpose clay pots or... different size backpacks or even big suitcase, with 9 slots, but we could carry it with both hands... Just for fun. BTW. There is a bug... You can find few objects, like clay urns, you can carry these, so I was happy that at last we can make clay pots that can be moved around without destroying anything every time we want to move such things. That's... REALLY annoying... And I hope I can make at last general purpose containers! Unfortunately it's just a bug... Additionally it's a magical magical urn. Turns out, if I open any container and I have at least one item in the urn and at least one the same item in the container, by right clicking I can copy that thing indefinitely! I was able to make hundreds copies of bullets, grain, planks, nails, armour and so on... It was fun, but it ruined whole game after all. To check this bug - find urn in explored world (I don't remember where was it. It was in some king of ruin if I remember well), pick up the urn (yes, you can do it). Place anything in it, for example plank. Build any container (wicker basked always works) and place one plank in it. Then open the basket, then click the urn, right click on the plank... and magic happens! If you drag plank, everything works as usual, but if you right click... You can copy anything. Good Night! ComR