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Found 2 results

  1. Quantum Computing

    0.7 How Do NPCs Work

    NPCs I've Been Waiting For Them Since I Joined But With The New Update Being Released, I Have Questions Question 1 Will I Need To Create A New World To Encounter Them Question 2 How Do I Create Them In The Editor Thanks For Taking A Look At My Questions
  2. Eujen

    0.6 Worlds and 0.7

    Hey there! So I have finally got the game.. earlier than I said I would in the Suggestion thread I made. (Couldn't wait.. what can I do) Anyhow.. I've seen the latest sneak peek.. which says the 0.7 update will come next week. (Hopefully) Now this is an idea I had and also something I want to ask about. I am planning on creating.. a world. (Duh) (It would be mostly a 'Roleplay' world. as I am a huge RP nerd.. and I think RP in Ylands could be quite amazing with all the content we have) The thing I had in mind (after playing with the editor quite a bit last night) Was basically the following: Continent on a corner of the map with 2 or 3 cities connected by dirt roads or brick. (Quite a big chunk of land so that the players can travel by car and such) And it'd also contain 3-4 smaller villages. (Of course some easter eggs and other stuff would also appear, like mines or quarries and such) Besides that continent, of course. I plan on adding in a few other islands that would contain like again, quarries or villages or treasure etc. I wanna add some 'Dungeons' as well populated by bandits that players can explore. Also Ships travelling from one island to another. In a nutshell. Craft a world that will be populated by NPC's. For immersion and rp purposes. TL;DR Now.. what I actually wanted to ask. If I start creating the world now, before the 0.7 update.. Can I still add NPC's afterwards. Or will NPC's populate said world after 0.7? Or do they spawn in only after generating a new world after the update. Now I don't mind if NPC's generate only on worlds created after 0.7, but I'd like to know if I can actually populate an already created world with NPC's. Also I plan on creating different compositions like Log House 1, Log House 2, Log House with Cobblestone 1 etc. Different variations of houses, Furnished and Unfurnished that I can place in the workshop to be used by me, and other people in their worlds. So.. if anyone would like to 'contribute' to this future world I have in mind. With any composition or ideas. Let me know. I'll make a 'quick' draft of the world in a wee while. To give you guys and gals an idea of what the map would be like. Cheers, Gene