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Found 6 results

  1. Hunter-Over-Fire

    NPCs and More

    The general merchants in the game are excellent, providing me with essential items for reasonable prices, but I feel like the NPCs could due with an update. This post will cover what I imagine the NPCs should be like. 1> Missions NPC Currently, we have 2 very basic NPC Types. The Merchant, and the Enemy, which I'm totally fine with, but I think adding a new one would be incredibly nice. It's pretty much a general rule at this point for every adventure game to have a missions giver NPC that rewards the player one way or another. I'd imagine the mission-giving NPC for Ylands would give the player an array of achievements to complete in exchange for money or rare items (depending on difficulty of mission). 2> Tiered Merchants Merchants already sell decent suplies and whatnot, but there comes a time when you've mined an unfathomable abount of gold and wish to buy something actually worth it all. My first thought on this was to have the NPC merchants have tiers or levels. Depending on their tier or level, the merchants will sell more expensive and higher-quallity items. 3> Perchasing Items One problem I've had with trading is that I'd have to manually get the gold out of the gold pouch in order to pay for my items. I would like to see that someday, the gold pouch would automatically cover the required payment aslong as there's gold in it. 4> Merchant Customization The ability to select the type of merchant you summon is great, but they seem to spawn with just about anything slapped on. I'd like to be able to customize my merchants to my liking (assuming I have enough materials to do so), being able to dress them, change their gender, skin tone, face, etc. Just a few Ideas on the NPCs of the game. I'd like to see Ylands take a turn for the best, and through my eyes, that's making it more Immersive. Constantly adding difficulty to the game, and at the same time, giving the player more freedom to do as they want is definitely the way to go.
  2. From a distance the NPCs is rendering twice, the animated version and the static version. I get that for performance reasons you first want to render a static version and when you get closer it will change to an animated version. Only the transition is not really smooth right now and looks really weird from a distance.
  3. Hi, I'm very happy to see vendors, and I have found many bugs, I hope it will help you: First problem is random compositions in explore mode, I hoped you will repair it, and I can see you made some changes, but it still do not work proprly: 1) Compositions now tries to flatten the ground, but it doesn't work for simple camps, teepees and things like "fireplaces". It worked very well after first Steam release, but then I guess island generating changed and most of the findings are partially underground, built on steep hills and so - completely broken and I suppose - they there generated underground too, so they fell into the earth and dissappear. Why I think that? Sometimes I can find random part of simple compositions I know - for example graveyard, bandits' camp, simple explorer's camp and so one - problem is, in many cases I can find only part of the camp - and there is no rest of it. Digging is not helping at all - there is nothing - I think it have fallen underground. But, new flatten idea for Vendors' houses works... almost. Sometimes vendors' houses spawn under a mountain and sometimes part of mountain is levitating over traders' houses (I'm attaching screenshot). 2) Fishermen are usually spawned by the sea... but, if there is a mountain - fisherman is buried underground and he's constantly jumping. I digged him out and then I've found even more strange glitch: 3) Vendors are spawned even few times... Sometimes there is one vendor, sometimes it's two of them, sometimes it's three vendors. It's the same person, they have the same items (before and after trade with me). They are actinge speraratelly, they arerotated in different directions, but when I'm talking to any of them - they all are talking the same thing and they are faced towads me. It's nt a problem with all vendors - problem I mentioned I saw with fisherman (always two of them) and woman selling... I dn't remember - but new one, stand by the sea with blue-white anwils. I have no idea why - but sometimes there is one and sometimes there is three of them in different places, but still in the booth. 4) I guess it's something happenning everytime - I had no problems trading at all, even if traders were glitching, but in one case I managed to break trade. Trade was close, I needed one more pebble to add and I realised that traders sometimes want to buy flowers or herbs, so, I opened my herb bag and added herbs they wanted to the trade list. I hit "trade" and error showed up: "FAILED", but everything seeemed to be ok, so I added few more thing (I thought trader wants more), and then "FAILED" showed again and... I lost all my items I had for sale and... trader also lost everything I wanted to buy from him... I can only guess, but I guess, if you have anything in herb basgs, soil boxes or jars - you should move thse to your main inventry before trade. If you try to sel anything from your "bags" - trading will break. 5) I understand why you want traders to be invincible, but it makes whole game wrong. It's not sandbox anymore. I understand that traders are not full AI entities for now, but making anything "invincible" makes game worthless. I know we are playing alpha stage game, but, please, make traders possible to kill. Any player will not gain anything by killing and robbing traders, but it will fit idea of the game. It would be great if for now you will make them mortal and leaving all their stuff after being dead - after all everyone can kill us and steal our stuff, right?! Instead of making trades invincible - as most of stupid games used to do - Let them die. Player can die - so, make it realistic. The simpliest way to make it nice and working is - if you kill any trader - you can take everything from him, but... you have to wait for new vendor to appear - if... he will reappear at all. I think Ylands idea is to make realistic game. It would be much better if you loose vendor forever if you kill him, than making him invincible. Invincible NPC's is something we could see long time ago - it was stupid and unrealistic. Please, make this game different. If you kill vendor, you can have eerything he have/she has, but pity - no trading for you anymore. Please, think about it. ComR
  4. Quantum Computing

    0.7 How Do NPCs Work

    NPCs I've Been Waiting For Them Since I Joined But With The New Update Being Released, I Have Questions Question 1 Will I Need To Create A New World To Encounter Them Question 2 How Do I Create Them In The Editor Thanks For Taking A Look At My Questions
  5. Zachary Elvis

    More Tamable Animals

    I think that more tamable animals would be a good idea for Ylands, not only does it give you a companion but they could be useful for finding rare loot or more mounts Wolf: Rare loot finder or basic loot finder Bear: same as wolf but another mount Bird: to communicate long distantly through crafted messages with your partners on multiplayer, because I think that if your going to play a survival game you shouldn't be able to communicate long distantly through an online chat. Also add that bird can talk back to you ( Strictly a Parrot) so you could have a companion when your playing by yourself Cats(Pumas, Jaguars, ETC): Cats would be good for stealth if you add a stealth mode for like liberating random structures from NPCs if you were to make any. It liberating structures would also add a good challenge to the game and to add a cat alongside with you would make it more exciting. And its totally up to you what type of food or object to tame them with
  6. I listed them in order of prioritization and importance. 1. Hints / Tutorials / Tips. (Not to many, as finding things out on your own is half the fun.) -How to find Ylands. So someone doesn't sail in open ocean for hours wondering if they are unlucky or just sailing into nothingness. -Key crafting Items tab needs to be pointed out. 2.Crafting Menu. Adding a tab for most recently gained recipes would be extremely helpful. 3.More Clay deposits. 4. Ships. Add a Cargo hold to the large ship. Add a life raft or boat that you can craft and place on the ship. So you can sail to shore. 5. Add a rope that you can climb up or down. 6. Abandoned towns with loot and such. 7. Boss monsters in caves. I haven't fully explored a cave yet, so not sure if there is any, but if not there should be. 8. NPCs