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  1. Vivek

    Bought 3 separate servers?

    I got it all back, thanks for help!
  2. Vivek

    Bought 3 separate servers?

    Hope this photo helps Thank you boss!
  3. Vivek

    Bought 3 separate servers?

    Adam, IGN that I scored out on screenshot is Drogowit, and Ylands name is Vivek.
  4. Vivek

    Bought 3 separate servers?

    Adam, if that is possible I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Hello all, my 1st post here! I had enough coyns to rent a server for 5 months. So, I bought 3 month pass, followed by 2x 1 month pass. I entered into my servers list, and.... they are all separate! One will last until 8 March 2020, and two 1 month subscriptions will die on 8 January 2020! Can I have that fixed, or have one month servers removed and coyns back? EDIT: I just realized Elementary server does not support exploration.... can I just get a refund of coyns, at least a partial one to afford 1 month of high performance server?