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  1. Edhelthil

    DEV ANSWER Custom yland mixed with tutorial

    I just remembered, that the mixed yland was then listed under the tutorial scenarios. Maybe it may help you too.
  2. Edhelthil

    DEV ANSWER Custom yland mixed with tutorial

    As I written before I run the game (after week or two), deleted all previously played ylands and then stated a new custom yland. I didn't play tutorial in the playing session.
  3. Custom survival yland was started as tutorial map. I wasn't able to reproduce it second time, but roughly these are the steps I made before: started the gamedeleted all previous ylands (including tutorials)selected survival mode, setup the new yland mapwas spawned in a water and all the tutorial stuff was generated around even if the terrain was randomly generated
  4. Edhelthil

    Character dissapears

    Character disappeared while playing the game (connected to another player's yland) and camera couldn't be controlled (before I was trying to craft something and I think that it didn't show up in the inventory as it should). Pressing escape button didn't show in-game menu, but when the game's window lost and gains focus again, menu appears and is controllable. Output log attached. output_log.rar
  5. The game becomes stuck in infinitive loading screen, when trying to continue the Learn yland. This happens only with one specific Learn yland save. Note: The yland was originally created by another player, my character joined the game and was killed by falling down. After trying to quit to the main menu, the game was stuck on "saving" message and I was forced to close it. I ran the game again, pressed respawn and killed myself by falling down again. Since then, every attempt to load this specific yland fails. output_log.rar