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Found 12 results

  1. Can you tell me how to make NPCs attack each other? I want to make 2 teams each with 5 NPCs and have them fight. How to make for example 2 bears attack each other
  2. Arktic_P1

    Creating Custom clothing

    I need helping finding a work around for the moment, but the problem I have is the armor available in the game doesn't fit the look I want, which is a modern soldier garb, so what I've tried already to do is group clothing and other items together and placing it over the npc. The problem with this is that the npc standing animation clips through the helmet and armor. I want to be able to apply modified armor onto an npc to solve the problem.Would this be possible? or at least add more modern clothing sets. Any other ideas on how to solve the problem?
  3. MizzShadowCat

    How can i make a custom npc?

    Hello, well my question is just the title really. How can i make a custom npc and place it into my exsplore world? Any ideas guys?
  4. Hey I've been making various kind of NPC last week, I have question. How to make player interaction with NPC become Talk instead of Trade? I can't find it in NPC properties, if I remember correctly before 0.10 there is option in NPC properties to change that, am I remembering something that doesn't exist? or it's not in NPC properties? I mean this right click interaction with NPC, by default it's Trade, but I want it to just Talk Thanks for anykind of help, really appreciated it.
  5. Denderion

    Questions about NPC's

    I noticed NPC traders were recently added and that is cool, however is there any plans to expand the npcs to have pirate ships out on the water you can encounter or other hostile npcs like that? I also didnt know if this would be a suggestion or general discussion so i put it here, you can move it if it belongs elsewhere. Now im sure implementing a NPC system of pirate ships is a rather large task due to it needing to drive through water/steer the boats/ use the cannons/ect/ect, but if this is planned that would be so cool. one thing i looove about boats is cannons however currently im not really able to use them as i am playing a private game with a friend so its just us 2. so there is no "threats" or "sneak attacks" while sailing which im sure is something to worry about on public servers that have people. we play private however due to raiding and getting griefed by trolls/ect. For land hostile npcs im sure thats a lot easier as there is already ai for bears/wolves(idk if its same ai or not but it could work for "human" ai, assuming its same ai for hostile land npc currently) so you would only need character models which are already there pretty much. Hopefully i made sense of what im trying to ask haha.
  6. The new Ylands NPC update has a lot of people confused. If you are confused, please ask your question here! How do I find NPCs? Where do I find NPCs? How do I trade with NPCs? What do I trade with NPCs? How do I add NPCs to my map/world? How can I test out NPCs without finding them? 1-2: You find NPCs at a certain time of day in special locations such as this bazaar. Look for a bazaar like this one and be there at 10 AM to trade. 3. To trade with NPCs just walk up to them and right click. You will notice your items have a value to the vendor (gold number under each). Drop your items into the trading window and drag items from his menu into the trading window. WARNING! If you trade unequally priced items, you will LOOSE the difference. 4. They like gold. 5. Don't add them to explore maps, they will corrupt it. To add one, go to the Ylands workshop, download the comp & place it in your world. https://ylands.net/asset/231 6. Download this map: https://ylands.net/asset/3 and play it If you want to enjoy NPCs on a fun, active server, come chill: https://discord.gg/cf6FCWA
  7. Hattrix

    Random Ylandish things

    Running a dedicated server here. 0.7 version We've found 7 islands and have gone, as best as possible, EVERYWHERE but can't find any more islands. Is there a way to find out where any more islands are? My friend and I have a bet and I say there are NO more islands in our game. We want to settle the score. We've got 3 desert islands, 1 jungle, 1 forest, 1 pine forest that gets cold and snows at times, 1 pure arctic. We've never seen an NPC. When I found a new island, I'd tame a horse on it, but it seems like the more horses I tame, the earlier ones don't respond when you call them when you go back to that island. I've called for a horse, not have it come, but then find it on the other side of the island just hanging out. Do horses just wander off and become wild again? Do the wander off anyway but stay your tame? Do they get killed by wolves or other predators?
  8. Jdtriton

    A Trio of NPC's

    Came across a trio of the same traders all with a little bit different things for trade I walked away with 9 different paintings and over 300 each pigments and a nice pigment container. It was a good day
  9. Eujen

    0.6 Worlds and 0.7

    Hey there! So I have finally got the game.. earlier than I said I would in the Suggestion thread I made. (Couldn't wait.. what can I do) Anyhow.. I've seen the latest sneak peek.. which says the 0.7 update will come next week. (Hopefully) Now this is an idea I had and also something I want to ask about. I am planning on creating.. a world. (Duh) (It would be mostly a 'Roleplay' world. as I am a huge RP nerd.. and I think RP in Ylands could be quite amazing with all the content we have) The thing I had in mind (after playing with the editor quite a bit last night) Was basically the following: Continent on a corner of the map with 2 or 3 cities connected by dirt roads or brick. (Quite a big chunk of land so that the players can travel by car and such) And it'd also contain 3-4 smaller villages. (Of course some easter eggs and other stuff would also appear, like mines or quarries and such) Besides that continent, of course. I plan on adding in a few other islands that would contain like again, quarries or villages or treasure etc. I wanna add some 'Dungeons' as well populated by bandits that players can explore. Also Ships travelling from one island to another. In a nutshell. Craft a world that will be populated by NPC's. For immersion and rp purposes. TL;DR Now.. what I actually wanted to ask. If I start creating the world now, before the 0.7 update.. Can I still add NPC's afterwards. Or will NPC's populate said world after 0.7? Or do they spawn in only after generating a new world after the update. Now I don't mind if NPC's generate only on worlds created after 0.7, but I'd like to know if I can actually populate an already created world with NPC's. Also I plan on creating different compositions like Log House 1, Log House 2, Log House with Cobblestone 1 etc. Different variations of houses, Furnished and Unfurnished that I can place in the workshop to be used by me, and other people in their worlds. So.. if anyone would like to 'contribute' to this future world I have in mind. With any composition or ideas. Let me know. I'll make a 'quick' draft of the world in a wee while. To give you guys and gals an idea of what the map would be like. Cheers, Gene
  10. Chris Young Noize G.


    please add a low quality voice recording for npc voice acting check out https://vocaroo.com/ that records real fast and sends recorded messages fast
  11. mmorpgtester

    Animal spawns over time

    Greetings, I purchased a extra copy of the game and tossed it up on my rack server after making a few modifications to the client graphics settings, since I don't need nore have one of a xeon rack server. I had this client running now for aprox 4 days non stop. Once in awhile I would need to restart it due to unknown reasons, " clients could no longer connect ". I was poking around today on the newbie island because I died on the island where I reside. I logged in and found I starved to death this happens frequently. However I came across this on the starting island. You should take note on the amount of animals running around, actually they teleport short distances because there are so many. And they seem to only keep multiplying more and more. This is not limited to only this angle of the cam, it is everyplace. Perhaps there should be a check sum put in place when a animal is to be spawned and up the inc and if inc >= limit end. Best way I can say it. Perhaps this has something to do with the ever increasing ram usage. Let me know what you think, thanks.
  12. Xaroc der Chihuahuamagier

    NPCs and Rails

    Hello I am Xaroc, First of all, thank you for allowing me to play your game on Youtube Lets Play. sorry for my bad English I still have a few ideas: - NPC shop for the editor, where you can sell for example wood and money can buy other things such as tools or food. - NPC Quest for the editor, it would not be great if you could put down an NPC who will give you a quest with the task of collecting 10 wood. - Rails for example a loco or lore for caves I'm currently creating a map for my community where everyone can take a role. lumberjack smith Hunter and many more. That's why I think it would be awesome if you could make quests and create an NPC shop. And also NPCs who just run around just like that. What do you say to my ideas?