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Found 9 results

  1. Custom survival yland was started as tutorial map. I wasn't able to reproduce it second time, but roughly these are the steps I made before: started the gamedeleted all previous ylands (including tutorials)selected survival mode, setup the new yland mapwas spawned in a water and all the tutorial stuff was generated around even if the terrain was randomly generated
  2. OK let s go for a second Tutorial. It all starts in the Editor. You HAVE to GET this prompt message to be SURE your export was SUCCESSFUL Now you can go to the Workshop. IF your export was SUCESSFUL, you will find your file in \Steam\userdata\38650086\298610\remote\Share\Compositions ATTENTION: YOUR numbers can be DIFFERENT, make SURE to CHECK THEM ALL !!! all that counts is for you to find files with the .ycp extention (in this example: BASICSHIP.ycp) Hope that helps, enjoy and have fun =) Do not hesitate to give a little thanks, like, up if you found this useful.
  3. In the editor Have Fun =) Do not hesitate to give a little thanks, like, up if you found this useful.
  4. Hi, I just bought the game after reading the email about the new 750% fps optimization, and went straight to the tutorial. However the tutorial does not end after picking up the free pet. That's it really. Nothing more to add. It's not a great introduction to a new franchise really. And does not fill me with cofidence for the actual game :-) There are a host of other issues with the tutorial, with the instruction text not advancing..
  5. Starbuck-29aaf4b75abfb9c1

    Cannot finish/leave tutorial

    Hello there, I've just started playing Ylands again after quite some time and it offered me the new, official tutorial. I played it, I got that nifty parrot... and get stuck. I cannot leave the tutorial unless I just exit it. When I do that, I lose the parrot and start with a blank char. I've looked at some Youtube videos, and they all seem to have a pink portal at the end of the tutorial to leave it with - I don't have anything like a portal. What to do? I'd really like that parrot... Starbuck
  6. First off hello ^.^ This guide/tut. will be about how to find/how to know where to find neighbouring ylands. TLDR: The birds that fly really really high up are not actually birds. all they do is fly from 1 yland to another and back again FOREVER! So just follow them to find ylands really easy. So you've got your ship, map and all your gear and you're ready to set sail to explore the other ylands. In hopes for treasure perhaps, or maybe you just want new plants to look at and take back home with you, whatever you're plan is there's 1 problem, you can't seem to see any ylands on the horizon so how do you know where to go? most people would simply think "oh i'll just sail in 1 direction until i find land that'll surely work". well you may be right that "could" work but there is a much more reliable way to find ylands, and its really easy too. First off. Look up! and around a little chances are you will spot high flying birds. (standing on a mountain peak might help too) now these birds are different from the other ones you might spot like seagulls or vultures. these birds are really really high up and they seem to only ever flying in a straight line. once you spot 1 or more of these you might notice if you follow it with your eyes once it gets to the centre point of your yland it immediately makes a 180 and flys away. but what you might not have known (unless you watched it for a while) is it will make an immediate 180 again once it has reached the centre point of a neighbouring yland, and fly right back again (it will do this for ever so you don't have to keep watching it) alright cool we found our guidance bird now for the next step. Follow it! . . . Thats it. these birds will lead you directly to another yland and once you find a neighbouring yland repeat this process to find ylands that link to your newly found yland and so on. Some ylands have multiple guidance birds flying in all sorts of directions (i call these hub ylands, as they can have up to 3 or 4 ylands close by)
  7. I listed them in order of prioritization and importance. 1. Hints / Tutorials / Tips. (Not to many, as finding things out on your own is half the fun.) -How to find Ylands. So someone doesn't sail in open ocean for hours wondering if they are unlucky or just sailing into nothingness. -Key crafting Items tab needs to be pointed out. 2.Crafting Menu. Adding a tab for most recently gained recipes would be extremely helpful. 3.More Clay deposits. 4. Ships. Add a Cargo hold to the large ship. Add a life raft or boat that you can craft and place on the ship. So you can sail to shore. 5. Add a rope that you can climb up or down. 6. Abandoned towns with loot and such. 7. Boss monsters in caves. I haven't fully explored a cave yet, so not sure if there is any, but if not there should be. 8. NPCs
  8. Jared Diamond

    Crafting System

    When I initially started up Ylands I felt as if I was extremely limited by the crafting system. With time I managed to get used to the system but it still confuses me from time-to-time. When you click an item you cant craft there may be an item you havent seen before. On the left side of your screen you see the necessary resources to craft the item. I think it'd be a great idea if you could click on the item and it would lead you to it's recipe. As an example: Making glass. You click on raw glass and the game brings you to the same interface you get when you open a Glass Forming Stand. I fail to see how this would take out any survivability of the game, and therefore think that it would only make gameplay more pleasing.
  9. h2stipandav


    Hey, output_log.txt After playing Exploration for some days now I've had some struggle and I have some suggestions : 1) Finding any copper. There's none on my home yland, neither on the other two I've visited. The other two were mountainous and I couldn't find any ore on them. Also I have found no ore in caves. Many dirt, sand veins look like they might be copper and I've wasted a couple of pickaxes on testing them. Shouldn't the ores be a little more common (+smaller) and could someone show me a screenshot of copper ore please, as google has never herd of "ylands copper". Dirt: Sand: 2) I placed my large ship in too shallow water. Spent hours digging water below ship deep enough and encountered several crashes.(spade) Also nearby shallow visual water filled the canal I had created, but physically the water never left. I could drive my little boat on the "sand", also herd splashy sounds, when walking in/on it. h2stipandav crashes.zip 3) Each time I die on another yland my boat is left there forever. There might be a way of changing your respawn location or yes, I can get my boat back with a raft. 4) "Stone chunks" stack up to 100, as regular/smaller "stone" stacks to 20 and many other stacking imbalances? 5) Had trouble placing a "Clay urn" and couldn't enter the container? Finally I got it placed in "v" mode. But is it not meant to be accessed? 6) Waking up from bed. Don't know if intended, but waking up from bed needs in addition to a mouse click pressing any of the movement key (sometimes multiple?) (WASD). Otherwise, character goes back to sleep. 7) Dropped wind indicators on my anchored ship, but they stayed floating in air (not even falling down after i sailed away.) On second though I should have placed them in "v" mode i guess. (lacking information on this, and currently my only ship is @ another yland.) Bonus: Visited the Tutorial yland and felt totally lost the whole time. A little more paths and signs maybe? (Where to after cave? Where to after lions? Up to that bridge? Seaside red flag is really poorly seen) Got it done, although it could have been more spontaneous and educational.. I get the idea of "find everything out yourself", but some stuff is just too hidden for random players like me, as there is nearly 0 public guides for this game? For example; I have no clue, how to make something to write with?