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Found 6 results

  1. proGURU

    New mining idea

    We know the metal ores are on the surface. But can we make it like 'non continuous' on the deeper aspect but abundant in quantity and we need like a metal detector to find ores? That way we can build tunnels and mining stations with incentive being large quantity of ores?
  2. Hi, After many hours of play (70 or so), I have mines here and there and most of these contain materials levitating in the air - I canno't collect it, I cannot destroy it, however I can hit it with an axe or hammer. Today I was enlighted: It always happens when my inventory is full. It looks like this: I'm mining salpeter, for example, because Ylands to not fill slots to round 100 (in theory it does, but if your slot is 98 full and digged out ore chunk is more than 2, Ylands is trying to fill a new slot), so I usually have slots with ores like this: 99, 98, 99, 97, 96, 100, 100 and like so. But... if all slots are full our hero is not taking more ore (if it's more than 4 in this example), but red error appeares: "FAILED" and whole ore chunk after that is ureachable, cannot be "seen" (yes, you can see it, but there is no description anymore) or destroyed. Also any new digged out ores will be not added to the pile - fortunatelly. Another, not very important, but a bit annoying bug is breasking stones/flints/chunks and all other thing when your slots are full. For example, If I have 50 chuncks of stone and I don't needed, I open the window and click "break" with left CTRL. Then all chunks are turned into a gravel. In theory it should work nicely - I have soil container and I should have free slot from destroying stone, right? Well, no... The first, empty now slot, is filled with only one gravel (not soil container) and whole rest lands on the floor... So, I have to pick every gravel separatelly, clicking 49 times... Which is a bit annoying. And yet we have another problem with Herb Bags, Containers and Seed Boxes. When I broke plans or fruits or chuncks, stones and so on, I'd think that grass will be consolidated into 100's and packed into my Herb Bags, seeds into my seed box and... well, gravel into my soil container. But, it doesn't work. It's not a big problem, but when I'm working in my... fields... :)) This is really time consuming process... But, I understand containers are new thing and you have much more, more important things to do. BTW! Please, add mushroom basket container (we've got around 20 different types of mushrooms)! And maybe Food Basket - "Forager Basket/Bag" for people starting the game and living off the woods. Usually we need so many different stuff that I can carry around only one type of food, but when I start the game I have tons of different berries, fruits, mushrooms, corn and also oysters, starfish - you name it. And... maybe tool belt? Even small one, so we could make few different ones for different purpose - exploring, mining, foresting, hunting, building... Every time I wat to do something else, I have to leave all my materials, weapons and tools and take new set of tools and materials... Weapons, materials, containers, food and equipement it enought to carry around, especially if you are exploring and you need many empty slots... Happy Ylanding! Bartosz
  3. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Suggestion: Improved World Ore Generation

    Request: Consider revamping ore generation algorithms to allow the following: 1) Generation of ores in and around cave systems. and less occurrence of surface ores (approx 20-40% less than currently observed). Encourages more cave exploration - more risk/reward Smaller surface veins of ores - larger veins underground! Small samples of ores on ground (more than just flint - allow for occasional iron/copper/gold ores - perhaps near (above) seams generated underneath the surface to hint miners where to mine). 2) More concentrations of minerals in certain areas: flint near hills/mountains clay near water gold/copper/iron underground and around/in mountains and hills shape deposits in characteristic ways to be unique to each mineral/ore (coal in horizontal seams, gold in vertical, flint in round patches, etc.) 3) More Ylandium deposits! I've yet to find one crystal in two maps! need more mutated creatures or more dust drops from each one slain. crystals need to spawn at higher levels than currently seen (by others - not me). higher dust yields from processing crystals. 4) World Generation Options: Allow for specific concentrations of Iron/Copper/Quartz/Ylandium at world creation.
  4. GroovyYlands

    Massive empty caves

    I'm on my 3rd island and all 3 cave systems have been really disappointing. I got around 75 saltpeter from one and 300 gold ore from another. Have a total of 36 ylandium haven't used it for anything yet. First cave I don't remember what I got. Found a fee camps with some junk items. These are big cave systems takes a long time to explore them all with 2 people. I've gone what seems really deep and still no ylandium crystals. Is this normal? Or did I get a bad seed? Makes caves disappointing. Also is it possible to find ore deposits randomly digging? Overall really loving the game and excited about future updates.
  5. Hi Ylanders! I have a question about finding raw materials, iron, cotton, flux, Ylandium etc. Have you managed to find (at least a small quantity) of all the different types of raw materials in each Explore map you have played? I know I am missing at least one type of ore and have found no Ylandium, I think I have visited every Yland (6 total) in my Expore map but have yet to explore every cave system... I shall keep looking but do wonder how others are getting on? Do we know if every material is available to find in each Explore map? Happy exploring!
  6. Barsian

    Iron Ore

    Hi all, i have one question. It is possible to not spawn iron ore on starting island? And what to to in this case, build a raft and try to find another island? Thanks