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  1. Jared Diamond

    Multiplayer issues

    I remember a boat bug when the game was not released yet, some referred to it as "sea legs," this occurred when a guest on your world tried to board onto your ship. Once updated and released on steam, people no longer experienced this and life was good. Unfortunately, my friends who play with me experience something very similar to the infamous sea legs I mentioned. Luckily it is not as severe, and only occurs when people are on the boat itself. Nevertheless this is still a pressing issue and is very draining for my friends and I alike. Extra Info: I don't know if anyone has made a post about this, I CBA to read through the replies above. -Jared.
  2. As soon as I startup Ylands I get this error code with the option of quitting: Oauth/login: code: -1 API code: Message: Request Timeout I'm not sure what I should do from this point on, I've tried verifying game integrity but that did no good. Prior to this error I was trying to load into my friend's world. After being stuck on the 100% loading screen I decided to forcefully close the game. This happened right after I clicked "Play" again.
  3. Jared Diamond

    stuck at sea

    Hello @blimmin I've been in similar situations. I've once traveled with friends for two hours only to starve at sea because we didnt prep enough food for the journey. The easiest thing I can tell you is: Make a map if you can and I'll explain why. https://ylands.gamepedia.com/Map Alright if you can craft this simply commit suicide, in-game of course, you will respawn with your map on either the nearest island or on your original island. (Hopefully it's nearest island). IF you respawn on a nearby island, make a raft and get back to your ship? I'm not sure what kind of boat you're on, if you're on a raft it's easier to just start again. IF you cannot make a map and you're on a ship then I suggest you just continue on your voyage. If you're on a boat or a raft I'd just start over again.
  4. Jared Diamond

    RESOLVED [YLD-7580] I cannot play anymore

    @FoxtheTodd I had to reinstall windows 10 to fix my issue I don't know what the cause of it was but it's been working perfectly since I reset everything.
  5. Jared Diamond

    0.6: Countless Colors (16/11/2017)

    The chat stays in all the settings you go to, I dont know if thats on purpose or not.
  6. Jared Diamond

    NPC idea

    Hello there! I have mixed feelings about adding NPCs (or atleast the way you described them) to the game, because if you can have an NPC for everything (or most things), the game COULD become boring. It WOULD however, be cool if there were NPC tribes similar to the Ylands trailer where "Native Americans" could maybe run after you if they see you or something of that sort.
  7. Jared Diamond

    Cant Join Server with Password

    Hi @Ane, I didnt think it was necessary, I thought it was everyone who experienced it. I should have probably tested it before posting it here.
  8. I was trying to join @A3_Melle's server since we have a little co-op kind of thing going but he recently put a password on it to prevent others from joining and this means I can no longer join(I know the password to the server dont worry ). The screenshot should provide enough information. Unfortunately if you click "Back" in this situation (2nd screenshot occurs) you will be forced to quit the game OR spam ESC + LMB and RMB. Second Screenshot:
  9. Jared Diamond

    Dev Diary #21

    In order to make the game enjoyable for those on Steam, I feel like the boat bug where you get "sea legs" (as another user posted earlier on) should be a priority.
  10. Jared Diamond

    Ylands codes giveaway winners!

    Congratulations to all the winners! Can't wait to see you on my Ysland soon enough
  11. Hello fellow reader, normally i'd give an introduction to something like this but I am eager to start playing again so here it is I played for a while this last week and I noticed some bugs and glitches with the 0.6 update (and I reported on it) but after a while of playing I started crashing from servers (many, many, many, many times) Unfortunately I no longer have the crash reports since I've tried reinstalling the game (and verifying game integrity through Steam but no success). Initially I presumed that the crashes were related to weird movement I was making in-game, for example swimming and randomly seeing the walking animation eventhough I was still swimming, but I thought nothing of it and just continued piling up the crash reports. After playing for a long time of not experiencing any crashes I decided to close the game. Some time passed and I was ready to get back on Ylands. I've been ready for many hours but Ylands doesnt seem to want me to play it. Everytime I hit play I get a black screen if I click once it becomes a white screen and a little box comes up telling me the game is not responding. While on the blackscreen I allowed up to 20 minutes pass but no results. I sent @Ane my crash reports before I did anything, so if anything, she can make it public. I also experienced this a lot: This was an endless cycle of me loading into the server. Edit: I located the files and am posting them now: error (1).log output_log (1).txt error.log output_log.txt
  12. Jared Diamond

    DEV ANSWER Crash on MP server

    For the first screenshot, just give it some time and you will "disconnect" from the server, since the server still thinks you're active. After waiting ~30 seconds or so you should be able to join. This is the only help I can provide you with sorry :c
  13. Jared Diamond

    What was your first videogame?

    I'm 17 now so more recent games applied to me when I was a kid so my first video game is most probably not everyone's first video game so don't be shocked. The first thing that I had that screamed "video game" was a Gameboy Advance. The first game I ever played was Super Mario Bros 3. I don't have vivid memory of playing the game but do remember raging a lot, so no funny story unfortunately :/.
  14. Jared Diamond

    0.6 bugs

    Running + Picking up things from the ground is extremely buggy / jittery.
  15. Jared Diamond

    0.6 bugs

    In Explorer mode, I tried collecting wood from a Sumac Tree (slender tree with red leaves). I collected wood from the tree and ran towards it simultaneously, this popped me ontop of the tree. Edit: Apparently this "bug?" has nothing to do with collecting wood, instead it has to do with a branch which sticks off the side of it, I can walk up the whole tree once I'm boosted to this position. Edit2:It seems to be happening with more than just the Sumac Trees.