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  1. Exactly. Diging, Choping etc. was disabled. I will try to make some videos.
  2. After Interaction with campfire to produce some food is interaction with other object disabled. 1 Start game 2 create campfire 3 interact with campfire. click produce any food and quit the menu 4 try to use some tools - interaction with other objects are disabled Build: 0.01.11067 Unfortunately that can't be reproduced with 100% success. Same issuse apears with - Tanning rack. Im going to try to investigace that issue to find more information.
  3. telchy

    DEV ANSWER Placing of items

    I've try it and it works properly for me. I didn't find any issue with placing torch on the ground via "TAB".
  4. Could be possible to add "respawn" button to the death screen or some tip which inform player about respawn in Main menu. When I played Ylands first time and died I tried every button on keyboard to respawn until I manage that respwan is in main menu. It's little bit annoying to go through / Esc - Main menu - Respawn... at the same land. Also can be intresting to see some game statistics about my live on the "Ysland" and share it on social networks. That statistic could be displayed also after death. Thanks and Happy Ylanding