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Found 16 results

  1. I noticed that many tamed (and newly created wild horses) (6 horses in total ) just standing within a few metres in the entrance of a natural cave. The could not walk out, they were actively moving (not frozen). One of the horses was from someone who said he lost his horse as is does't come when he calls it. So it was stuck and wouldn't be teleported to him either. This was on a multiplayer server
  2. It is an official server's MP. I took a horse and I could not move when I got on that horse. After reloading the horses became transparent. There was no problem in operation. Another battle music stopped ringing after it was hit by an hostile creature. The music keeps ringing even after rebooting. I set the volume to 0 by setting, but I can not sense the danger.
  3. I am on my horse, stuck in rockface, cannot dismount. Stupidly I mounted without realising it was in the rock. Now I can't get off, eat, or anything at all. I am on a different island to spawn one. I shall soon die as i can't eat. I've tried typing /unstuck and /unstuck 2, which I saw somewhere as a solution, but this does not work. I am punching the rockface hoping it will go before I die, but I don't seem to be hitting it. Oh deep joy!
  4. Hattrix

    Random Ylandish things

    Running a dedicated server here. 0.7 version We've found 7 islands and have gone, as best as possible, EVERYWHERE but can't find any more islands. Is there a way to find out where any more islands are? My friend and I have a bet and I say there are NO more islands in our game. We want to settle the score. We've got 3 desert islands, 1 jungle, 1 forest, 1 pine forest that gets cold and snows at times, 1 pure arctic. We've never seen an NPC. When I found a new island, I'd tame a horse on it, but it seems like the more horses I tame, the earlier ones don't respond when you call them when you go back to that island. I've called for a horse, not have it come, but then find it on the other side of the island just hanging out. Do horses just wander off and become wild again? Do the wander off anyway but stay your tame? Do they get killed by wolves or other predators?
  5. When you are riding on your horse at full speed and switch to first person, then switch back to third person and start spamming W or/and space bar the camera will zoom really far out. I think this happens because the game still thinks you are in first person, because you can't use the option to re-align the camera anymore. In the gif the effect is not that extreme but I've seen the camera go even further than this.
  6. Hello, I just connect to NA Server 2, Scalion user, Tamed a horse, the server disconnected me 3-4 time in 25min, then one time when i come back i'm stuck in horse animation, can't move, can't interact, the horse is invisible. Unstuck command are useless (0-1-2-3). Killme command did work. I try to deco and reco, still stuck on the invisible horse.
  7. So i have my horse here... I tamed it. later on i died 6 times because a wolf wont let me alone. I tried to get on my horse but i dont get the ride option anymore. but it still reacts to my wisstle.
  8. Antimidation


    Free placement- When you go into free place mode with "V" not all objects are are set to the grid at a 45 degree manner, a lot of them are rotated on it's axis and you have to do a good deal of flipping and adjusting to get it straight. It's easier to go to a natural placement of your choosing from a snapped object than it is to go from a straight placement from a slightly off object. Keep a standard across the board when it comes to building. I should be able to place a board that comes into the world at a 45 degree angle, that way i can use the hot keys to flip it and maintain a straight line. Horse behavior- Maybe if there was an option to tie a horse to an object and have it sit still? Maybe add in saddles and harnesses? Rigging a horse to a tree or the beam of a building or ship should be a thing. Arrows/Spears- There should be a way of retrieving arrows if you want, and also the ability to throw a spear and also retrieve it, this is of course optional....if you can't find the arrow or you don't care then don't bother, but have the option please. You could put a timer on these so they don't stay in the world or have a cap on how many do. Build Mode- There should be a specific build mode, much like when you press V for free placement you could go into build mode any time without necessarily carrying an object that can be placed on the grid, while in this mode everything is editable and removable so you wouldn't have to worry about hardened materials. Potential weapons/Objects/Animals/Fishing- How about a harpoon Gun and/or the ability to use the spear under water? Fishing Net, Cranes, Scaffolding, Smaller railing for ships, railing at an angle for stair cases. Make the oceans diverse with life, as big as whales, as small as sardines and shrimp. Maybe fishing could be an interesting sub game? Keep track of fish you catch, what species they are, how much they weighed? Physically show fish in the ocean, in schools, at different levels and as varied and diverse as you can. Ships- It would be great if you could make ships hollow and give them cargo holds that we can either build ourselves or allow us to get below decks and set up rooms and customize as much as possible. Cannon ports, port holes, round windows, statues to decorate the bow of the ship, etc. Allow us to paint the ships and other things if we want?
  9. I tamed a horse with food. I right-clicked to mount it. I pressed W and S. The horse moves in place. Unable to unstuck. Please help. Attaching logs and save game. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt savegame.zip
  10. So, it seems that a tamed and named horse, is a dangerous predator, that you cannot sleep around! Trivial bug really - if you have your horse too close to your house / bed, it will give an error message saying that it's not safe to sleep. Upon moving your horse a small distance away from your house, sleeping works fine. Bring your horse back, dangerous again!
  11. I don''t know if it's intentional feature or unexpected feature a.k.a bug, my horse constantly following me anywhere I go even though I'm not calling the horse. I also attach the pictures, sorry can't provide video with my potato machine. update: upload the logs, incase you need it output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt I know you really love me horse, I love you too. But please stay back or I'll unintentionally transform you to roasted meat
  12. Every time after riding a horse, the controls seem to get stuck in that mode. I can only turn with the keys and only freelook while holding left ALT
  13. Hello guys, sorry i couldn't expain the issue better in the title, here is a decription of what happend: Everything started after i was in my ship with my horse and i got stuck (probably because of land underneath me, or because of the horse hitting the ship as this guy said here). I left the wheel and tried to see what's happening, some sharks were attacking the boat (with the jittery animation) i tried to use the wheel again to unstuck the ship but i noticed that as the ship was moving the horse was "floating" above the deck and moving to the opposite direction of the ship, like it wasn't attached to the ground anymore (before that happend i was traveling with the horse standing on the ship without this issue), when i moved my ship enough the horse was floating in the air above the water, i went back to "pick it up", i mounted it and moved a bit but i couldn't use the ship anymore because the horse would always be "floating" and moving outside of it. I tried to mount it again and i fell into the water with the horse, then i insta died from the sharks (5-6 of them). I made a raft and went there to rescue my items but when i clicked release control the raft controls were stuck on the left of the screen and i couldn't see my hotbar. Shark killed me, built a new raft, grinded for new armor and items but the same happend again, as soon as i reached the area and released the raft controls. Built a new raft and this time i went to main menu and back to the game, now i could use my inventory items i tried to kill the shark and then i jumped to find my items, new shark appears, instadead. New raft, new gear, back to the same area, main menu and back to the game and this time i used the ladder to go up to the ship i used the wheel and the controls bug happend again i couldnt release the ship. Back to main menu, back to the game and i tried to sleep, i was hungry i tried to eat but only the eat animation happend, i opened the inventory and i had less berries in there than the hotbar. I tried to open a whicker basket but only the sound of it was happening, i couldn't open it, i couldn't eat, i couldn't sleep, i couldn't use the wheel. Closing the game completely and coming back everything is the same and if i use the wheel the controls keep getting stuck and need the main menu and back to be able to release them but everything else is now always stuck (eating, using the baskets etc) and i can't do anything. Is there any hope to fix the save file or its doomed and i have to start over? Here is a 4 minute video i recorded to show you what is happening: https://youtu.be/YpKFpQIefVg Down below are the output files, dxdiag and screenshot with the horse issue that i think caused this bug. In the first screenshot the horse is "left behind" floating in the air as you can see in the second screenshot that i "picked it up" by moving the boat to where it was. The next screenshot shows the stuck controls on the raft and the last one the food issue with the unmatching numbers between the hotbar and the inventory. The output files are from the last time i closed the game to try everything again and record the video, if you want the previous output files from the previous time i closed the game i have kept those as well.
  14. Upon dismounting a tamed horse, while in third person view, my camera movement changes and sort of locks up, only allowing me to look up or down. Pressing A or D also spins my character in place, if I'm standing still, rather than moving my character left or right. I've asked my friend, and he doesn't seem to be having this issue with horses. After experimenting a bit, I discovered that switching to first person and back to third fixes this issue. However this camera behavior change always happens when I dismount my horse.
  15. Hi guys! I can't seem to hold anything or change what is in my hands while riding a horse anymore. Was this an intended feature? I miss shooting my bow while on horse back!
  16. As I've said before, absolutely loving this game. I do want to mention at least 3 bugs; The horse bucking (which is hilarious) sort of gives a lasting epileptic seizure ^^ Kinda funny but distracting lol. Another bug is when you use the sleeping mat, sometimes your character decides that it's not time to wake up yet and will go instantly back to sleep. I absolutely love the way the mats work though! Last bug (off the top of my head) is that things put into the hotbar (tools etc) seem to get bumped by objects you pick up; most notably if you're holding something. And lastly not sure if this is a bug; but rocks on top of the ground are difficult to target with the pick; only seem to be able to remove them with an axe. One question I have; can blocks/buildings be dismantled (where you can reuse the blocks or have some sort of supply return)? Couple suggestions; a checkbox in the crafting menu where you can display all recipes (the ones unlocked so far) or the ones you have materials in your bag to craft with. Another suggestion is larger storage items; you can end up filling 2-3 barrels with just wood byproducts (lol just an example). Lastly; an autosort of the inventory would be nice. Loving this game, I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with!