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Found 3 results

  1. Deadeye_Rob

    Iron Armour/weapons colouring

    Hi guys! I love to customise the colour of my character's clothes and armour. It allows me to add a personal touch to my Avatar. I especially love the Conquistador style of Iron Armour Skins. However I feel that the ability to dye/paint it is limited. The majority of Iron Armour and Bomb Disposal Armour is metallic and can't be painted. Would the Devs consider allowing these elements of the Armour to be dye-able? It would be great to have black armour! P.S on an unrelated matter, i used to love the Katana. Is there a possibility of seeing it again in future? ? Any feedback or up votes would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Barsian

    Iron Ore

    Hi all, i have one question. It is possible to not spawn iron ore on starting island? And what to to in this case, build a raft and try to find another island? Thanks
  3. Hi folks, im playing Ylands for couple of hours and game looks great, but have some issues: 1. when i died, i cant respawn. i have to go to main menu and then respawn, but whole my world is wiped and im starting from zero. 2. i was digging about 3 hours, but didnt find single piece of iron ore 3. maybe its not in game, but i didnt figure out, how to create a chest for storage items 4. what is difference between fishing pole and fishing pole with lure? 5. why knife is broken after cca 10 uses and other tools are infinite?