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Found 4 results

  1. There is such a problem. If you go to bed hungry, you can just die in a dream of hunger or cold! I think it would be right if I could either interrupt the dream in order to feed or dress the character, or I could add a button so that I could manually interrupt the dream. 1. I propose to add a button to wake up. 2. I suggest to make automatic awakening at threat of life. 3. I propose to give more options for choosing when to wake up. Narimer: “wake up XX clock”, where XX is chosen by the player. And as a consequence, I propose to add WATCHES! Watch the game is very necessary! When I work in a mine and I would like to know when to go to the surface.
  2. When I host a server and try to sleep to get it to the next day time passes to slowly. Video is at normal speed to show this. Happens every time I host a server. I have hosted three different servers with two different time hour choices (sorry do not remember what I picked) in server creation. Every time I get this glitch when I the host sleep.
  3. So, it seems that a tamed and named horse, is a dangerous predator, that you cannot sleep around! Trivial bug really - if you have your horse too close to your house / bed, it will give an error message saying that it's not safe to sleep. Upon moving your horse a small distance away from your house, sleeping works fine. Bring your horse back, dangerous again!
  4. WashedByBlood

    Beards and Mulitplayer Sleeping

    I'm loving the game and cannot wait to see where it goes. I think it's an instant classic for me. A few suggestions. Beards! As a man with facial foliage I was a bit bummed to see there are no large beards yet. I would love to see some big, bushy, Tom Hanks from castaway style beards for the male faces. It would also be nice to be able to change the head hair and face hair independently. Secondly, are there any plans to add sleeping to multiplayer? It's unfortunate to have to wait out the nights. Would it be possible to implement a system in which, if all players were in beds, the host could initiate sleeping and allow time to pass for all parties? Love all the hard work going into this game, keep up the fine work!