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  1. Is it possible to generate the random structures on the world grid and not based on its bounding box? I would love to find a random generated building on an island and then renovate it, to turn it into my new home. Right now it's hard to add new blocks to the existing structure, because the only way to do it, is by placing it in free place mode.
  2. Stoeptegel24

    RESOLVED [YLD-9423] Compass not visible on game load

    Yes, regular MP. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Stoeptegel24

    RESOLVED [YLD-9423] Compass not visible on game load

    Just tested and it also happens on a ship. This was in mp. I attached a gif to show you what it looks like.
  4. When you load up your game and are still sitting on the raft, the compass doesn't show up in the top right corner. Only after exiting the raft and then controlling it again.
  5. From a distance the NPCs is rendering twice, the animated version and the static version. I get that for performance reasons you first want to render a static version and when you get closer it will change to an animated version. Only the transition is not really smooth right now and looks really weird from a distance.
  6. When you are riding on your horse at full speed and switch to first person, then switch back to third person and start spamming W or/and space bar the camera will zoom really far out. I think this happens because the game still thinks you are in first person, because you can't use the option to re-align the camera anymore. In the gif the effect is not that extreme but I've seen the camera go even further than this.
  7. The collision is a bit to big for the lamp and you can't place anything above it.
  8. Here are the output files from my laptop. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  9. Here is my output_log from my PC is this enough or do you also need the one from my laptop? I don't know which save file i should upload though since there all labeled as level0, level1, level2 ect. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. Normally I always play Ylands on my PC, but last weekend I was away and only had my laptop with me. So decided to play some Ylands on my laptop. Logged in with my Steam account that I normally use on my PC and to my surprise I could actually load up my single player world and continue with where I left off. After a few hours decided to stop and let my character in a seating position sit next to my house, and logged off. So, now I'm back home and wanted to play Ylands again on my PC. Started it up and entered my world. When the world was loaded though it showed me the character creation menu, I figured I must have died when I was offline because i saw some post here where this has happened to a few people in multiplayer. well bugs and glitches can happen in early access so no worries I will just create a new character get to my house and pick my stuff back up. But her comes the sad part, I got back to the place where I last logged of and there was no stuff there at all not even a stone with my name on it. But now I gets interesting. 2 days ago I still had all my stuff in my inventory on my laptop. Now 2 days later when I started the game up it was all gone. So decided to do some testing what if I started Ylands up on my laptop what will happen then, will it all be gone there as well. Remember that at the beginning off this post I mentioned that I logged of in a seating position next to my house. well, when I opened the world on my laptop my entire inventory was empty which is what I expected but now my character was in the exact same position sitting where i left him 2 days ago. I have no clue what caused this bug, the only thing I know is that I've lost all my stuff and my Ylands has turned into some weird parallel universe. I'm scared.
  11. Started Ylands up this morning and saw this. Not sure if this is a bug or he is just mad at me EDIT: nvmd i just found out that you can rotate the character in the main menu. im retarded.