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  1. Thomas Johnson

    Sleeping in Multiplayer

    Fair enough, I see your point. I guess for me it's a bit more of a hassle since I primarily just build and doing so at night isn't as easy even with mining helmet. SO maybe a good compromise would be a switch when setting up the server so the game host can decide?
  2. Thomas Johnson

    Sleeping in Multiplayer

    Sounds like you solved your own problem with it. If you don't like skipping the night, don't sleep. If everyone on the server is tired of night, they will agree to sleep, if not, you tough out the night. I'd be completely cool with that.
  3. Thomas Johnson

    Sleeping in Multiplayer

    It was in Minecraft, and very handy. Would love to see it here too.
  4. Thomas Johnson

    Sleeping in Multiplayer

    It would be great if no one else is on the server you could use a bed to sleep in to skip the night. If multiple people are on a server and they all agreed to sleep at the same time it would also work to allow them to skip the night. Thanks!
  5. Thomas Johnson

    Velocifer's Workshop

    OK, so how are you guys placing the tall sails above the deck? There seems to be a build height that won't allow me to do that. Are you just making these in the editor? Thanks!