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Found 10 results

  1. Delight12

    Game Continue

    Brand new player here. I died to a creature and every time I click the continue button it instantly kills me again. Is there no way to continue without making a new game/player? Next irl day same problem. You would think the creature would have wandered away after I died instead of it camping my body. Please allow us to "continue" by re-spawning in another location.
  2. Found a lot of good loot in a submarine, including some bombs. When i was swimming back a shark attacked and killed me. When i died my items were dropped on the ground as per usual. However all the bombs that i collected went of. Destroying most of my items, including my newly optained breathing mask. In my opinion, a bomb should not ignite under water when you die. Kindda makes no sense :-)
  3. gbkisses

    RESOLVED Iron ladders

    Hi Bohemia, Congrats for the game I find it awesome. I'm coming here regarding an issue I have with iron ladders. (at least one !). Im playing SP only atm and the (pre built) house I'm using IG got an iron ladder. I've experienced weird teleports sometimes when using it. it TPs me on the top of a flying air tesla cube. So i die electrified or I just have the time to jump to death on the groung (just to avoid loosing my items). I've experienced this bug several time just by trying... I just wanna be sure it's a bug, and would like to know if it's ossible to correct this issue. I've attached the request files and remain at your disposal for further information (screenshots of my beautifull deaths available). Cheers you all ! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. So i have my horse here... I tamed it. later on i died 6 times because a wolf wont let me alone. I tried to get on my horse but i dont get the ride option anymore. but it still reacts to my wisstle.
  5. so when i die in multiplayer i have to create a new character, is this intentional or a bug thats gonna be fixed? Its annoying because i tame a horse for example, and when i die its not tamed anymore, in singleplayer you can just respawn why isn't this in multiplayer? btw is there a way to set a spawnpoint? for example via a bed or something like that?
  6. Joseph Carriere

    Item loss on Death.

    Hello there, I like your game alot, however, one issue I have is item loss on death, and no way to disable it. Would you please add options to disable item loss on death? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like that. I spend hours crafting and working hard for my items, only to lose them. I'd very much appreciate a way to keep items after death.
  7. Every time i die, I have one of two options.. "main menu" or "new game".. I don't respawn in the the world with nothing on starting island with the ability to retrieve my old body like in previous versions. Instead when I try to continue, I simply load the save point of my death. Please advise!
  8. Jeania

    Death Issues

    Okay, I spent days building a 'great' ship... And then I died. No clue where my ship went, I didn't have a map yet (not that it'd of done any good as you lose your stuff when you die). There really needs to be a way to spawn near your 'stuff' so to speak. Perhaps spawning on the bedrolls or beds... or at least some sort of 'you died on this island, you rez on this island's rez spot'. lol I don't even know if I want to go hunting for everything... I lost a heck of a lot Please, please...look into this?
  9. Could be possible to add "respawn" button to the death screen or some tip which inform player about respawn in Main menu. When I played Ylands first time and died I tried every button on keyboard to respawn until I manage that respwan is in main menu. It's little bit annoying to go through / Esc - Main menu - Respawn... at the same land. Also can be intresting to see some game statistics about my live on the "Ysland" and share it on social networks. That statistic could be displayed also after death. Thanks and Happy Ylanding