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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everybody! So been playing on one of the official Eu servers with some buddies and have found 8 islands currently still looking for more, and it seems that everything is depleted especially majority of the main resources.... what can we do apart from possibly find new islands if there is any extra? do we basically just give up and move to new server?? Cheers, Brad
  2. I repeat the warp of the place because my coordinates go wrong when I board a ship. It's the same on any public server. This is not a lag. I would be happy if you fix it. I can not go on adventure by ship.
  3. Just had my first disconnect on a DS after starting up the 0.8 update. It didn't appear that anyone else was joining, and I was only fueling my stove at the time. Upon rejoining the server it had rolled back a few minutes to when I was locking my ship helm. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt DxDiag.txt
  4. Hello, So, im recently new to the game(only active playing for a week) and I really really love the game. Like reeaaalllyy. So I rented a small server, and I play with a friend of mine. Now, I misplaced some items(beginners mistake) and the two minutes passed. Now, most of all my ship needs altering, and its not the place the barrier. Is there anyway I can alter the server files to go to creative without taking the server offline? Or should I download the server files, go sp creative in editor (dunno whether it is even possible??) Change what i need, upload the files again and dont have any trouble with personal and player data? Thanks:)
  5. Game crashed while we where on the sea at the way to an island and now i can't get back in the game as the host. Hope you can fix it. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  6. This all happened while i was asleep, during graveyard hours. Just another strange Early Access occurrence At some point after someone logged on, server threw this error: [EX] [01:48:17.87] System.NullReferenceException: TerrainEngine.GameObjectPoolInfo.CloseObject (GameObject) ylands.DelayedUnpooler.LateUpdate ()[MM] 17 [WN]U [-10:-03:-51.-92] Can not play a disabled audio source [EX] [-10:-02:-45.-26] System.NullReferenceException: TerrainEngine.GameObjectPoolInfo.CloseObject (GameObject) ylands.DelayedUnpooler.LateUpdate ()[MM] 7 [IN] [-09:-58:-42.-59] Response #125: 400 44B ... Now the server has Negative values? error is thrown twice and Response code is now #400, which means unable to connect to Ba servers, prior to this all connections are #200.. there is a player that is still connected, but doesn't stay online for long. These negative values i have never seen before, at some point it has steam issues.. [IN] [-07:-42:-17.-86] Response #258: 400 44B ... [ER] [-07:-42:-04.-68] SteamServersDisconnected result=k_EResultNoConnection ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.OnSteamServersDisconnected (SteamServersDisconnected_t) Steamworks.Callback`1[Steamworks.SteamServersDisconnected_t].OnRunCallback (IntPtr, IntPtr) Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamGameServer_RunCallbacks () Steamworks.GameServer.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.CommonSteamApi.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.Update () [IN] [-07:-41:-48.-95] SteamServersConnected [IN] [-07:-41:-16.-59] Response #259: 400 44B ... [IN] [-06:-56:-49.-66] Response #302: 400 44B ... [ER] [-06:-56:-03.-11] SteamServersDisconnected result=k_EResultNoConnection ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.OnSteamServersDisconnected (SteamServersDisconnected_t) Steamworks.Callback`1[Steamworks.SteamServersDisconnected_t].OnRunCallback (IntPtr, IntPtr) Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamGameServer_RunCallbacks () Steamworks.GameServer.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.CommonSteamApi.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.Update () [IN] [-06:-55:-47.-36] Response #303: 400 44B ... [ER] [-06:-55:-30.-06] SteamServerConnectFailure result=k_EResultNoConnection ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.OnSteamServerConnectFailure (SteamServerConnectFailure_t) Steamworks.Callback`1[Steamworks.SteamServerConnectFailure_t].OnRunCallback (IntPtr, IntPtr) Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamGameServer_RunCallbacks () Steamworks.GameServer.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.CommonSteamApi.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.Update () [IN] [-06:-55:-10.-91] SteamServersConnected Negative goes into Positive eventually [IN] [-01:-01:-24.-48] Response #646: 400 44B ... [IN] [-01:00:-23.-18] Response #647: 400 44B ... [IN] [00:00:40.42] Response #648: 400 44B ... [IN] [00:01:41.68] Response #649: 400 44B ... Still the #400 persists, meaning either the error has broken the server or there is some kind of issue at Ba I load up the game to see if the server was appearing on the list, it wasn't there.., And a final shutdown error: [IN] [01:27:45.42] DsState: Quitting [WN] [01:27:45.43] NullPersistentStorageManager WriteFile ylands.NullPersistentStorageManager.WriteFile (String, Byte[], StorageType) Analytics.OnSessionQuit (EventSessionQuit) EventDispatcher.DispatchEvent[EventSessionQuit] (EventSessionQuit) ylands.SessionLifecycle.DoExit (String) ylands.SessionLifecycle.Exit (String) ylands.Quitter.GracefulQuit () ylands.HeadlessServerManager.Shutdown () ylands.HeadlessServerManager+<DelayedShutdownCoro>c__Iterator1.MoveNext () UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator, IntPtr)
  7. Got the dreaded 114 Network Error window while riding a horse and got disconnected. I relogged but I was stuck on the horse moving in one place. I tried the unstuck command but I got disconnected again and now I can't rejoin the DS server I was playing I think I've broken something! Oops output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. ERGZ Ylands Server (ERGZ) ERGZ Ylands Server is a Public Dedicated Server (DS). ERGZ Ylands Server begun testing operations on Jan 17th. ERGZ Ylands Server is apart of the "Active Admins" Network, aka Admins that Actively maintain their servers almost daily to keep it running optimally and efficiently to the best of their abilities. Since Ylands is Early Access, the DS Software will have issues, please remember what to expect on a public server during these times. The ERGZ Ylands Server world is a 0.7 Exploration world, with other 10 Ylands and over 15 NPC's roaming about the world, Protection Barriers to protect your work or home. Features: Low Latency Tuned Network (For Australia/NZ/Oceania) Server hosted in Sydney Data Center, 100Mbit U/D Active Server Owner/Admin: Since i work from home, I'm practically always on the server (unless here) Daily Backups: Every Daily Maintenance or "Cleaning" occurs the World is Backed up Daily Maintenance: Maintenance is usually held at 10pm (AEDT) to 11pm daily 8 Slot Server Rules: All rules can be found on our Discord here: https://discord.gg/yQUJ8AK Server Wipes: Only 1 Server wipe has been made, this was due to 0.7 adding new content which would not appear on the old 0.6.3 world. In all hindsight, if there is new features or map improvements that require a new map (Dev's call), all in all a wipe would be imminent at the release time. If a wipe is mandatory, In-Game announcement's will be made, shortly prior to the wipe. This page and other places will updated to reflect a wipe. Roll Backs: Due to Windows VPS pricing, the server is now on a hosted service, so backups will be a daily backup at the time of maintenance. So roll backs will be due to this factor. Known Issues: Please read up on the risks of playing on a public server, read the through the Bugs section and Feedback areas, General Discussion. This will be a good indicator of issues and risks at the current time. If you are going to play on a public server i might suggest these: Protective Barrier: Build a Floor and 4 walls and roof, people cant get in. Lock your doors! (you may need a locksmith first) House: Double Build, Build 2 floors, 8 walls, and roof. People cant see inside and steal items from storage Paranoid about machines? Lock them up! padlocks are great for this! again you need a locksmith. Paranoid about others? Move away! ERGZ Ylands has over 10+ Ylands to make home on. Contact: Server Discord: https://discord.gg/yQUJ8AK ( Only contact me with issues related to the server, all other requests will be ignored, for general questions pm me here ) Here: via PM Steam: Energritz Twitter: Energritz Discord: Energritz#8571 Server Template used from @Whane The Whip with permission.
  9. This is more of a technical issue, rather than a bug. After doing some research, joining different servers and such, there is a big gap of waiting... Lets say you want to join a server that's well established, been around for awhile... (Example, my server) here is the break down of times per handshake event Establishing a Connection: ~5-10secs *There is a very long pause here looking at blue sky...( ~35s-40s of nothingness.. many would think server has lagged/crashed ) (During this time, people on the server, are frozen in-place, which makes a lot of them disconnect/frustrated/blaming me for bad server) Start of downloading data: ~45-50sec * this part is dependent of servers data ( ~15-20secs, could use improvements) Start of loading data: ~1:05m-1:10m Seeing your Character in-game: ~1:15m--1:20m (this is fine, computer dependent) Please have a look into this, especially the part of "nothingness" at least.. would be great to eliminate all of that time. PS: This is a DS also.
  10. So me and my friend were playing on a world when he died on the "snow" biome but I didn't so I decided to go back and get him with our large ship that was completed after 72H of hard work so I turn the ship around to go back to our spawn island when my character falls off the boat for no apparent reason so I try to swim as fast as possible but die from the cold water because the boat was sailing when I fell off, so I respawn on the spawn island aswell and decided I wanted to find the ship so I opened the world in the editor and tried to find it. Unfortunately, I didn't so I decided to go on and build it again but when my friend tried to join the "thumbnail" for the server was grayed out and said "Unavailable" what should we do?
  11. Hello to all Ylanders. So prior to the last patch this bug was only present for other players in game. Disappearing items such as benches,trees,enemies,ship parts not the hull and so on. Can confirm this because my wife and I play the game together and we sit next to each other.Now after the last update the host's game is bugged. I was mining on a new Yland and I went back to my ship all I could see was the hull. Thought I could jump onto ship but it seems that the deck I built was not there could not get on ship. After reloading the game it reappeared and happened again upon returning to ship after mining again. So at this point I decided to leave the game and have not tested it again. I will try again today.
  12. DexWhite

    2 important thoughts.

    1. The main thing that got me to buy YLANDS is the idea of exploring new islands. The thing is, every island right now feels kiiinda empty (especially if you are playing alone). I hope with the NPC update this will sort out. Suggestions on Islands "emptyness": More animals, more hostile creatures, tribes, make caves worthy to explore, add more structures with loot and enemies guarding it, make every island unique with themes. During sailing, add more dangers (ship getting damaged from tornados, changing direction from bad weather etc) 2. Make MP your number 1 priority guys. Gaming nowadays is based upon that. It feels more "alive". There's always a singleplayer option for those who want to just relax alone. Suggestions on MP: Competition, competition and competition. Make player fight for resources, loot, structures. Make big dedicated servers with more than 8 players each which will reset like every month, and upon reset, give some cosmetic rewards to the players who have fulfilled some certain tasks that month. Make more weapons, guns etc.
  13. John - NEXFER

    MP / Server ideas

    Hi all, Some ideas for multiplayer and dedicated servers: Teleport admin commands - Teleport to a player, teleport a player to you, teleport player A to player B etc. Pin codes / lockable storage / doors - Able to secure items away from other players etc. PvE / PvP server modes - Enable / Disable PvP settings. Perhaps enable / disable player vs building as well for a true PvE mode? *This may require a building permissions system as then maybe a player could not destroy their own buildings, or need an admin / annihilator or something. Private messaging - Able to direct message a player perhaps /pm [name] [message] or something?. Party / grouping / guilds / clans - Able to form groups of different types, chat to group only, maybe show other grouped players on your map etc? Website integration - Able to request online players count / names / info / chat from the server monitor app, to integrate this information on a website. Perhaps having the server monitor post this data to a file, or post it to http, or open to incoming requests for data etc? This will allow for future server lists and externalising the server systems to the web. Will add to this thread if I think of more!
  14. repro: 1] in the Main Menu Select JOIN 2]choose a game/server and click on it to expand the information 3]click on the Information icon to show this server settings 4]click on BACK 5]observe that you have been taken to the "Select Scenario to play" in the Single player part of the menu.