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  1. UPDATE: We came up with a theory, we managed to do the rollback to the save from last night, when we didn't have the Guardian armor set and didn't try to play with Tesla Coils on the generated flying platforms. On the attached screenshot, in the blue circle is our base where everything is normal but in the red one, that's the position where she logged out. We think that is where something happened to the chunk. On the rollbacked save she is still alive but when we tried to fly there, strange things happened like the other players were stuck in loading while downloading the server data or the inventory was completely frozen (we could not move the items, wear the armor, or when we tried to eat, the amount was not decreasing), but we could move, fly etc. We also tried to do the /killme command, went back, for a minute (or less) everything was fine but everything stopped working again, no one could log in etc. + we attach the save, just in case JMC_PRŮZKU_MK2.rar
  2. Hello there, a friend of mine has started having an issue while trying to connect on my server while other players had and still have no problem at all. Everything was fine, we've been playing together until 1am last night(09/12/2017 GMT+1), then she wanted to log in to the game and she got stuck on "Recalling buildings" at 100%. We tried to wait for about 10 minutes and yet nothing. We were trying this continuosly all the day and it's absolutely the same. She tried to verify the files, reinstall the game, back to the backup of OS, install the game again then and still nothing. We're looking forward to your response. Thank you! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Dobrý den pánové a dámy z Bohemia Interactive. Četl jsem na Steamu že žádáte lidi o Log files ze hry,tak pokud Vám to pomůže tak milerád je vám pošlu. Jsem fanoušek tohoto vašeho nového počinu s názvem YLands. Berte kritiku s rezervou,něklteří totiž nechápou co to Early access znamená. Přeji mnoho zdaru do budoucna ;-) output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt