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    Official Item Suggestion Thread

    a simple bedroll shelter, for sleeping in bad weather. bedroll shelter
  2. plleg

    Dev Diary #30

    one of the things mentioned in the 0.7 update was NPCs to trade with. i haven;t come across any of these on the official servers. will any of the official servers be reset when 0.8 is released?
  3. plleg

    Official Item Suggestion Thread

    tool/weapon belt. right now an entire line of my inventory is devoted to pick, axe, hammer, sword, ... having a container for these items would free-up a lot of inventory space.
  4. i can attest to everything that @kimbuck said plus: chopped trees have a ~30% chance of becoming phantom even if you don't hit the trunk ladders on ships (rope or otherwise) work less than 10% of the time. i routinely have to try 10+ times before it actually works. it never works if i am in first person the (built-in) rope ladders to board a ship are so dysfunctional that i removed them and created a two level "porch" so i could just swim up, then take a few steps (on placed blocks) to get on the deck.
  5. looks like NA 32 needs restarted again
  6. as of 5:37a PST it is NOT listed
  7. yesterday i logged out of [OFFICIAL] EXPLORE NA 32 (early morning PST) with no issues of any kind (on server or client), shortly afterwards i tried to rejoin the server. however it was and is still not being listed in the server list. please investigate