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Found 2 results

  1. Jdtriton

    My Vendor Market Place

    Just finished building and furnishing the new vendor market.
  2. Hi, I'm very happy to see vendors, and I have found many bugs, I hope it will help you: First problem is random compositions in explore mode, I hoped you will repair it, and I can see you made some changes, but it still do not work proprly: 1) Compositions now tries to flatten the ground, but it doesn't work for simple camps, teepees and things like "fireplaces". It worked very well after first Steam release, but then I guess island generating changed and most of the findings are partially underground, built on steep hills and so - completely broken and I suppose - they there generated underground too, so they fell into the earth and dissappear. Why I think that? Sometimes I can find random part of simple compositions I know - for example graveyard, bandits' camp, simple explorer's camp and so one - problem is, in many cases I can find only part of the camp - and there is no rest of it. Digging is not helping at all - there is nothing - I think it have fallen underground. But, new flatten idea for Vendors' houses works... almost. Sometimes vendors' houses spawn under a mountain and sometimes part of mountain is levitating over traders' houses (I'm attaching screenshot). 2) Fishermen are usually spawned by the sea... but, if there is a mountain - fisherman is buried underground and he's constantly jumping. I digged him out and then I've found even more strange glitch: 3) Vendors are spawned even few times... Sometimes there is one vendor, sometimes it's two of them, sometimes it's three vendors. It's the same person, they have the same items (before and after trade with me). They are actinge speraratelly, they arerotated in different directions, but when I'm talking to any of them - they all are talking the same thing and they are faced towads me. It's nt a problem with all vendors - problem I mentioned I saw with fisherman (always two of them) and woman selling... I dn't remember - but new one, stand by the sea with blue-white anwils. I have no idea why - but sometimes there is one and sometimes there is three of them in different places, but still in the booth. 4) I guess it's something happenning everytime - I had no problems trading at all, even if traders were glitching, but in one case I managed to break trade. Trade was close, I needed one more pebble to add and I realised that traders sometimes want to buy flowers or herbs, so, I opened my herb bag and added herbs they wanted to the trade list. I hit "trade" and error showed up: "FAILED", but everything seeemed to be ok, so I added few more thing (I thought trader wants more), and then "FAILED" showed again and... I lost all my items I had for sale and... trader also lost everything I wanted to buy from him... I can only guess, but I guess, if you have anything in herb basgs, soil boxes or jars - you should move thse to your main inventry before trade. If you try to sel anything from your "bags" - trading will break. 5) I understand why you want traders to be invincible, but it makes whole game wrong. It's not sandbox anymore. I understand that traders are not full AI entities for now, but making anything "invincible" makes game worthless. I know we are playing alpha stage game, but, please, make traders possible to kill. Any player will not gain anything by killing and robbing traders, but it will fit idea of the game. It would be great if for now you will make them mortal and leaving all their stuff after being dead - after all everyone can kill us and steal our stuff, right?! Instead of making trades invincible - as most of stupid games used to do - Let them die. Player can die - so, make it realistic. The simpliest way to make it nice and working is - if you kill any trader - you can take everything from him, but... you have to wait for new vendor to appear - if... he will reappear at all. I think Ylands idea is to make realistic game. It would be much better if you loose vendor forever if you kill him, than making him invincible. Invincible NPC's is something we could see long time ago - it was stupid and unrealistic. Please, make this game different. If you kill vendor, you can have eerything he have/she has, but pity - no trading for you anymore. Please, think about it. ComR