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  1. So when building underwater and looking up, a plethora of image artifacts pop up and glitch all around the screen.
  2. Staavre

    Saves linked to account

    So I really enjoy Ylands, and I normally play on my computer that me and my brother share. But I can't always be hogging the computer so sometimes I'll play on my laptop. ( Doesn't run too well on it, but I'll do basic farming or building) Is it possible for you guys to make it so our savegames are available on "the cloud" so that we can play our favorite ylands on any computer?
  3. So I've finally created a yland I really like and I've been dumping some serious time into it. I got a sweet house, dope armor, and a killer pirate ship. But I feel at this point I've spelunked every cave and have randomly dug a bunch of mineshafts, but can't find any ylandium. Where am I suppose to be looking?
  4. Staavre

    RESOLVED Item stuck at inventorys border

    I've also experienced this. It's a strange bug, no?
  5. So I made a grand journey to reclaim my stuff from the jaws of a mighty shark and once I achieved this, I hopped back on my boat. Feeling as if I should call it a day, I quit to main menu while I was sailing. My character was still manning the helm as I quit. The save screen is now stuck and is spinning perpetually. Help? EDIT: I forced quit and reloaded the game and my save appears to be intact. I guess you don't want to do anything while on the boat other than sail.