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  1. gbkisses

    Name change

    Hy there, for some reasons I'm named "Chuck" on Ylands, I would like to be named "Bumblefoot", could you please do that for me ?
  2. gbkisses

    1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    Hi, Im happy to be back on Ylands, buuuut. My savegame seems broken ! Well I can launch my game, Im on my gallion, but I cant drive it. Is there a way to solve that ?
  3. gbkisses

    Cannot see Workshop Items

    Hi same issue here. Maybe doing something wrong ? I've suscribed a ship, and I hoped I could open it in the editor, but nothing in the "composition" folder. I'm suscribed to Ylands/BI and steam, however, impossible to link the 2 accounts (it says that im already logged with another account).. I have played Arma3 before, but I don't remember having linked the accounts before. Any help with this would be appreciated ! Maybe the "non-linked" account is the reason to this ? EDIT : OK my bad, there is an option IG to link the "temporary" Ylands account to the steam one x) I just had troubles finding it !
  4. gbkisses

    Ship Questions and Help Request

    Hi there, what do you call "creator cube", "annihilator" please ? Also is the "drag" when you left click + v ? I'm building a ship in the editor and I would like to extend a hull, so I have to go "inside" the hull with the blocks 'im using.. Any advices ? - btw I've already copy paste the ship I'm experiencing (in case of accident) ! Thank for your lights !
  5. gbkisses

    ship stuff by zarwil

    OK Zarwil, you're a monster ! You also did that one It's even crazier to me. I'm going mad on how you did that. SO INSPIRING !
  6. gbkisses

    Editable game

    Harder is an option yes, but I like to take what offer the game, random. So everything is a surprise ! THIS is exploration !
  7. gbkisses

    Editable game

    Hi ! Yeah what an idea x) Well, there should be parade for that, like authorizing fresh joigning members to do things or not, (ie the guild bank in wow - sorry for that). Well I'm frustrated by "accessing things faster than the normal way". To me, the Editor should be limitated / syncable with the Creation mod. However, any creation via one of these game could be crafted in the "Exploration mod". Authorizing an edit in the "Exploration mod" is an opened door to reversing the "exploration" game, as I can see it now. I see it more Survival game than a "Minecraft" game. This. Maybe I'm wrong, but this might come from the day I was playing Diablo offline, then tried online. Everything was fucked and cheated.
  8. gbkisses

    Editable game

    The thing is that you can switch between SP and MP as you want. It kills the game a little bit to me. I dont get the point of being able to edit your game in exploration mode. Indeed if you don't want you don't do it. But as you can, it just spoils the game as it should not. I love the game so far, but maybe it's not my type of game.. At least an edited exploration game should be tagged as edited!
  9. gbkisses

    Editable game

    Hi Velocifer, I was not talking about mods but about the exploration mod. I meant is this mod gonna be editable? I hope no, this could be that way a really great survival / exploration game. I love legit thing. I hope the game (exploration) will not be cheated because editable in the editor. Hoping I'm understood! Would like some clues about this please! Happy new year Ylanders!
  10. gbkisses

    RESOLVED Iron ladders

    Hi Robert, after running over a lot of threads, it seems it's a known issue. We sweetly wait for the next update!
  11. gbkisses

    Editable game

    Hi Ylanders, Do we have any clue if the game is going to be editable in the final release? I mean I wish a legit exploration mode so so so far... Something like a non editable save game, hosted somewhere else than on our computer... Edition mod kills it all to me... Please tell me your thoughts, as I'm not sure of BI's goals. All the best and merry X-mas!
  12. gbkisses

    RESOLVED Iron ladders

    Hi Bohemia, Congrats for the game I find it awesome. I'm coming here regarding an issue I have with iron ladders. (at least one !). Im playing SP only atm and the (pre built) house I'm using IG got an iron ladder. I've experienced weird teleports sometimes when using it. it TPs me on the top of a flying air tesla cube. So i die electrified or I just have the time to jump to death on the groung (just to avoid loosing my items). I've experienced this bug several time just by trying... I just wanna be sure it's a bug, and would like to know if it's ossible to correct this issue. I've attached the request files and remain at your disposal for further information (screenshots of my beautifull deaths available). Cheers you all ! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt