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Found 5 results

  1. Every time I sleep in a bed, both out in the open and in an enclosed area, a mutant leopard/jaguar will spawn and kill me before I can get out of the bed. Is this supposed to happen? Is there a specific area to place a bed, without these spawning?
  2. KingWingit


    I know I'm starting a new sleep topic while one is the most recent post, but I don't agree with everything stated in that post and wanted to draw particular attention to what I feel are real issues with the new sleep mechanic. My grievances, in order of most bothersome to least, are as follows: ~Time does not pass while sleeping: -You can't sleep bad weather away anymore. This is a terrible terrible thing. The weather system is awesome in this game, but being marooned by it is awful. -Crafting workstation queues do not progress. Minor thing, but a side effect of time not passing and a change from 0.6 ~Predefined wake times: When going to sleep I'm asked to choose when I want to wake up, but I'm not told what time it currently is. This is a large oversight in my opinion. It is quite easy to lose track of time, particularly in inclement weather (which you can't sleep away!). Also, why would you choose anything other than morning if sleeping isn't going to do anything other than move the sun(and make you hungry)? What would be the point of sleeping until Noon if the weather will be the same and crafting stations will be exactly where they were? ~Sleeping takes longer than before. This actually ties into (and can be exacerbated by) the second point above as well. The actual moving of the sun/moon along the 'sleep dial' is slower than it used to be. If you've lost track of time and try to sleep at say, 10am, and choose morning, you're in for a long slumber with no way to abort. I'm trying to be objective and not react negatively to change just because it's change, but while most of the other changes in 0.7 are good and a couple just need me to 'relearn' how things work, I can't find any benefit to this new sleep system from a single player perspective. Sure, it solves a MP problem, but it dumbed down the mechanic to do it. Maybe this is one of those rare issues that requires a bit of divergence between SP and MP?
  3. Joining multiplayer and really I don't want to sleep at night. Am I offending people if I don't sleep when the sleep popup shows?
  4. Thomas Johnson

    Sleeping in Multiplayer

    It would be great if no one else is on the server you could use a bed to sleep in to skip the night. If multiple people are on a server and they all agreed to sleep at the same time it would also work to allow them to skip the night. Thanks!
  5. WashedByBlood

    Beards and Mulitplayer Sleeping

    I'm loving the game and cannot wait to see where it goes. I think it's an instant classic for me. A few suggestions. Beards! As a man with facial foliage I was a bit bummed to see there are no large beards yet. I would love to see some big, bushy, Tom Hanks from castaway style beards for the male faces. It would also be nice to be able to change the head hair and face hair independently. Secondly, are there any plans to add sleeping to multiplayer? It's unfortunate to have to wait out the nights. Would it be possible to implement a system in which, if all players were in beds, the host could initiate sleeping and allow time to pass for all parties? Love all the hard work going into this game, keep up the fine work!