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Found 3 results

  1. So I'm still just getting started with the game, and I've noticed how tedious it is to replant and harvest flax and similar plants. This got me thinking: what if the flower pots, instead of just being a cosmetic placement item, were a container where you could place seeds to grow these sorts of plants. It could have 1-3 slots and just choose a random seed to grow each time there is a spot available to grow the plant, with spaces for growing planted spread out across the planter based on its size. I know you can just plant a ton of things on top of each other but that looks terrible. It would be cool to be able to pop a stack of seeds into a planter and harvest them occasionally. It would also be possible to expand it so there are different planter sizes with different amounts of slots for seeds that can hold different types of seeds, things like that.
  2. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Suggestion: Improved World Ore Generation

    Request: Consider revamping ore generation algorithms to allow the following: 1) Generation of ores in and around cave systems. and less occurrence of surface ores (approx 20-40% less than currently observed). Encourages more cave exploration - more risk/reward Smaller surface veins of ores - larger veins underground! Small samples of ores on ground (more than just flint - allow for occasional iron/copper/gold ores - perhaps near (above) seams generated underneath the surface to hint miners where to mine). 2) More concentrations of minerals in certain areas: flint near hills/mountains clay near water gold/copper/iron underground and around/in mountains and hills shape deposits in characteristic ways to be unique to each mineral/ore (coal in horizontal seams, gold in vertical, flint in round patches, etc.) 3) More Ylandium deposits! I've yet to find one crystal in two maps! need more mutated creatures or more dust drops from each one slain. crystals need to spawn at higher levels than currently seen (by others - not me). higher dust yields from processing crystals. 4) World Generation Options: Allow for specific concentrations of Iron/Copper/Quartz/Ylandium at world creation.
  3. Jared Diamond

    Crafting System

    When I initially started up Ylands I felt as if I was extremely limited by the crafting system. With time I managed to get used to the system but it still confuses me from time-to-time. When you click an item you cant craft there may be an item you havent seen before. On the left side of your screen you see the necessary resources to craft the item. I think it'd be a great idea if you could click on the item and it would lead you to it's recipe. As an example: Making glass. You click on raw glass and the game brings you to the same interface you get when you open a Glass Forming Stand. I fail to see how this would take out any survivability of the game, and therefore think that it would only make gameplay more pleasing.