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Found 7 results

  1. Hello there, a friend of mine has started having an issue while trying to connect on my server while other players had and still have no problem at all. Everything was fine, we've been playing together until 1am last night(09/12/2017 GMT+1), then she wanted to log in to the game and she got stuck on "Recalling buildings" at 100%. We tried to wait for about 10 minutes and yet nothing. We were trying this continuosly all the day and it's absolutely the same. She tried to verify the files, reinstall the game, back to the backup of OS, install the game again then and still nothing. We're looking forward to your response. Thank you! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. On Twitter I was asked to create a new tread for this error, so here it is. ;D When I start the game everything is okay, until i want to load a map(the tutorial in my case). Then is just stops working. No error text field and nothing. Only the windows "stopped working" window.
  3. The game becomes stuck in infinitive loading screen, when trying to continue the Learn yland. This happens only with one specific Learn yland save. Note: The yland was originally created by another player, my character joined the game and was killed by falling down. After trying to quit to the main menu, the game was stuck on "saving" message and I was forced to close it. I ran the game again, pressed respawn and killed myself by falling down again. Since then, every attempt to load this specific yland fails. output_log.rar
  4. Hi All, I hope you guys are doing fine. My problem is, ........................Im using iron armor, and wanted to equip guardian armor. When right click at any armor to equip, the screen will freeze and took a while to load. Is this normal or my pc? Thanks
  5. My sister is hosting the server, I am the client. We have both had issues getting stuck inside the ship when we somehow walk into it the wrong way. She was able to quit out and move the ship in the editor for her own character and once the ship was moved she was unstuck. My character got stuck in the ship and she can't find my body in the editor, so not sure if moving the ship this time will help or not. Being stuck in the ship appears to prevent my game from loading as well, unless that's something else that is totally unrelated. Update: After she tried moving the ship in the editor (though she still can't find my body), I was able to load in, but it demanded that I make a new character - and when I did so it did the "frozen at the character creation black screen" thing. So...not sure how to get into game now... ::sigh:: ...After, like, 30 hours of game play. I think there needs to be an "unstuck" command or something that we can somehow issue to the game to get ourselves out of these terrain glitches and such. Probably not an easy thing, by any means, to implement - but if it's doable, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated by the community. Another ship-related issue I keep having, as the client, is that every time I walk away from our ship to explore something and come back, it is just a dark black, seemingly un-rendered hull with no sails or ladders or any chests or anything built on it any more. The host, my sister, says it still renders for her and works okay, but it is just an empty black hull for me almost every time I walk away from it and return - so i can't access anything on the ship or even get on the ship itself, I just get stuck in it. ::shrug:: Not sure why that is. Attached are my own output_log and output_log_clean - not sure if those are helpful or if you have to have the host's logs. Thank you! output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  6. Hello! I have been experiencing this problem since the Steam launch where I get stuck on the loading screen on specific Explore servers. Sometimes the revolving loading bar at the bottom of the screen appears, but quickly disappears leaving only the flavor text at the top of the screen cycling continuously. No amount of time spent on this screen seems to have any progress in regards to actually getting onto the server. This has happened to me quite a few times, and on different official servers as well. I have attached my most recent output logs in hopes that it could be of help in resolving this issue. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. So I made a grand journey to reclaim my stuff from the jaws of a mighty shark and once I achieved this, I hopped back on my boat. Feeling as if I should call it a day, I quit to main menu while I was sailing. My character was still manning the helm as I quit. The save screen is now stuck and is spinning perpetually. Help? EDIT: I forced quit and reloaded the game and my save appears to be intact. I guess you don't want to do anything while on the boat other than sail.