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  1. Quantum Computing

    noob question

    You Spawn On The Island You Just Discovered. I Learnt That The Hard Way
  2. Quantum Computing

    How NPCs work in Yland's 0.7 update

    Can You Make NPCs Have Paths As In Can You Make Them Walk A Route That You Make If You Can Answer This Then Thanks
  3. Quantum Computing

    0.7 How Do NPCs Work

    Thanks For Informing Me On Question Two, HandOfThesly. It's Vastly Helped Me In The Strides Of Improving My World
  4. Quantum Computing

    0.7 How Do NPCs Work

    NPCs I've Been Waiting For Them Since I Joined But With The New Update Being Released, I Have Questions Question 1 Will I Need To Create A New World To Encounter Them Question 2 How Do I Create Them In The Editor Thanks For Taking A Look At My Questions