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Found 5 results

  1. i just wanna ask if is possible to make all objects re-pickable at any moment? and can we respawn in the last bed where we slept? instead of the first island...
  2. So, it seems that a tamed and named horse, is a dangerous predator, that you cannot sleep around! Trivial bug really - if you have your horse too close to your house / bed, it will give an error message saying that it's not safe to sleep. Upon moving your horse a small distance away from your house, sleeping works fine. Bring your horse back, dangerous again!
  3. MisterPoop

    [BUG] Died in the void

    Hi i want to submit a bug that happened to me. So i was in a island and found a house. It was night time and in that house was a bed. I was with my propeler pack mounted. Lay down in the bed. Fast forward to day time. When i pressed space to get up the character went throught the earth and i think i hit the ground in a cave. Lost everything I have respawn and im on top of the house. Is it possible for you to recover my items if i gave you the savegame ? 3.zip
  4. Every time I sleep in a bed, both out in the open and in an enclosed area, a mutant leopard/jaguar will spawn and kill me before I can get out of the bed. Is this supposed to happen? Is there a specific area to place a bed, without these spawning?
  5. Jeania

    "The Non-Bed"

    One of the wooden beds in crafting seems to have a bit of an issue. I made a 2nd tier on my ship, put a darling wooden bed there... and.. I can't lay on it, and I can't destroy it. I can destroy the floors and railings around it, but that bed won't let me do nothing to it. I manage with the eyesore on my beautiful ship, but...thought I'd pass that on lol