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Found 5 results

  1. MizzShadowCat

    How can i make a custom npc?

    Hello, well my question is just the title really. How can i make a custom npc and place it into my exsplore world? Any ideas guys?
  2. Can't seem to load my own custom game properly that I created in the Editor. It gets stuck at building oceans 44.4% and I have to Alt+Tab out to shut Ylands down and reload the game. The weird thing is that I can hear everything around me as if I'm actually playing. I can punch the ground and hear it. I can hear the waves of the ocean. I can hear myself walking around. But all I see is this loading screen. I can load it up in the Editor but it gets stuck at this screen. It gets stuck by choosing Custom Game in the main menu too. This custom game is pretty much just a basic fresh map that I've added a few small structures and some simple game logic objects to it. UPDATE! After some digging, it appears this is a Play Area game logic issue (see comments below). For some reason, adding a Play Area logic freezes the load screen like this but still loads the game in the background. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  3. BaKonator751

    How do I download a map?

    Hey I was wandering how I download maps off the workshop. I logged in and I can't find the download button anywhere? I'm confused...
  4. Joseph Carriere

    Custom spawn points.

    Hello there. I'd like to suggest adding the ability to set your own spawn points. Maybe add a beacon or a bed to sleep in to set your own spawn points, because dying and going back to the first Yland it the most annoying thing ever. Especially when you've got a ship or a house that you've spent alot of time building on another Yland. Please, I'm sure other people would appreciate it as well. Thanks.
  5. I know the game is still alpha and there's a lot of features that have higher priority and need more attention than the ones im suggesting down bellow. Just giving an idea for a feature down the line that would be interesting Was wondering for people seeking a more challenging experience, if the server host or a workshop creator could have a slider for Creature Damage% and Creature HP%(i know that in workshop you can change hp of mobs for each one, im talking about making it a global variable). I know now it wouldn't make that much difference, i am just thinking about it as a future feature, when there is more variety of creatures and the existence of npcs. For Workshop only: /-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Custom Npcs and Dialogue options, make it possible to script a dialogue with an npc, like a rpg. /-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ It would make the game experience more customizable. The damage/health slider for creatures would make the game harder/easier, making servers more different from each other. A mod in minecraft that i really enjoy made this possible, you could script dialogues and change appearance, stats inventory, ingame in this case. Here is a picture of the minecraft mod, CustomNpcs.