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Found 13 results

  1. theonlylukon

    [SUGGESTION] Railroads

    I really love how y-lands has implemented the small steam engines, and ylandium engines into the game. When I first heard of the steam engine concept of the game, my brain shot directly to steam locomotives and railroads, along with your antique riverboat. A steam powered car didn't really come to mind. Not to say that a steam powered car was never a thing, but that's besides the point. I think a great use of the steam engine would be in the case of a steam locomotive. Perhaps make rails craftable with planks and iron. If you were to utilize the same foundation of the ships and cars, where players can craft a chassis, or a basic ship that can be built onto, players could create extensive railroad systems to transport items around while building onto a basic rail car. Not sure if anyone would be interested in this, because the islands are somewhat small for a railroad, but I think the idea would be pretty cool.
  2. Did this quickly in answer to someone's question on another forum about how do Steam users upload Compositions. Sorry was tired will not be perfect.
  3. When I tried to package a Composition (house) for the first time to share it I discovered we Steam users are not getting our files stored in the documents folder. Instead it paths to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\415409451\298610\remote\Share\Compositions Yland team may not be able to change the way Steam runs Yland but you can place special instructions on your website or an in game help menu to help Steam users understand we have to do things differently. .
  4. Jemcrystal

    Share'able on Steam?

    Is Ylands a game you can buy on Steam that then you can turn around and share with other household members? Through Steam Share? Is it an mmorpg or does it have a single player mode?
  5. Normally I always play Ylands on my PC, but last weekend I was away and only had my laptop with me. So decided to play some Ylands on my laptop. Logged in with my Steam account that I normally use on my PC and to my surprise I could actually load up my single player world and continue with where I left off. After a few hours decided to stop and let my character in a seating position sit next to my house, and logged off. So, now I'm back home and wanted to play Ylands again on my PC. Started it up and entered my world. When the world was loaded though it showed me the character creation menu, I figured I must have died when I was offline because i saw some post here where this has happened to a few people in multiplayer. well bugs and glitches can happen in early access so no worries I will just create a new character get to my house and pick my stuff back up. But her comes the sad part, I got back to the place where I last logged of and there was no stuff there at all not even a stone with my name on it. But now I gets interesting. 2 days ago I still had all my stuff in my inventory on my laptop. Now 2 days later when I started the game up it was all gone. So decided to do some testing what if I started Ylands up on my laptop what will happen then, will it all be gone there as well. Remember that at the beginning off this post I mentioned that I logged of in a seating position next to my house. well, when I opened the world on my laptop my entire inventory was empty which is what I expected but now my character was in the exact same position sitting where i left him 2 days ago. I have no clue what caused this bug, the only thing I know is that I've lost all my stuff and my Ylands has turned into some weird parallel universe. I'm scared.
  6. When exiting game the mostly white game save screen does not terminate or seem to exit ever. Screen seems to be up indefinitely. Not sure if it is saving my hdd to the cloud here or what. This is the early access version on Steam: Build (countless colors)
  7. I bought the game on steam as soon as it was available. Last week I played the game without any problems (both offline as well as online). Today i wanted to play the game again, but is keeps crashing on startup. I get a black screen (no sounds), ans when i click it is not responding. according to the output_log the SceneManager is missing. "The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object 'SceneManager') is missing!" output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. Hi, so after purchasing, downloading and then running Ylands I was greeted by a post which among many things, told me to link my Steam account to a Bohemia account to earn 9200 coyns (equivalent of 40 USD). If I didn't, then my balance would simply show 4600, which it did and still does. I didn't have a Bohemia Interactive Account, but I made one because I don't turn down free stuff (rarely anything is free these days). I've linked the two accounts, but I don't see the coyns added to my balance, and I can't see anything I need to do additionally to claim them. So I was simply wondering when I would have those coyns added to my balance. At the moment it's just the standard 4600. This isn't a big problem, after all it's a free gift, I can't complain about that. However I didn't have an account with Bohemia, and I didn't need one. Additionally linking the two accounts wasn't particularly smooth for me, for some reason the email simply wouldn't send, and then the accounts refused to link. So, I'm simply wondering when or how I can claim the free 9200 coyns that I was told I would get, if I linked accounts. I didn't attach anything, but I have a screenshot if it's required, but I doubt that. All the best, I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I'm enjoying Ylands a lot.
  9. Hello! this is my first forum post (hopefully out of many). I just found out about this game a couple of days ago and needless to say I have not been this excited about a game in years, and this is the first forum account I create for a game in over 8 years. And this is coming from someone with over 3,800 games on Steam, so I believe that should say something. Anyways, I couldn't help but notice that a developer mentioned that people who bought the game early would receive about $45 (I think it was) worth of coyns, which of course is a hefty amount of money. And as someone who just found out about the game and therefor can't take part of that I am a bit butthurt. Now, I do completely understand why you're offering people who paid early this reward, seems like some players have been here for over 2 years which is by all means very admirable. So I came up with an idea that I personally believe is great, though the developers concept of "great" may be a lot different haha! My suggestion is that you offer perhaps $35 worth of coyns for people who purchase the game during the opening weekend of Steam, so for people who buy the game within the first 3 days of the games release on Steam. I think this is a great idea for a couple of reasons: 1: This would help boost sales as this would be a very generous offer, especially for a $15 game. 2: It would introduce a lot of players to coyns and the in-game store/system. A lot of people have a very negative look on microtransactions, but if they were to receive some for free they would without doubt take a look into it, and if they take a look at this games store they may realize that it's not that bad, and perhaps even be open to purchase more coyns in the future! 3: It would be a nice nod to me and others who pretty much missed on this entirely because we didn't know about this game, I would have bought this 2 years ago if I just knew it existed. 4: This shouldn't upset early buyers/backers as they would receive $45 worth of coyns will others would get $35 as I suggested. At the end of the day this is entirely up to you developers, but I thought it could be a cool thing to do, thank you for reading!
  10. jaqspw

    Newbie and Buy?

    Hi guys! I'm new here. I want to buy the game, but I do not see this option in steam. Why? And, where can I find some tips for learning more about the game?
  11. Unable to launch steam version with above fatal error message, can only quit game. Update: Fixed by devs over on steam...
  12. MyMumIsAstronaut

    Steam release for BI store buyers?

    Hello! I bought Ylands on BI Store, but is it going to be available on Steam for me, after Steam release? You know...having games on once place is more comfy Thank you!