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  1. this bug is annoying because you cant access the items that are in the bugged slot. the items marked with a red circle are in the slots with the red X's so i cant put anything else in that slot and i cant access the item in that slot. When will this be fixed? i dont really know when it happens, i think it happens with the torch when i make a burning torch when i have the normal torch in my hand. I think this is when it happens, dont quote me.
  2. so when i die in multiplayer i have to create a new character, is this intentional or a bug thats gonna be fixed? Its annoying because i tame a horse for example, and when i die its not tamed anymore, in singleplayer you can just respawn why isn't this in multiplayer? btw is there a way to set a spawnpoint? for example via a bed or something like that?
  3. TeodorLB


    ok ill try that
  4. TeodorLB


    when i die to a wolf, and go back to get my stuff i have no chance because the wolf is so fast and i cant get my items in time. What do i do i cant get my items and its really annoying, i dont want to start over. any help is much apreciated.
  5. TeodorLB

    My lovely sister

    Ok sorry i was just kinda mad
  6. TeodorLB

    My lovely sister

    My sister turned off the power, so i lost about 2 hours of progress. Is there any way to recover it?
  7. TeodorLB

    RESOLVED Didn't save

    ok thx
  8. TeodorLB

    RESOLVED Didn't save

    there is a save option that pops up when you close your game save right? i clicked save yesterday, and opened it again ot play today, and everything i did yesterday is gone, is this some type of bug? or is there another way to save a game?
  9. TeodorLB

    I haven't gotten a steam key for the game.

    no, i havent bought the game i was just confused about the message that said i was gonna receive a email with a free copy for steam. im definetly gonna buy the game tho. i really like it.
  10. I played Ylands yesterday and a message popped up that i was gonna receive a e-mail with a steam code of the game, but i havent received one, is it a bug or will it take some time?