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Found 2 results

  1. na sledovanie videí je potrebný zvuk..stentokrát vám predkladajú iba malý príklad toho, s čím skôr pôjdu do súťaže .. všetko ostatné sa dozviete v pravom čase https://play.ylands.com/asset/8739
  2. I know the game is still alpha and there's a lot of features that have higher priority and need more attention than the ones im suggesting down bellow. Just giving an idea for a feature down the line that would be interesting Was wondering for people seeking a more challenging experience, if the server host or a workshop creator could have a slider for Creature Damage% and Creature HP%(i know that in workshop you can change hp of mobs for each one, im talking about making it a global variable). I know now it wouldn't make that much difference, i am just thinking about it as a future feature, when there is more variety of creatures and the existence of npcs. For Workshop only: /-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Custom Npcs and Dialogue options, make it possible to script a dialogue with an npc, like a rpg. /-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ It would make the game experience more customizable. The damage/health slider for creatures would make the game harder/easier, making servers more different from each other. A mod in minecraft that i really enjoy made this possible, you could script dialogues and change appearance, stats inventory, ingame in this case. Here is a picture of the minecraft mod, CustomNpcs.