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Found 7 results

  1. Delight12

    Game Continue

    Brand new player here. I died to a creature and every time I click the continue button it instantly kills me again. Is there no way to continue without making a new game/player? Next irl day same problem. You would think the creature would have wandered away after I died instead of it camping my body. Please allow us to "continue" by re-spawning in another location.
  2. i just wanna ask if is possible to make all objects re-pickable at any moment? and can we respawn in the last bed where we slept? instead of the first island...
  3. There's a lot of talk about respawning at beds but Bohemia thinks this might make the game too easy....which could very well be true. What if instead you have an option that allows friends to revive you? Why not have a downed state in multiplayer that runs out and then you completely die? If grouping will be an official thing later down the road, this could be a benefit of grouping with other people. I also think maybe map data could be shared with group members, another benefit.
  4. Every time i die, I have one of two options.. "main menu" or "new game".. I don't respawn in the the world with nothing on starting island with the ability to retrieve my old body like in previous versions. Instead when I try to continue, I simply load the save point of my death. Please advise!
  5. h2stipandav


    Hey, output_log.txt After playing Exploration for some days now I've had some struggle and I have some suggestions : 1) Finding any copper. There's none on my home yland, neither on the other two I've visited. The other two were mountainous and I couldn't find any ore on them. Also I have found no ore in caves. Many dirt, sand veins look like they might be copper and I've wasted a couple of pickaxes on testing them. Shouldn't the ores be a little more common (+smaller) and could someone show me a screenshot of copper ore please, as google has never herd of "ylands copper". Dirt: Sand: 2) I placed my large ship in too shallow water. Spent hours digging water below ship deep enough and encountered several crashes.(spade) Also nearby shallow visual water filled the canal I had created, but physically the water never left. I could drive my little boat on the "sand", also herd splashy sounds, when walking in/on it. h2stipandav crashes.zip 3) Each time I die on another yland my boat is left there forever. There might be a way of changing your respawn location or yes, I can get my boat back with a raft. 4) "Stone chunks" stack up to 100, as regular/smaller "stone" stacks to 20 and many other stacking imbalances? 5) Had trouble placing a "Clay urn" and couldn't enter the container? Finally I got it placed in "v" mode. But is it not meant to be accessed? 6) Waking up from bed. Don't know if intended, but waking up from bed needs in addition to a mouse click pressing any of the movement key (sometimes multiple?) (WASD). Otherwise, character goes back to sleep. 7) Dropped wind indicators on my anchored ship, but they stayed floating in air (not even falling down after i sailed away.) On second though I should have placed them in "v" mode i guess. (lacking information on this, and currently my only ship is @ another yland.) Bonus: Visited the Tutorial yland and felt totally lost the whole time. A little more paths and signs maybe? (Where to after cave? Where to after lions? Up to that bridge? Seaside red flag is really poorly seen) Got it done, although it could have been more spontaneous and educational.. I get the idea of "find everything out yourself", but some stuff is just too hidden for random players like me, as there is nearly 0 public guides for this game? For example; I have no clue, how to make something to write with?
  6. Hi folks, im playing Ylands for couple of hours and game looks great, but have some issues: 1. when i died, i cant respawn. i have to go to main menu and then respawn, but whole my world is wiped and im starting from zero. 2. i was digging about 3 hours, but didnt find single piece of iron ore 3. maybe its not in game, but i didnt figure out, how to create a chest for storage items 4. what is difference between fishing pole and fishing pole with lure? 5. why knife is broken after cca 10 uses and other tools are infinite?
  7. Could be possible to add "respawn" button to the death screen or some tip which inform player about respawn in Main menu. When I played Ylands first time and died I tried every button on keyboard to respawn until I manage that respwan is in main menu. It's little bit annoying to go through / Esc - Main menu - Respawn... at the same land. Also can be intresting to see some game statistics about my live on the "Ysland" and share it on social networks. That statistic could be displayed also after death. Thanks and Happy Ylanding