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  1. My friend and I would potentially like to join Baz Foobar's server, but what's it called in the Multiplayer Server menu?
  2. Thanks for your responses, guys! This helps me a lot to understand how this all works in Ylands right now - because we didn't even think of playing on a dedicated server to be honest... we shall wait until the update comes out though before we try something new really. We actually had a kiddie join our game yesterday too, doing the exact same thing! So frustrating when you finally get to build and craft all the fun stuff and someone is just able to rip it to pieces--- erghhhh!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, Bojo! This helps a lot!
  4. Good day all, My friend and I have recently started playing this beautiful game, and we're totally hooked! My friend hosted a multiplayer game a couple of days ago for us to play - but whenever I try to go on the game (Main Menu: Continue) without her being online, it says that the game is "unavailable". Is there any way we can change this, so that I can play even when she's offline? (we're in completely different time zones, so sometimes it's hard for us to find a time when we can both play at the same time, but we would still like to explore the island together/build stuff on it/etc.)! Can anyone help us? Thanks in advance, fellow Ylanders!