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  1. Pharaun Mizzrym

    From My Viewpoint Opinions

    Seed And Forest Spread Cause Lag The tall rainforest tree seems to cause the most lag after planting. Perhaps any asset that spreads grass overground seems to be causing lag. After the big tree is done growing the lag stops. Planting to many seeds at once can cause lag. Some seeds lag a bit more than others. Boredom and Preferences If you build a very creative world in editor and publish it, people will visit your world for a few minutes then log out and never return. Built up worlds with housing and established areas seem to intimidate players. They all want to play the wild life rainforest area and nothing else. They will not try the deserts. They will not try the frozen tundra. They want to run around in grass skirts and pick up sticks. Most players don't get past picking up rocks. They don't seem to want to try and learn to build. Lazy playing. I would really like to see if a Public PvE server would change the player's behavior. Player base is split into super intelligent players verses those who probably have not figured out how to wipe their own noses in real life let alone play a survival game. I myself find repeatedly building my kingdom up only to have it invaded by noobs a bit daunting. I can only go thru the steps so many times before I get worn out of it. Being killed in a pvp stand off is not as intimidating as thinking they might wreck my chests and I'll loose all I put inside them. I already mentioned this in another thread but it sticks out as the biggest thumb of my gameplay experience. I build, I play, I get noobs to take it away. I build, I play, I watch noobs take it away. Others use organized Discord to avoid this and I just do not want to Discord. Suggest pvp and pve zones. Like the spawn in island is pvp but all surrounding islands are pve. Building Advancement Fun as fart to learn and grow your character. But eventually you will want to put a dresser right next to your bed and a lamp on that dresser. But your character does not know how to do this yet. Online wiki does. Or if you spent time in the editor you know. Or looking at other's houses or youtube vids. But your character still does not know this. So not that big of an issue I guess but searching the wiki kinda pulls one out of the immersion of the gameplay. Maybe a guru statue you could click on in game that said, "Would you like me to teach you how to build boats?" Or "Would you like me to teach you how to control Ylandium?" Or "Would you like me to teach you about Workstations?" And if you say yes and read it's spiel then suddenly your character knows how do this stuff and it appears in the character's build memory inventory thingy. Hosting I just want to be able to take my hosted world into the editor so I can fix anything wrong with it. I may have forgotten to put enough clay or iron ore near the spawn point. Or maybe the people hunt all my animals into extinction. Or maybe I want to try a new tactic to keep players interested in my hosted world. But once it rolls out there I can do nothing more than just host it and hope for the best. Players who leave their bodies in my world and never come back (tho I'm leaving my body in their worlds as well lol). As host I would like to move (not kill or kick) afk bodies to a place not so eye distracting. We already discussed the dead. I think they should become zombies (or mummies as this game names it) after two days and also allow us to burn the corpses after two irl days. Islands & Pets Horses are the only pets we get. Suggest adding Dolphin pets that we can ride around the ocean. Feed Dolphins just like horses to get loyalty. The islands are to far apart. Without a functioning map it is pointless to try and find another island; as in a map your character did not have to fill in. Would like to see islands closer together in a way as not spotable from your island but if you go out on the water a little ways then yeah you can see another island in the distance. Suggest that you get rid of hand crafted maps. Let them be found in pirate booty treasure chests hidden throughout the world. Maps would be filled in with surround islands. Suggest Dolphins have an option to "Find Island" that would cause them to swim with you mounted to another island besides the spawn in. Add functioning telescopes. Animals Make nest spawners that can be destroyed with pickaxe. Offer Nest Spawns to editor created worlds only not the random generated ones. To encourage players to play personal created worlds. And if you cannot give caves to editor (yes I know you said you were already working this) created worlds compensate us world building hosters with other things that the random generated worlds do not offer. Like Dragon Riding or something unique only to created hosted worlds. Landscaping In Editor Would like a smaller paintbrush to reach tiny spots. Don't want to color an entire area. Desert and Frozen Wastelands No one is playing them. I can see a few problems they present. Well, I cannot see why no one wants to play desert. I made a desert world and no one wanted it tho it had everything a rainforest offered. But I can see why the winter arctic was intimidating. You have to provide the players with fur right away. There is no time for them to get these supplies on their own before they freeze. And if you provide them with supplies they have no reason to play the area because the game is all about collecting supplies. Give them supplies or they die. Now they are bored because they did not get to collect the supplies themselves. In the frozen area if you dig and do mining the snow will not be there as you dig. It is earth dirt. I made a mine for people to dig in but the snow kept flashing in as if it was there then not then there then not. Sorry did not get it on film. I ended up painting the snow in the underworld with the editor paint. It stopped the flashing which would give anyone a headache. I should reproduce this and record video if I can find time. I probably will not. I have other things to do now. But the arctic area is the most lag free of all the islands you can host in multiplayer. So long as you don't plant a large rainforest tree in a giant subterranean greenhouse (and why wouldn't you?). I learned to fish playing the arctic area! Suggested fix for lazy players. Allow host to chose the climate of each island they create in editor in same world. Give option in editor to create four islands with each different climate. One island to be arctic, anther desert, another tropical, etc. No it is not realistic but I do not see lazy people making the attempt to try the other climates with any seriousness. If they did not feel trapped they might give them a better try. So they could travel by boat to an island with a different climate. Give this to created world builds not random generated. Guess Where The Ore Is You cannot see the ore spots if SNOW or dirt or anything else is covering them. This could be fixed in editor by a host if we get the privilege to bring our hosted worlds into the editor after publish. But nothing to be done for it in a Random Generated World. Suggested fix bring in Treasure Detector. Have a primitive version out of sticks craftable early stage Dowsing Divining Rod. And advance maybe if you want a Metal Detector. Yeah I know Dowsing Rods are for finding water but who cares we need to find ore not water and this is an alternate reality anyway. The End I may be leaving Ylands gameplay now. I have other matters to attend to irl. Was very fun and I would suggest this game over Minecraft. I hate the blocky look. Bye ya'all.
  2. Pharaun Mizzrym

    Things I Like About Ylands

    It gets hard to collect only negative reports even if they are just kind bug/glitch helps. Word up to the devs your game is rockin. I will not be able to remember everything I like about Ylands but here is some off the top of my head: * The triangular graphics (instead of blocks). Way easier on the eyes and more immersive. * Cute and innocent. * I love planting, growing, and purposeful items. * Positive community. * Quick progression from primitive to more advanced stages. * Easy to learn. * Weather. Omg I love the weather! I have played triple A games that did not have this dynamic weather. I am literally afraid of storms and have to keep reminding myself this is just a game. That is impressive. * Progressive crafting. Starting out so easy to learn, yet if you want to push your puzzle solver brain there are higher level recipes. * Planting matters. * Even if the mobs are not dangerous they still get a startle on me now and again. * Was very proud to learn how to ride a horse. * I have not saved screenshots but there were actually some moments when things were very pretty. * This can be a very relaxing game and nice if you want to chill out and no stress. Good job!
  3. Pharaun Mizzrym

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-9334] When Hosting Server Speed Sleep Broke

    That is what I was wondering. I still consider this a bug-glitch. Sleeping is suppose to speed up the cycle. No matter what I choose for a day/night cycle my sleep should cause a quick jump to the next. Along these thoughts I think the game needs an added incentive to play thru the night time. Perhaps something special that spawns only at night and is valuable?
  4. When I host a server and try to sleep to get it to the next day time passes to slowly. Video is at normal speed to show this. Happens every time I host a server. I have hosted three different servers with two different time hour choices (sorry do not remember what I picked) in server creation. Every time I get this glitch when I the host sleep.
  5. Please give a timed out popup if loading for more than two minutes we get an option to abort and return to the Main Menu or continue loading. When trying to join servers I am often stuck here eternally in this screen with only an unconventional way to escape, requiring me to reboot the game from scratch. Would really appreciate a redirect at this point that said something like, "Seems the server is not available, would you like to try another?" Return to Main Menu Yes / No.
  6. None of these deterred from gameplay but I feel responsible to contribute as game is Early Access (and I think that is a fancy way of saying Beta?) - Further explanation in Youtube Description
  7. Pharaun Mizzrym

    Is it safe to delete my crash reports?

    K, I'll just delete them.
  8. There does not seem to be an option to send or delete them. I doubt they would have anything enlightening to say. They get produced whenever I loose patience waiting on the game to load and I force close Ylands. ______________________________________________________________________
  9. Pharaun Mizzrym

    Spawning Natural Caves Editor?

    Okay well this can just be moved on over to the SUGGESTIONS I guess. Dah why would we not want to generate caves in editor mode? And that now explains why all the multiplayer maps are so copy-n-paste boring the same thing with no surprises from editing. Wait, what if I generate a world in Multiplayer mode first and then take it to the editor mode and then put it back in Multiplayer mode after editing it? Would that give me a cave I could edit?
  10. Pharaun Mizzrym

    Spawning Natural Caves Editor?

    Err, then how am I playing a cave in a Multiplayer? You have to generate the world before you can host it. I'm confused. Let me rephrase. How do I host an island with a cave in it?
  11. Pharaun Mizzrym

    Official Item Suggestion Thread

    Would like to see Hanging Vines added. https://www.shutterstock.com/cs/video/clip-13879100-stock-footage-vines-hanging-in-the-magic-cave.html
  12. Pharaun Mizzrym

    Official Item Suggestion Thread

    I still want a wheelbarrel for storing quarry stones. I think a Soil Box would not practically store quarry rocks as a Soil Box puts me in mind more of a Gardener with a Compost Bin. Perhaps if we could craft a wheel on to the current Soil Box it could double in inventory allowed and carry quarry stones.
  13. Pharaun Mizzrym

    Spawning Natural Caves Editor?

    What do I do to get a cave to spawn when creating a world in the editor? Are caves random spawns or do they appear in every island creation?
  14. Pharaun Mizzrym

    Why are there dead bodies?

    Dead people cluttering the island is bug or intended? I read people say stuff like, "the admin needs to clean up the bodies so the world will not lag and be better aesthetically." Admin being their way of saying Server Host I guess. The dead bodies stacking up troubles me. I don't think the Admin, or World Hoster, should have to WORK. They should be playing and having fun. If dead bodies (for days and forever) is not a bug and running as intended -- it needs a bit a liven up. I think if the dead player's character has been there over two days and has not been burned or buried, at sunset they should turn into zombies.
  15. Pharaun Mizzrym

    Official Item Suggestion Thread

    Does not work for me. Only dirt stores in my Soil Container. If I try to drop rocks in Soil Container will just trade places in my inventory with the stone, marble, etc. Will not actually drop into the Soil Container. Not automatically. Not manually.