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  1. My blueprint wont complete. I have given the blueprint machine all the needed materials, however the blueprint will not place them as part of the building.
  2. Hi please help, I've been searching online for hours now and can only find out dated info. On exploration i would like me and my husband to share a protected space, is there anyway we can both have building and locking rights on the same barrier?
  3. MizzShadowCat

    How can i make a custom npc?

    Hello, well my question is just the title really. How can i make a custom npc and place it into my exsplore world? Any ideas guys?
  4. MizzShadowCat

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-11208] creator cube failure?

    I've also had this exact issue on my own server. Does any one have an answer to fix it yet?