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  1. Froggy5

    "Energy helmet"

    fan of this but even just a keybind that toggles visibility of wiring on/off. or just have wiring only visible with energy linker in hand. i believe this is how some other games work. and im a big fan of it ^.^
  2. Froggy5

    CANT REPRODUCE [YLD-8122] Rag-Doll Ship Body

    Glad i could help ^.^ i reloaded the save and it worked for me just free placing items too. i still have no idea what the cause is (i do know there is a bugg with building in Firstperson on ships not sure if this is related or not.) but at least its not corrupting saves or anything lol.
  3. Froggy5

    CANT REPRODUCE [YLD-8122] Rag-Doll Ship Body

    EDIT: This turns out to be a fix for several people so give it a shot (I have also tried just free placing too) READ BELOW vvv) Hey everyone i just experienced this issue and a fix for it (for me atleast) was to just place any object (like a log) one that you can place on grid then pick it back up and you should be fine. unsure what the cause is as i have only ever come across this about 5 mins ago. (was looking for ship creations and saw this image, followed the link and here i am posting ^.^) one thing I found out about this is if you have the anchor down the ships height will keep changing (either float or sink) but if you raise the anchor it will regain is buoyancy and return to its correct height.
  4. Froggy5

    How to find ylands (guide/tut.)

    Nice vid Gracekain. pretty much covers what i was saying. but also a good thing for people to note (like in my previous post) not all birds you see are flying to your current yland. the birds you mention that are phasing in, in the distance are what i talked about in my previous post with the coloured circles. @ around 1:05 you see a seagull a low altitude. this is a great shot to show which birds you should follow. Thanks again for the input ^.^ side note i'm not 100% you can even kill the navigational birds (i tried on an old patch but haven't in the current version.) they also changed how the birds turn around, now they seem to bank and turn 180 before returning but in an older version they use to just instantly spin 180 on the spot.
  5. Froggy5

    How to find ylands (guide/tut.)

    Thought i would add this which shows 2 birds meeting at my yland's center before banking 180 and returning their flight (this peak is the centre point of my yland
  6. Froggy5

    How to find ylands (guide/tut.)

    Nice find. i've never found this notice as i always follow direct routes ^.^
  7. Froggy5

    How to find ylands (guide/tut.)

    This is why its best to scout for birds BEFORE setting sail. as you can see these birds are going in various directions. standing on top of my main yland's highest peak i immediately spotted a few. attached here is the birds i saw: as well as a screen shot of the map. i coloured (yes it has a "u" because i'm Aussie :P) the circles so i could explain what is happening. ORANGE: The bird that links my yland to the other. YELLOW: The bird that links this yland to the other located almost directly north GREEN/PURPLE: Birds that link it to currently un-discovered ylands. (i would have to go to the SE yland to work out their direct locations ^.^ so by simple observing these birds before setting sail i am able to determine which bird to follow (ORANGE) as the other 3 would force me to change direction and lead me to ylands that are farther away. i hope this explains what i'm trying to say ^.^ EDIT: Just noticed you cant actually see the yellow or purple (i swear they were there when i took the shot/edited it ^.^)
  8. Froggy5

    How to find ylands (guide/tut.)

    I'm at work right now i will post some images (if i can work out where to host them) when i get home, on what they look like and a comparison to the vultures and seagulls. does my head in watching players sail aimlessly without understanding how the birds path. lol ^.^ yeah luck of the draw my starting yland has atleast 3 that i've noticed. ive only sailed to the desert yland though because my main yland has almost every plant. will be sailing off to see if i can find a cold biome for some conifers. (maybe just in time for Christmas haha)
  9. First off hello ^.^ This guide/tut. will be about how to find/how to know where to find neighbouring ylands. TLDR: The birds that fly really really high up are not actually birds. all they do is fly from 1 yland to another and back again FOREVER! So just follow them to find ylands really easy. So you've got your ship, map and all your gear and you're ready to set sail to explore the other ylands. In hopes for treasure perhaps, or maybe you just want new plants to look at and take back home with you, whatever you're plan is there's 1 problem, you can't seem to see any ylands on the horizon so how do you know where to go? most people would simply think "oh i'll just sail in 1 direction until i find land that'll surely work". well you may be right that "could" work but there is a much more reliable way to find ylands, and its really easy too. First off. Look up! and around a little chances are you will spot high flying birds. (standing on a mountain peak might help too) now these birds are different from the other ones you might spot like seagulls or vultures. these birds are really really high up and they seem to only ever flying in a straight line. once you spot 1 or more of these you might notice if you follow it with your eyes once it gets to the centre point of your yland it immediately makes a 180 and flys away. but what you might not have known (unless you watched it for a while) is it will make an immediate 180 again once it has reached the centre point of a neighbouring yland, and fly right back again (it will do this for ever so you don't have to keep watching it) alright cool we found our guidance bird now for the next step. Follow it! . . . Thats it. these birds will lead you directly to another yland and once you find a neighbouring yland repeat this process to find ylands that link to your newly found yland and so on. Some ylands have multiple guidance birds flying in all sorts of directions (i call these hub ylands, as they can have up to 3 or 4 ylands close by)
  10. Froggy5

    Duplicate Character in singleplayer

    Thanks GK that worked great. Love your series BTW ^.^
  11. So I have recently been able to link my steam copy to my Bohemia account. however upon logging into the game i spawned right next to my old character. i was able to kill him to get my stuff back but now his corpse is blocking me from building the rest of my house i really don't want to start again (and as far as i know there is no way for me to login to that "account" anymore)
  12. Froggy5

    link steam account

    Didn't know if I should make a new thread so i'll post it here I Created a Bohemia account a few weeks back (when i first found this game). i was so excited to buy it on steam that i forgot to link this account with my steam account. i only just realised that it has already created a new account for my steam so when i just tried to link the 2 together it gives me the error "This steam account is already linked to another Bohemia account" but I've only made 1 account so i'm not sure what my new account is or if there is a way i can just merge it with this *Main* account i want to use. EDIT!: Its ok i just realised there is a "link account" option in the ingame options on the main menu ingame. i believe all is well now ^.^ ill leave this here incase anyone needs