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  1. DK208

    0.9 UI

    There is no button to take out the completed workbenches at once. Is there any operation method? Switching on "..." on the upper left is troublesome to go back to that point when looking down to the bottom when putting out a craft category. If so, I would like you to categorize it outside the frame like before.
  2. It is an official server's MP. I took a horse and I could not move when I got on that horse. After reloading the horses became transparent. There was no problem in operation. Another battle music stopped ringing after it was hit by an hostile creature. The music keeps ringing even after rebooting. I set the volume to 0 by setting, but I can not sense the danger.
  3. DK208

    New Ylands GUI

    I want to stop changing the order when there is a thing that I was about to make and all the materials are ready. I wish I could register my favorite things to make.
  4. I repeat the warp of the place because my coordinates go wrong when I board a ship. It's the same on any public server. This is not a lag. I would be happy if you fix it. I can not go on adventure by ship.
  5. Now I was able to open the top of the game. Did you update the server? I apologize to you for a fuss over.
  6. I can not play the game suddenly today. Yesterday I was able to play on the PA server. However, I can not put anything · Because I pass through the ship I stopped. output_log.txt
  7. I was playing in the MP. While eating food, right click on the inventory key chain and put it in 0. Did you eat the key chain too? The key chain was lost from among the items. This phenomenon was common from before long while playing in MP. It happened frequently in official servers, but this time it's in the MP I opened. Because I have this kind of thing, I made a spare of the key chain (all the keys) so I got a chance.
  8. I propose to be able to move the activated Protective Barrier Generator. I started the Protective Barrier Generator in the MP, but sometimes I become a friend with a new person while playing. I tried a variety of methods, but I can not move the activated Protective Barrier Generator. I made a new character, but the Protective Barrier Generator is already recognized as a thing of another person and it can not destroy it. I can not get a new Protective Barrier Generator. Another one wants me to increase the type of dishes. Although there are abundant materials, there are few dishes. It is a pleasure of survivors that the number of dishes is large.
  9. I was playing multiplayer. And he died. A new character is not born in the same room. The screen is stopped output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. DK208

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8858] Multiplayer Bug

    If you die with multiplayer, a new character will not be born. The screen remains stopped.
  11. DK208

    Sneak Peek #47

    I am playing with multiplayer and Terrible lag. And the key chain disappeared from the item you have. I can not open all doors and CHEST. Map display disappears every time in multiplayer. I want letters etc to write letters for communication with friends.