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  1. Denderion

    Account linking issue - names

    then why would we want to link accounts? iv spent plenty of coyns already and that is not cool if i loose everything i spent those on. Are all coyns spent previously given back to your new account? i highly doubt it. I have yet to link account due to just loosing my buildings and land claim, however if i loose what iv spent coyns on as well then there is NO way im linking accounts. This really needs to be fixed. What if someone spent 200$ on coyns and then linked accounts. are they SOL?
  2. Denderion

    KNOWN ISSUE Blueprints "in-use" bug

    this happened to 3 of my blueprints. 1 was a friends and after we went to bed and got back on in the morning the table worked, 2 i placed and they are not working, even after 2 days its still giving that error. NA EXPLORE 48
  3. So i dont know if ill ever get them back.......and if i do thats gonna be messy however i believe i came across a bug. I had some meat in my (hand) slot, far right hotbar slot) and my key chain in the 9 hotbar slot, I went to scroll to the keys while looking at door and as i thought i got the keys i hit left moust on the door, however i went 1 to far and selected the meat, i noticed this and swapped back to keys however my character started eating and he, well, ate my keys..... So now i am currently stuck inside my house lol with no keys. thankfully i have a friend with copies we can duplicate, but this is a bug i think should be looked into so no one else accidentally eats their keys.....or worse.
  4. Denderion

    0.9: Comfortable Cooperation (08/06/2018)

    what if i want the challenge of the low chance of surviving haha. i do get why we dont spawn there, however will we ever be able to set our spawn locations using beds or perhaps a new workstation that sets your spawn point. could make it require ylandium and be a ylandium energy workstation. kind of like the borderlands new-U system. here is a description from the wiki "New-U Stations are antenna-like terminals scattered throughout Pandora, primarily located at outposts and transition points. The New-U Station serves a vital function. It stores a character's DNA against the possibility of "accidental death or dismemberment" and can digistruct an entirely new body to replace the recently deceased one. This 'new you' will appear at the last station the character activated." so it basically clones your body where the station is. if its a craftable workstation that requires energy i think that would be really cool for ylands and would help fix spawn trolling on public servers.
  5. Will friends ever be able to have access to your protective barriers? It can be annoying playing with friends and not able to edit/place block down at your own base because your friends barrier is the one that protecting your base. perhaps make it so we can put locks on barriers and if you have the key you can access it?
  6. Denderion

    Game crash- Adequate hardware ?

    thats why i did say it didnt mean they couldnt play the game, but would have to accept lower fps. i know all to well about being under min req with cpu. using a fx-4350 myself. which by todays standards is under powered. overall their number one problem is no dedicated graphics card. all gpu work is being loaded onto their cpu via integrated graphics. even if they got more RAM a dedicated gpu is still needed i would say. *edit* also looking at the cpu from the link i posted earlier this cpu can only handle graphics cards with 2gb vram or less.
  7. Denderion

    Game crash- Adequate hardware ?

    Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit Operating System Required) Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz processor Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: discrete DirectX 11 GPU with at least 1GB of VRAM DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 2 GB available space Those are minimum requirements, based of your system specs no its no sufficient. This game also requires a dedicated gpu which you do not have. You are running graphics off your cpu, Intel HD 4400. however even if you had a dedicated graphics card your cpu would struggle as its just under minimum requirements, doesn't mean that it couldn't run as long as your ok with lower fps. Also you only have 4gb of ram which is minimum requirements for this game, however i highly recommend upgrading to 8gb ram. give you wiggle room for other programs you may have running. *edit* https://ark.intel.com/products/77481/Intel-Core-i3-4130T-Processor-3M-Cache-2_90-GHz there is link to your cpu and its specs.
  8. Denderion

    New Tool suggestion

    Picking up items can be very tedious without an auto pickup, having to spam right click takes a toll on your hand. even more so when cutting down trees. sooo many tiny things. I have an idea for a new "end game" tool. it would unlock around when you unlock the mining drill and paint tool. This tool would be called the vacuum. When used the tool would suck all items that can be picked up with right click on the ground into your inventory. It could have a cone thats somewhat big but also small so we can actually aim at what we want to pick up and dont with a little more precision, thinking of that for when you need to vacuum things near your house and dont want to accidentally pick up placed items you put there on purpose .
  9. Denderion

    Mining Drill question

    lol maybe there is some rng with the gunpowder keg? did you try multiple times?
  10. Denderion

    Mining Drill question

    Hi, i recently just got to the mining drill and guardian armor in my private game and when i use the drill it seems like i get less resources than using the pick, Is this true or is it just in my head? i dont want to waste resources when mining an ore vein if i use the drill. if anyone can answer my question i would be grateful and appreciative *edit* V-Alfred i know you are gonna respond so hello there lol.
  11. Denderion

    Sneak Peek #51

    i actually made a post about this, haha, however it was more for the pirates. Will these pirates only attack on land or will they actually sail around on ships that can attack you while roaming the open ocean on your ship?
  12. Denderion

    Questions about NPC's

    haha just read that, however he did say pirates raiding ylands, so does that mean just human npcs on LAND or will these pirates actually travel around the seas. lol
  13. Denderion

    Questions about NPC's

    thats ok its nice to see dedicated community members. yeah i figured that OP topic of npc pirates on ships would require a lot of homework. mostly just wanted to know if its something they plan on eventually working on
  14. Denderion

    Questions about NPC's

    I noticed NPC traders were recently added and that is cool, however is there any plans to expand the npcs to have pirate ships out on the water you can encounter or other hostile npcs like that? I also didnt know if this would be a suggestion or general discussion so i put it here, you can move it if it belongs elsewhere. Now im sure implementing a NPC system of pirate ships is a rather large task due to it needing to drive through water/steer the boats/ use the cannons/ect/ect, but if this is planned that would be so cool. one thing i looove about boats is cannons however currently im not really able to use them as i am playing a private game with a friend so its just us 2. so there is no "threats" or "sneak attacks" while sailing which im sure is something to worry about on public servers that have people. we play private however due to raiding and getting griefed by trolls/ect. For land hostile npcs im sure thats a lot easier as there is already ai for bears/wolves(idk if its same ai or not but it could work for "human" ai, assuming its same ai for hostile land npc currently) so you would only need character models which are already there pretty much. Hopefully i made sense of what im trying to ask haha.
  15. Denderion

    Sneak Peek #50

    I just have one thing i would like clarified, currently with the BP system it looks P2W if its available to buy them with coyns but im not 100% sure. So if i purchase a BP and use it, it creates the building in front of this workbench but the building isnt actually there correct? would it be translucent and not solid requiring me to then go farm the materials and place them in the workbench for the building to be built or if i use the BP does it immediately and automatically build the object without needing to farm and gather the resources? if its the latter that is kind of a P2W system as John - NEXFER said in his reply. *edit, off topic* noticed the needing to be approved by mod, this is my first post, is this for every single post made or just for dev blogs/sneak peaks to keep trolls/spam out of here?