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Found 3 results

  1. UrTypicalJedi15

    KNOWN ISSUE Inventory Glitch

    I was collecting quite a lot of resources so I decided to empty some out to collect others I needed. When I collected the items they went in my inventory, but instead of being placed in an empty slot, the items glitched into the bottom of the inventory. This would be fine, if I could still access them. I can't drag them around or use them at all. On top of all of that they still take up an inventory slot and I can't place another item in those slots to try and unstick the glitched items. I have tried many different ways to try and fix this and the only thing that works is killing myself and grabbing my items again and even then it happens again regardless of how empty my inventory appears to be. This might have to do with how fast I collect items, maybe I collect too many too fast and the collection gets screwed somehow but that's just a theory. If this could be fixed in the next patch or in a soon future patch that would really help. Thank you guys, I love the rest of the game and keep up the good work! I linked a photo, there are two items stuck at the bottom, a rope and unfortunately a saw, and I cannot access them.
  2. Firstly, I bought YLands with a friend and we're really enjoying the game so far.. what we've been able to play of it anyway. I'm not sure what of these issues are connected or caused by the same things so I'm going to just list the issues we've had preventing us from being able to play multiplayer thus far. I've done some searching through the forums here but haven't found an issue that was quite like this so I thought I'd post here as well. Primarily, when he connects to me (and the other way around, same problem) everything seems fairly ok until an issue like the horse camera bug strikes and we need to relog. When one of us disconnects from the other, the person's avatar that disconnected stays showing standing in world like the host doesn't properly recognize them as having left and then when they try to reconnect they never can. So, we can play fine.. until someone leaves. Then we're never able to reconnect on that world again. The horse camera bug (getting off a horse causing the camera to be locked in place and A and D causing the character to spin wildly) was the primary reason for needing to relog, but once we realized that was an issue we stopped getting on horses, obviously. Still though, games only being able to be played once is a pretty major deterrent from long term play. Hopefully we can get a response/fix/workaround soon because we're really excited to be able to work on a world long term. Anything else needed to help narrow down the problem with REconnections? Thanks output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Jeania

    Death Issues

    Okay, I spent days building a 'great' ship... And then I died. No clue where my ship went, I didn't have a map yet (not that it'd of done any good as you lose your stuff when you die). There really needs to be a way to spawn near your 'stuff' so to speak. Perhaps spawning on the bedrolls or beds... or at least some sort of 'you died on this island, you rez on this island's rez spot'. lol I don't even know if I want to go hunting for everything... I lost a heck of a lot Please, please...look into this?