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Found 40 results

  1. Hello all, my 1st post here! I had enough coyns to rent a server for 5 months. So, I bought 3 month pass, followed by 2x 1 month pass. I entered into my servers list, and.... they are all separate! One will last until 8 March 2020, and two 1 month subscriptions will die on 8 January 2020! Can I have that fixed, or have one month servers removed and coyns back? EDIT: I just realized Elementary server does not support exploration.... can I just get a refund of coyns, at least a partial one to afford 1 month of high performance server?
  2. Kyung

    Buying Servers

    I would like to receive a refund for the 1 month elementary server I purchased, thinking it could run the exploration mode, as soon as it is refunded, I will add more coyns to get the high performance mode
  3. DW's Gaming N Animation

    P1 Geek Ylands Server

    I have been building and trying out the new Server function....well its New to me. Anyway, I've used the coyns in the game to buy a server and I put my buildings in there. If anyone wants to join the server and add to the city, you can find my server called P1 Geek Ylands. I' watch alot of Red Eagles youtube videos so alot of what I've done I got from watching and becoming inspired. I've created mines so ppeople could easily get the resources they need. For example, there is a gold mine, a clay mine, an iron mine, coal mine and others...... Each mine is labeled so you know whats inside. Also each building provides resources and items. For example, the jetpack store has alot of propeller packs in it. The flower shop holds a chest full of seeds and seed packs of every type of plant. There is a clothing store so you can get cloths there or go to the clothing factory and make your own clothes. Cloth is provided there along with cotton, buckwheat and sisgal leaves. There's an armory in case you need weapons and armor, Or a blacksmith shop to get tools. If anyne wants to jon the building, then come and stop by.
  4. We have two servers, each with an identical map. When you choose one, or the other, the active games window will only show one, not the other. It can be found in MPLobby, but it does not stay persistent in the Active games window. We have tried renaming one map, but still same issue. Thank you. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  5. I spent some time over the past week checking out some Official Servers, I found some issues on PA 7 and PA 4 that I show in this video. The issue is Trader Sites having nothing there, no trader, no sign, no build. Also noticed a few places where Random Sites should be, based on floating debris and flattened areas, but nothing is there. Thank you, I hope since these are your own servers, that someone can hop on and run over to these places that I even show on the maps for the Worlds involved. Thank you.
  6. Cpt_RedBeard

    Dedicated Server

    Hello, I Run a Community with around 4,000 members www.5dclan.com We where wondering how to get the Dedicated Server to work ? We downloaded it through the Steam Tool's Section. Any help would be nice, i was told to ask for a password to be able to get the correct files, Thanks in advanced !
  7. If you want to join a Ylands community server then click here.
  8. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Server Unavailable Error

    I am trying to get on the following server: ylands.atc.no TEST [Norwegian,24h] It shows as unavailable and I am so close to finishing my project so I can show it on youtube. Please Help me! My Steam ID is 76561197982536866 Here is my steam website link; http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982536866 My Name is DerylWingte and my steam name is DW's Gaming N Animation.
  9. iamSleepl3ss

    Continuous multiplayer

    Introduction: First of all, I just wanted to say thank you to the Ylands team for the latest update and the QA video. The Meaningful Music update has made exploring much enjoyable and pure. I've missed the function ever since I first heard it in Jak 2. (The music would go normal, but as soon as you'd pick up your weapon it will become more tactical. Come on, my 12 year old brain was floored when I realized it was happening). The source: During the QA video Filip Vondrášek said that the current solution for the request of more/bigger islands, would be new worlds connected together. This was an idea I was wishing would be implemented when I started playing (around the 0.6 update), since this would create many fun possible encounters in the Ylands world. I mean, I have tons of words and gratitude for this. The idea: There was little information on that part, but I just wanted to tell my suggestion and hear if it's a good idea/impossible/will be implemented/already considered after 1.0. The idea is simply that every sea border is connected to another server when the world is public. The game catches the essence of exploring, crafting, and creativity, but it has hidden potential if it's limited to one world and 8 players. The sea borders would connect to other worlds where other players would possibly be. Think of it like a grid-map, where every space is a server. I mean, it seemed like a good suggestion considering whenever you'd on water, lag wouldn't be that big of a problem since when you're usually safe and nothing too much is happening. The problem: I know this isn't to be expected, but I would just further elaborate on the problems this idea also has, which is mostly food for thought as the solution could be many. The problem with this system is that if we were to place another server right next to the border, what would it take to consideration as other players also would cross borders ? What if you're placed next to a dead public server, will you be forever stranded away from people? What if some random person keeps coming back from their server and keeps griefing you? The bordering server would have to be a world where other players are, or it would just fill your sea borders up with empty servers and it would basically be a way-to-complicated terrain-generator. It checks for servers when the player crosses the sea border, then places one with an average of 1 to maximum allowed players. (lag. yikes) If a world contains a banned player from your server, it will be filtered out of choosing when you're crossing the sea-border. This goes both ways as in, the banned user can't find your server either. When the world is offline/inactive (in correspondence to the 0.9 cloud hosting where all players are offline) you lose all the border-servers, or if you close it down manually(?). The other server's name would be displayed as a discovery on your screen whenever you cross over to another world. This way you could keep track of whenever you enter a new server if your bordering server has changed because it's become empty, and swapped with an active server instead. This could be called the "mirage" effect. Thank you for reading!
  10. Just had my first disconnect on a DS after starting up the 0.8 update. It didn't appear that anyone else was joining, and I was only fueling my stove at the time. Upon rejoining the server it had rolled back a few minutes to when I was locking my ship helm. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt DxDiag.txt
  11. Good day all, My friend and I have recently started playing this beautiful game, and we're totally hooked! My friend hosted a multiplayer game a couple of days ago for us to play - but whenever I try to go on the game (Main Menu: Continue) without her being online, it says that the game is "unavailable". Is there any way we can change this, so that I can play even when she's offline? (we're in completely different time zones, so sometimes it's hard for us to find a time when we can both play at the same time, but we would still like to explore the island together/build stuff on it/etc.)! Can anyone help us? Thanks in advance, fellow Ylanders!
  12. yesterday i logged out of [OFFICIAL] EXPLORE NA 32 (early morning PST) with no issues of any kind (on server or client), shortly afterwards i tried to rejoin the server. however it was and is still not being listed in the server list. please investigate
  13. Master John

    server history

    I think this is a good suggestion... a Server history were you can see the servers you already joined once... because i played on a server yesterday and now i dont remember what it is called
  14. This all happened while i was asleep, during graveyard hours. Just another strange Early Access occurrence At some point after someone logged on, server threw this error: [EX] [01:48:17.87] System.NullReferenceException: TerrainEngine.GameObjectPoolInfo.CloseObject (GameObject) ylands.DelayedUnpooler.LateUpdate ()[MM] 17 [WN]U [-10:-03:-51.-92] Can not play a disabled audio source [EX] [-10:-02:-45.-26] System.NullReferenceException: TerrainEngine.GameObjectPoolInfo.CloseObject (GameObject) ylands.DelayedUnpooler.LateUpdate ()[MM] 7 [IN] [-09:-58:-42.-59] Response #125: 400 44B ... Now the server has Negative values? error is thrown twice and Response code is now #400, which means unable to connect to Ba servers, prior to this all connections are #200.. there is a player that is still connected, but doesn't stay online for long. These negative values i have never seen before, at some point it has steam issues.. [IN] [-07:-42:-17.-86] Response #258: 400 44B ... [ER] [-07:-42:-04.-68] SteamServersDisconnected result=k_EResultNoConnection ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.OnSteamServersDisconnected (SteamServersDisconnected_t) Steamworks.Callback`1[Steamworks.SteamServersDisconnected_t].OnRunCallback (IntPtr, IntPtr) Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamGameServer_RunCallbacks () Steamworks.GameServer.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.CommonSteamApi.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.Update () [IN] [-07:-41:-48.-95] SteamServersConnected [IN] [-07:-41:-16.-59] Response #259: 400 44B ... [IN] [-06:-56:-49.-66] Response #302: 400 44B ... [ER] [-06:-56:-03.-11] SteamServersDisconnected result=k_EResultNoConnection ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.OnSteamServersDisconnected (SteamServersDisconnected_t) Steamworks.Callback`1[Steamworks.SteamServersDisconnected_t].OnRunCallback (IntPtr, IntPtr) Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamGameServer_RunCallbacks () Steamworks.GameServer.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.CommonSteamApi.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.Update () [IN] [-06:-55:-47.-36] Response #303: 400 44B ... [ER] [-06:-55:-30.-06] SteamServerConnectFailure result=k_EResultNoConnection ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.OnSteamServerConnectFailure (SteamServerConnectFailure_t) Steamworks.Callback`1[Steamworks.SteamServerConnectFailure_t].OnRunCallback (IntPtr, IntPtr) Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamGameServer_RunCallbacks () Steamworks.GameServer.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.CommonSteamApi.RunCallbacks () ylands.SteamIntegration.SteamManager.Update () [IN] [-06:-55:-10.-91] SteamServersConnected Negative goes into Positive eventually [IN] [-01:-01:-24.-48] Response #646: 400 44B ... [IN] [-01:00:-23.-18] Response #647: 400 44B ... [IN] [00:00:40.42] Response #648: 400 44B ... [IN] [00:01:41.68] Response #649: 400 44B ... Still the #400 persists, meaning either the error has broken the server or there is some kind of issue at Ba I load up the game to see if the server was appearing on the list, it wasn't there.., And a final shutdown error: [IN] [01:27:45.42] DsState: Quitting [WN] [01:27:45.43] NullPersistentStorageManager WriteFile ylands.NullPersistentStorageManager.WriteFile (String, Byte[], StorageType) Analytics.OnSessionQuit (EventSessionQuit) EventDispatcher.DispatchEvent[EventSessionQuit] (EventSessionQuit) ylands.SessionLifecycle.DoExit (String) ylands.SessionLifecycle.Exit (String) ylands.Quitter.GracefulQuit () ylands.HeadlessServerManager.Shutdown () ylands.HeadlessServerManager+<DelayedShutdownCoro>c__Iterator1.MoveNext () UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator, IntPtr)
  15. since update 0.7 we cant take over logics from editor mode to the single player explore files.. this really sucks! since I want to use logics in my server and have more than 8 ylands in the server (creating a terrain in ylands only give the ability to generate 5 ylands..) so I have to use an single player explore file to play on the server with multiple people. but than again I cant use logics in the editor mode before the update you could save a logic as a composition and load it in the explore file and it would work. I need really need those logics for in the server! I want to build teleport to each yland so I can help people who are stuck or don't have resources anymore. so please either bring back those logics or make a command for admins so that we can teleport to people ( e.g: /tp ''yourusername'' ''targetplayer'' )
  16. Got the dreaded 114 Network Error window while riding a horse and got disconnected. I relogged but I was stuck on the horse moving in one place. I tried the unstuck command but I got disconnected again and now I can't rejoin the DS server I was playing I think I've broken something! Oops output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  17. Ylands Dedicated Server Update: Ylands Dedicated servers are MUCH better than they used to be. Here is what you need to know! Pros: - You can host them without running the game - They are much more stable than before Cons: - No linux support yet - Still confusing to setup - Active servers must wipe to reset progress - Requires 12 GB ram Need help setting up? We love to help people: https://discord.gg/NPzzRF9 Ylands is a small community right now but the 0.7 update is coming soon with more than 100 bug fixes so stay tuned for that! For full disclosure, my clan is now sponsored by Nitrado: After buying a motherboard to host locally, I went with Nitrado for $8 a month and found it a much better solution for me. How do I get the server tech? Ask here: Data updated: Feb 13th, 2018
  18. ERGZ Ylands Server (ERGZ) ERGZ Ylands Server is a Public Dedicated Server (DS). ERGZ Ylands Server begun testing operations on Jan 17th. ERGZ Ylands Server is apart of the "Active Admins" Network, aka Admins that Actively maintain their servers almost daily to keep it running optimally and efficiently to the best of their abilities. Since Ylands is Early Access, the DS Software will have issues, please remember what to expect on a public server during these times. The ERGZ Ylands Server world is a 0.7 Exploration world, with other 10 Ylands and over 15 NPC's roaming about the world, Protection Barriers to protect your work or home. Features: Low Latency Tuned Network (For Australia/NZ/Oceania) Server hosted in Sydney Data Center, 100Mbit U/D Active Server Owner/Admin: Since i work from home, I'm practically always on the server (unless here) Daily Backups: Every Daily Maintenance or "Cleaning" occurs the World is Backed up Daily Maintenance: Maintenance is usually held at 10pm (AEDT) to 11pm daily 8 Slot Server Rules: All rules can be found on our Discord here: https://discord.gg/yQUJ8AK Server Wipes: Only 1 Server wipe has been made, this was due to 0.7 adding new content which would not appear on the old 0.6.3 world. In all hindsight, if there is new features or map improvements that require a new map (Dev's call), all in all a wipe would be imminent at the release time. If a wipe is mandatory, In-Game announcement's will be made, shortly prior to the wipe. This page and other places will updated to reflect a wipe. Roll Backs: Due to Windows VPS pricing, the server is now on a hosted service, so backups will be a daily backup at the time of maintenance. So roll backs will be due to this factor. Known Issues: Please read up on the risks of playing on a public server, read the through the Bugs section and Feedback areas, General Discussion. This will be a good indicator of issues and risks at the current time. If you are going to play on a public server i might suggest these: Protective Barrier: Build a Floor and 4 walls and roof, people cant get in. Lock your doors! (you may need a locksmith first) House: Double Build, Build 2 floors, 8 walls, and roof. People cant see inside and steal items from storage Paranoid about machines? Lock them up! padlocks are great for this! again you need a locksmith. Paranoid about others? Move away! ERGZ Ylands has over 10+ Ylands to make home on. Contact: Server Discord: https://discord.gg/yQUJ8AK ( Only contact me with issues related to the server, all other requests will be ignored, for general questions pm me here ) Here: via PM Steam: Energritz Twitter: Energritz Discord: Energritz#8571 Server Template used from @Whane The Whip with permission.
  19. StaticCarbon

    Server Files

    I was hoping I could get the files to create a server?
  20. Me and my 3 friends want to play on a private server that is always online. Is it possible to rent/host a passworded dedicated server that doesn't require that whoever hosts the server has to be online in order for it to work? How? Also, is it possible to recycle or delete items? They create lag after a while. Any fix for the invisibility bug where you need to relog in order to see the Things/trees you just placed or chopped Down, and buildings you just built? We need to relog quite often to fix it.
  21. daviddrodrigues

    Host Server

    Hello, can i host a ylands server? can you give me de software?
  22. This is more of a technical issue, rather than a bug. After doing some research, joining different servers and such, there is a big gap of waiting... Lets say you want to join a server that's well established, been around for awhile... (Example, my server) here is the break down of times per handshake event Establishing a Connection: ~5-10secs *There is a very long pause here looking at blue sky...( ~35s-40s of nothingness.. many would think server has lagged/crashed ) (During this time, people on the server, are frozen in-place, which makes a lot of them disconnect/frustrated/blaming me for bad server) Start of downloading data: ~45-50sec * this part is dependent of servers data ( ~15-20secs, could use improvements) Start of loading data: ~1:05m-1:10m Seeing your Character in-game: ~1:15m--1:20m (this is fine, computer dependent) Please have a look into this, especially the part of "nothingness" at least.. would be great to eliminate all of that time. PS: This is a DS also.
  23. so i got the files and setup to make my own dedicated server and for what i can see i did everything like it should, whenever i start the server using line:start "" "D:\yds\Ylands\YlandsDs.exe" -logfile "%CD%\log.txt" -nographics -batchmode i get this error in the monitor screen: Failed to establish connection with the server instance So i know it creates the log files and thats where i could see what things go wrong so i upload those with this topic. does any of you had this before? and can you see what i did wrong? log.txt log_clean.txt
  24. Good afternoon, Still loving the game, just wanted to let you know I can reproduce the Server Connection Lost error 100% of the time with my character on the Social Survival P1 exploration map in multiplayer. It's not my server, but here are my log files. If you'd like me to reproduce this for you while you monitor, please let me know. I have the steps down (it's basically triggered in an area near my base). I can get it to lose connection 100% of the time, if I head that way. I hope this helps! Normally I am able to play MP games with Ylands without issue, and the occasional disconnect, but this I can reproduce 100% of the time. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  25. chrono208

    Server Wipes

    So, Does anyone know if the admins/devs finally resolved the 10 hour or so cumulative time limit before a server gets wiped? I really want to play but i wont play again until this specific issue is dealt with. Honestly, i don't see how anyone is tolerating these constant server wipes, i'm sure you guys have lost a mass of players though because of this issue. But then again we did already pay for the game and you guys have our money already so i guess you guys probably wouldn't care about this then. Unless you are good guy devs and are seeking a resolution and hence here i am asking for elaboration. If any non-devs can relate to what i'm saying please bump this thread so devs will see our frustration. Here's hoping you guys implement a fix. -Chrono