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    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    Nice update! However i still experienced an item in my inventory moving outside the inventory in SP. And tbh i am abit sad that potions got nerfed, it is really hard on most islands to farm magic dust. And i liked being able to use the craftsman potion as an alternative to building 10 furnaces (Prettier base). Hope for this change to get reverse at some point :-)
  2. stealerr

    Ship using old save file

    I am not sure how the editor works as i've only played exploration.
  3. Was playing with some friends in multiplayer, i am the host. All of a sudden one of my friends start seeing our ship as the state it was in a few weeks ago. Relogging did nothing, only closing steam and restarting the game worked. Later this even happened for me the host, but my friends were still able to see the ship, and interact with chests. I decide to try and restart the hosted game, and when we logged back in, all of us had the old ship. The bug started happening once we had explored some caves and had unloaded the ship. Hope this helps you in some way.
  4. Found a lot of good loot in a submarine, including some bombs. When i was swimming back a shark attacked and killed me. When i died my items were dropped on the ground as per usual. However all the bombs that i collected went of. Destroying most of my items, including my newly optained breathing mask. In my opinion, a bomb should not ignite under water when you die. Kindda makes no sense :-)