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  1. Captured a video noticing this bug https://youtu.be/ROuCmBRjwOg
  2. proGURU

    Sneak Peek #58

    Nice way of locating other Ylands? Are we getting them? ARE WE?
  3. This statement looks absolutely right. Even the normal doors are 6 tile high, makes sense now. But I don't know what this really means technically, though I knew how to bypass it.
  4. proGURU

    Hover effect

    Lets say we hover our pointer over an object. Can it display its stats like for a sword - max atk/dmg points or when going over the armor(not equipped) - max strength/hp ?
  5. proGURU

    New mining idea

    We know the metal ores are on the surface. But can we make it like 'non continuous' on the deeper aspect but abundant in quantity and we need like a metal detector to find ores? That way we can build tunnels and mining stations with incentive being large quantity of ores?
  6. proGURU


    Not all cancelling, but if the maker is not 'on' and we have something on crafting, can we take it back? For example, I'm making steel plates, but the foundry is not lit yet, so the timer is still at 1:00 So can we take our stuff back then?
  7. Thank you. I found some more very small bugs in game. I'll post them if it's not a problem.
  8. Here it is. Sorry for the late reply. Desktop.zip
  9. I was the only one online though. It was present all the time on that spot. Height was not a problem since he moved normally in one direction. I'll share the video for clarification. Please have a look at this. It was present in first person too. A jump would suffice to pass that spot.
  10. Built a small yacht the other day. There seems to be an invisible barrier stopping me to go only in one direction. I've tried to disassemble everything on that stop and reconstruct but it stiil seems to be there. I can cross that spot if I jump though. Video is uploaded on YouTube. If allowed I will share it in the forum.
  11. As seen in the picture, the item size and slot number are on the same side and are superimposed in the bottom most line.
  12. So my friend and I play in co op with sharegame. When we quit the game, it says 'saving in process' and 'uploading sharegame data' like below: This I can see till 85% and then this screen comes up, and can't see above that percent: But if I re-enter the same game just even 5 seconds later the game asks this: If I click 'Yes' it resumes from where I left. Even if my partner enters, nothing is wrong. But if I click 'No' it resumes from the last time I quit the game and it saved, like nothing is saved in cloud after I started playing this session. PS: Internet is really good, so no problem with uploading stuff and if a dev need anything I can help it out. Also if anybody else face same issue please free to comment below.
  13. proGURU

    Adrie's Shipyard

    Can someone add their new creation here? Need good ideas for us newbies.
  14. proGURU

    Ive seen sharks on land, but this

    Attack? Those are rabbits