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  1. Joseph Carriere

    Vanity Clothing

    Yup. I like wearing my Engineer's jacket and top hat, but I die super quickly. I want the ability to wear clothing on top of Guardian armor.
  2. Joseph Carriere

    Custom spawn points.

    Some sort of craftable Teleporters would be nice too.
  3. Joseph Carriere

    Item loss on Death.

    Yeah, I can understand why some people would like it. But when you're a few Ylands away from your spawn point, it really sucks losing everything you've worked so hard to obtain. I'd like for them to make this an option, but not an obligation. So people can still play with item loss on death, while others who don't want to, get to keep their items on death.
  4. Joseph Carriere

    Better chat system.

    Hey there, so, I'd like to make a suggestion. A better chat system, like having the ability to scroll up to view previous messages sent by you or your friends. Thanks.
  5. Joseph Carriere

    Custom spawn points.

    Hello there. I'd like to suggest adding the ability to set your own spawn points. Maybe add a beacon or a bed to sleep in to set your own spawn points, because dying and going back to the first Yland it the most annoying thing ever. Especially when you've got a ship or a house that you've spent alot of time building on another Yland. Please, I'm sure other people would appreciate it as well. Thanks.
  6. Joseph Carriere

    Item loss on Death.

    Hello there, I like your game alot, however, one issue I have is item loss on death, and no way to disable it. Would you please add options to disable item loss on death? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like that. I spend hours crafting and working hard for my items, only to lose them. I'd very much appreciate a way to keep items after death.